Making Music: Students pursue creative passions, compose musical masterpieces

For many students, high school is the time to seek out their passions, and for the musically-inclined, this means performing in student bands.

While Bryan High sponsors several musically-oriented organizations, many students continue their education by recording, performing, and writing music on their own with their peers.

Students score strong despite TEA rating

After the Texas Education Agency (TEA) released their annual school ratings, an inaccurate picture was garnered regarding the success of students due to the “unacceptable” rating awarded to BHS.

However, administrators are extremely pleased with the performance of students on the most recent TAKS test.

Former student leads school in safety, spirit

Hearing “Football Tickeeets!” brings one thing to mind for faculty members, students and former students of Bryan High: Lester Banks.

He is as much a part of Viking life as senior overalls, pep-rallies and Thor.

Student delivers one, two punch in ring, classroom

While most students try to knock out homework after school, senior Nayeli Lugo is in the ring trying to knock out her opponent.

Lugo, who has been boxing for three years, said it started off as just a fun work out routine.

Plugged In: Facebook Privacy

We’ve all sat through the lectures and heard the warnings about maintaining proper online privacy, like not giving out our address or phone number, but how many of us truly take steps to keep our information private?

All Grown Up: TV Shows

From Mr. Feeny, Cory and Topanga, to “The Situation”, TV shows just aren’t the same as they used to be.

The Friday night line up was full of family-friendly programming. How can you not love little Michelle on Full House, or the crazy but hilarious Cody on Step By Step and especially the ever awkward Steve Urkel?

Musical comeback, high school sing-along success

Ever since May 2009, people across America have gotten to know the members of the show-choir “New Directions”. With star bound Rachel Berry, mean-spirited cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, handicapped Artie Abrams, and many others, the award-winning television show Glee, is full of surprises.

At William McKinley High School, fitting in is hard for anyone who isn’t a football player or cheerleader. Mr. Will Schuester, a musically talented Spanish teacher, makes it easier for some kids to find their place by starting a Glee Club. As more members join, the group becomes stronger as a whole, and drama ensues.

Pretty Little Liars; Big Ugly Secrets

Pretty Little Liars, a best selling book by Sara Shepards, jumped to the small screen this year when it turned into a popular television series on ABC Family.

Pretty Little Liars tells the story of four girls who deal with life after their best friend Ali dies. Emily, a swimmer, Hanna, a bad girl, Spencer, a scholar, and Aria, an artist, all start to become harassed by an anonymous source haunting them about their past secrets that only Ali knew. This source becomes known as “A”.

HOSA: Impacting community, fostering wellness

Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA) is the only club that’s available exclusively at Hammond Oliver (HO). Students enrolled in Health Science Technology classes at HO can join the organization which emphasizes service and career opportunities in health care.

As the holiday season approaches, HOSA students prepare for their many service projects and activities, including Halloween festivities.

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