Students encouraged to ‘cut up’ during class

If you’ve ever woken up with a bad hair day, you know the frustration that comes with not being able to fix that jungle you roll out of bed with.

At Bryan High, the cosmetology program helps prepare students to deal with these ‘jungles’ as a professional career.

Plugged In: 3D Television

After being introduced in the 1950s, it took almost ten years for color televisions to become a popular mainstay in the American home and render black and white television obsolete.

Now, an argument is being made that three-dimensional television is about to have the same, revolutionary effect on the television and movie industry that color television had in the 50s.

Getting in Christmas spirit

How would you portray a normal Christmas? Would you picture it with cookies and milk, waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and decorating your tree with your favorite ornaments or, would you picture it with amazing feasts at the dinner table, gifts around the Christmas tree and kisses under the mistletoe? Whether you picture it like any of the above or not, it is important to remember one of the main values of Christmas: family.

Overly-strict Parents: can’t live with them, can’t live without them

While most of us will often complain about rules and authority, the truth is that we actually need and respect the boundaries imposed on us by our parents.

As our parents make rules, it’s a sign that they actually love and care for us, because they are focused on our best interests.

All Grown Up: Toys

From Furbies, to Webkinz, the way toys are made today is just not the same as it was when we were little. You used to be able to be active and hands on with toys rather than just typing on a computer, today’s toys are designed for kids to be in front of a computer the entire time and ignore the world around them.

Celebrities serve as teen role models, for good or bad

“Get crazy, get wild. Let’s party, get loud. If you wanna have fun then do something crazy!”

Most teens today listen to the theme song of a popular television series, Jersey Shore, and think to themselves, “I want to be just like the Jersey Shore cast when I get older!” But is this really the way you want to live your life?

High School on a Budget: Books & Media

As high school students, we have plenty of required reading we have to do in school that forces us to purchase books. Along with school reading requirements, we also have leisurely reading, music and magazines that we enjoy, but these books and other forms of media are often at prices that can add up quickly.

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