Fall, Spring FYP Requirements

FYP, or Flexible Year Plan, requirements have changed with the new STAAR/EOC requirements and changes to the FYP schedule. FYP allows for certain students to not attend classes on specific days at the end of the fall and spring semester. FALL REQUIREMENTS: Grades 6-11 90% Attendance (8 absences) Passing ALL Core Classes (Eng, Math, Science […]

School Board approves new grading guidelines

At a regular meeting on December 12, the School Board issued their new grading guidelines in response to the new state testing requirements with the EOC/STAAR exams.

Among the new changes, the guidelines now dictate that teachers must enter at least two daily grades per week and have at least two major grades entered by the fifth week of the six weeks grading period. Other changes include the number of exemptions students may apply for in high school. Students will not be allowed to exempt any EOC-tested exam.

Holiday Feature: Merry Christmas

Be the One: show some respect

Students yelling at teachers has bec ome a familiar sight on campus. Whether it’s something as trivial as a dress code violation or as minor as a late assignment, these students are not afraid to be disrespectful to their teachers by raising their voices and exerting an insane amount of emotion.

These students seeem to be demanding respect and to be treated as adults by the teachers, yet they are not showing respect nor mature behavior.

Choir serves, serenades audience for night of splendor

The mood for Feast Of Carols was set as soon as you entered the door. It was as if someone sent you back a couple hundred years and you landed in Medieval Times. Knights stood all around, along with court jesters, lords and ladies lining the halls and ushering you forward.

Final Exams: Review to pursue your dreams

As the winter season progresses and the long awaited Christmas holiday becomes closer and closer, our minds are bombarded with final exams even more than before. Though it may seem like “some test” we take at the end of each semester, in reality, it is much more than that. Final exams can be the one test that bump you up in your class rank, or in the worst case scenario, fail you for the semester.

Chick-fil-A Contest: Win free Chick-Fil-A

Any current Bryan High student who follows @bhsnorseman on twitter or likes BryanISDBryanHighNorseman on Facebook between Dec. 8 – Dec. 14 can pick up a card for a free chick strip 3 pack. Prizes must be claimed with Mrs. Dominy in room 6160 by Dec. 15 and coupons expire Dec. 31. For all the fans already following us, you can win a coupon too! Just get a friend to follow us and mention your name in a tweet or Facebook message as the person who referred them to the page.

Band competes in All-Region Contest

TMEA Region 8 All Region Band auditions were held on Saturday, December 3 at Midway HS. They will perform in concert on January 14, 2012 at Copperas Cove HS. These students earned chairs in the band. They are listed by instrument and their ranking within the region. Those with “5A Area” after their names also advance to the Area Band audition on January 7, 2012 where they will compete for All State honors.

Movie portrays unique vantage point to French hierarchy

These are the famous words the frequently criticized last queen of France, Marie Antoinette. In history classes, we are simply taught that she was an ignorant and wasteful ruler with a poor understanding of the lives of commoners in France. What about her side of the story?

Preparing for the end of the semester

Our first semester of the school year is coming to an end in the next few weeks. As we look to the end of the semester, we will be preparing for the final exams to be given December 14th through the 16th.

Teacher mixes wit into curriculum

Throw in a touch of dry wit, a dollop of hard work and bake…for 9,405 minutes. The result? Department Chair Lisa Prejean’s English classes.

Color Guard to host winter show

Performing “Winter Wonderland,” the Color Guard will be performing at their winter show on December 17 at 7:00 at the Rudder HS Auditorium. Tickets are on-sale now for $3 and will cost $5 at the door.

DJ Diversity: Old radio with a contemporary twist

As teenagers, our mind is a constant whirlwind of what to do and how to entertain ourselves. One thing that always seems to be the solution to this frequent problem is music. If you have not already noticed, most of the time you are hanging out with your usual clan, chances are you guys will be listening to the new “hot jam” or a legendary classic.

Though many of us find music as an ordinary enjoyment, I feel that we don’t have a variety to listen to. For most people, their music source is normally the radio. As for the radio, there are more ‘cons’ than ‘pros’ when you listen to it.

Academic UIL attends first meet

Over the weekend, the Academic UIL students attended their first meet of the year at the Belton Invitational. The Journalism, Current Issues & Events and Computer Science teams each came away with first-place titles.

