Latest Potter movie awes audience

The long-awaited final installment of the Harry Potter series hit theaters on Nov. 19. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I continues to tell the story of the three young wizards our generation has come to know and love.

Crash course on best DVDs to buy this season

As more and more movies come out each week, I’ve noticed that they don’t compare to movies from the past. There are some movies that are really good, but most of them are a waste of time and money.

Paranormal Activity, for example, was a movie that got a lot of hype, but it just put me to sleep. If you want to go see a good movie, just rent one, because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of good ones in the theaters.

Teen texting, driving campaign hopes to prevent future accidents

As one of the fastest-rising causes of death in teenagers, texting while driving, is the focus of a new school-wide campaign to raise awareness of the dangers and effects of distracted driving.

The Student Council kicked off their campaign the week of Dec 6, as they showed videos on the daily announcements, passed out informational materials and held a pledge drive related to texting while driving.

Distractions cause additional problems for inexperienced drivers

With a heightened desire to grow up quickly, today’s youth are eager to master driving.

While they may claim ‘I’m a good driver!’, this is not always true. Things like music, the company of friends and the time of day can influence how well a teen drives.

Making waves: swim team dives into season with speed

Imagine that your muscles are aching, you’re surrounded by competition and you’re fighting with everything you have, yet, instead of being on land, you’re in water.

The swim team is a busy and focused group of students, who have already swam in many meets this season, but still face district, region and state meets.

Wrestling continues successful season going into Classic

The wrestling team has proven themselves each season by sending well qualified team members to the state tournament. The team hopes to continue its past success with four returning members who made it to state last year.

Students send packages to troops overseas

Throughout the rest of the school year, Key Club will be creating care packages to send to the American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting in the War on Terrorism. In order to sponsor and create these packages, Key Club is joining with an organization known as Honor Our Troops (H.O.T.).

Student, staff volley to raise funds

On Tuesday, November 22 the girls Volleyball team, challenged the faculty to a volleyball game.

While the students may have taken an early lead, the faculty fought back and held their own, pulling out victory with a score of 32-26.

Academic UIL success

On Saturday, Nov. 20, BHS hosted nine schools for a fall UIL Academic Invitational.

United Way, local schools partner to develop leadership

Students from local high schools attended United Way Youth Leadership Day, which focused on teaching students how to help out the community. Attendees also learned about several organizations in the community that promote the United Way focuses of education, financial stability and health.

Saving lives through donations

With a goal of helping those within the community hospitalized and in need of a blood transfusion, the National Honor Society (NHS) hosted a blood drive November 17 and 18, collecting a total of 252 units from students, staff and community members.

Classic cartoon captures Christmas spirit

Christmas is almost here, and that means presents, putting up the lovely Christmas tree, eating, and of course spending time with your family and friends. As Christmas comes closer and closer, the time for those classic Christmas movies to come on television is just around the corner.

MTV sheds light on truth, troubles of teen pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is on the rise, but a show first played in 2009 showed America the lives of girls who were 16 and Pregnant.

By watching the show, viewers are exposed to the difficulties and obstacles that teen mothers face. The show ended its 2nd season in April, and season three began on October 21.

Arctic chill: taking it to the rink

Hockey may be an unusual sport for Texans to play, but for freshmen Cameron McCann and Mason Smith, hockey is just as major a sport as football or baseball.

The two are members of the Brazos Valley Bucks, a high school hockey team at Arctic Wolf Ice Center in College Station.

Gear-Up Partnership

Gear-Up (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs), a grant from Texas A&M University, is a new academic program for this year’s freshmen class hoping to ensure that they graduate from high school in four years.

HYPE: expanding opportunities for students

Hispanic Youth Promoting Education (HYPE) is an organization that brings students together to take part in different types of community service and encourage them to further their education beyond high school.

While the club is geared towards Hispanics, any students looking to fulfill their academic goals are welcome to join.

Culturing minds of students through language

Andere Länder, andere Sitten. When in Rome, do as the Romans, or literally, Other countries, other customs.

As the head of the Languages Other Than English (LOTE) department and a fluent speaker of Italian, German, French and English, German teacher Jan Krammer embodies this classic proverb as she teaches students about the values of studying other languages and cultures.