Athlete makes fastbreak on court, in classrooms

Mastering the ability to balance commitment to a team, along with remaining dedicated to school is something many of us see as nearly impossible. One student, senior Khadijah Brisby, manages to execute the two seamlessly.

IB: Tackling the Extended Essay

The Extended Essay (EE) is one of the central components of the International Baccalaureate Programme, as students are required to conduct in-depth research and compile an essay in the topic and field of their choice.

With only a maximum limit of 4,000 words, students are free to demonstrate their understanding and passions with the extended essay.

Second Six Weeks Honor Roll

The extended honor roll for the second six weeks has been released. The full listing of students who have made All As or All As and One B can be downloaded here.

Like Clockwork: Office personnel

Many students have proudly walked these halls as Vikings, but upon graduation, most of them move away from high school, leaving their teen years as memories to merely reminisce over. Some, however, get the opportunity to experience the other side of high school and continue to be a daily part of the Viking family.

AVID taking applications until December 6

Students who are interested in going to college after high school and are willing to take higher-level classes are encouraged to apply for the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program.

The world according to Abel: In 25 years

Twenty-five years ago, my dad was a senior here. Twenty-five years later, I’m now a senior too. When my dad’s twenty-fifth class reunion came around and he took me with him, it was a scary eye-opener for me. As I met some of my dad’s old friends, I couldn’t help but think about myself in his place twenty-five years from now.

Students set sights on sky

Then you hear the sound of shotguns firing and a sudden crash of shattering clay. This might be a frightening experience to some, but to competitive skeet shooters, this is just a typical practice.

Shop with Kroger, contribute to the PTSO

Students, Parents, Teachers and Community Members can now donate to the PTSO by using their Kroger Plus cards via the Kroger Neighbor to Neighbor Program. After linking one’s Kroger Card to the Neighbor to Neighbor program, a portion of the purchases made will be contributed to a fund that later distributes money to the PTSO.

Tennis star ‘serves’ others

To some, tennis is just a hobby or a sport, played just to exercise. But that’s not the case for one particular senior mixed-doubles tennis player.

Sophomore Class meetings held on Wednesdays

The Sophomore Class Council, which plans and hosts the Sadie Hawkins dance, will meet each Wednesday after school in room 2223 from 3:45 to 4:05 after school. The Class of 2014 will also plan associated fundraisers to prepare for Sadie Hawkins, and can address other concerns that the Sophomore Class may have.

GO Center provides scholarship, application aid

Life after high school may be a daunting question for anyone, luckily there is a place for the questions to be answered. The GO Center is a place for students to go to plan for college and career fields that they may be interested in pursuing.

FFA fundraises for ‘Five Hundred in Five Days’

During this week, the FFA and Agriculture Department will be collecting money for the Radio MASH effort with the goal of raising five hundred dollars throughout the week.

FFA members will be collecting money at lunches and is accepting donations throughout the week.

Long-sleeve Go Big Blue t-shirts and sweatshirts on sale now

The PTSO began selling this year’s long-sleeved Go Big Blue T-Shirts and Sweatshirts in purple, hot pink and gray on November 18 during all lunches. Sweatshirts are on sale for $20 each, with long-sleeved T-Shirts on sale for $12 each.

Consider power of words when speaking

We hear it everywhere we go. Countless times in the hallway, in the classrooms and maybe even at home, it’s frequently heard. Do you know what I’m talking about? Cursing.

Varsity Boys Basketball falls to Stoney Point

Playing at home last night, the Viking Basketball team fell to Stony Point with a final score of 67-35.

Holiday Feature: Happy Thanksgiving

“In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations in the colonies. For more than two centuries, days of thanksgiving were celebrated by individual colonies and states. It wasn’t until 1863, in the midst of the Civil War, that President […]

Like Clockwork: Cafeteria personnel

If a small child asked “What is a lunch lady?”, the initial response would probably be, “they’re the ones that serve people food in cafeterias.”

However, this is only one of the many tasks they do. So much more goes on behind the scenes that students don’t think about.

ASVAB tests students for career aptitude

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is an exam that students may take to measure their strengths, weaknesses and potential for future success. ASVAB is provided by the military, and testing will occur on December 6 at 8:15.

Students who are interested in taking the exam should sign up in the GO Center by November 30.

You are what you eat, it’s not a myth

Obesity. It’s an epidemic, we’ve been told, and the facts are there to back it up. Since 1980, the percentage of adolescents who are obese has almost tripled, according to the CDC.

Government agencies and medical researchers can tell us that we need to lead better, healthier lifestyles and impose rules that enforce such assessments, but these rules are futile if we don’t actually make the decisions for ourselves.

First Six Weeks Honor Roll

The extended honor roll for the first six weeks has been released. The full listing of students who have made All As or All As and One B can be downloaded here.

Music de’notes’ odd ensemble

Our generation cannot live without music. Any place you find teens, you’ll also find iPods in their hands and headphones in their ears. One thing you see often, though, is that music often creates groups that people feel they need to fit into, based on the wide variety of genres people enjoy.

Coaching experience caters to classroom chemistry

Former coach Eric Eike has been bringing sports into the classroom for 25 years, teaching with the same philosophy he applied on the field.

Volume 41 Number 4

The Volume 41 Number 4 print edition of The Norseman was published on November 18, 2011.

Fall Final Exam Schedule released

Students will be taking final exams for their fall courses from Wednesday, December 14 to Friday, December 16. Exams for periods 5, 6 and 7 will be held on Wednesday and exams for periods 1 and 2 will be held on Thursday, with the remaining exams for periods 1 and 3 held on Friday. Students will be dismissed from school at 12:55 on Thursday and Friday, with a normal release time on Wednesday.

Coldplay energizes new album

Think about one of the greatest bands in the world coming out with a new album after three years. A band with fifty million albums sold worldwide changing the way the world views alternative music and millions of fans having no idea what to expect other than pure greatness.

Eyes on the road: Raising awareness about dangers of texting, driving

“Crash!” Shattered windows, a mangled car, blood splattered everywhere, people crowd around the accident, and soon hear sirens from a distance.

Was that text message really worth your life or the life of others?

Basketball season tips off

The Viking Basketball season is now underway, as the boys’ team played their home opener last night, joining the Lady Vikings who began district play last week on November 8. The Lady Vikes will play at home this Friday while the boys’ team will play away.

Star Wars continues to shine for new generations

Star Wars: some people love it, some hate it. There usually is no middle ground. I am one of those people who is madly in love with it, which is why, when I heard that the complete saga was going to be released on blu ray with 40 hours of unseen footage, I freaked out.

Like Clockwork: Custodial personnel

Custodians are responsible for much more than just cleaning up after lunch or emptying the trash; they are constantly making sure things are clean and clear in the halls and their workdays are much longer than the typical school day.

Read between the lines: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Walking down a hallway filled with strangers, figuring out who to sit with at lunch, trying to fit in with the right crowd. Sound familiar?

By the Ledger: Stretching dollars, equipping students

Although it may be difficult for some to imagine school without all of the school supplies that they were once accustomed, recent budget cuts have forced administrators and teachers to take another look at what equipment and supplementary supplies they can purchase.

Shy-Annes to hold zumbathon

The Shy-Annes will be holding a Zumbathon from 11am to 1pm at the Piranha Fitness Studio on Nov. 19.

Plugged In: Online Classes

For years now, it seems that the entire world has proclaimed online classes to be the savior of public education. “The future is coming!”we’ve been told. Well, if this is what the future entails, I couldn’t be happier that I am graduating this year.

Fun pastime turned competitive

Most people who find themselves splashing in the water do it to pass the time in the hot Texas summer, but some take this pastime to a competitive level. Senior Haley Clark is an example of this. Not only is she a competitive swimmer on campus, but she is also ranked as one of the top five swimmers in the state and one of the top one hundred swimmers in the nation.

Athletes sign letters of intent

Five Viking athletes signed letters of intent Wednesday during National Letter of Intent Signing Day.

Paranormal Activity scares up big audience

Paranormal Activity 3 hit theaters October 21st as the third and last installment of the Paranormal Activity Series that debuted back in 2007.

Like Clockwork: Security personnel

When fights happen or trouble occurs, there are only a few people that are able to handle the situation. Just by walking through campus, many people can be found that are not teachers, but whose only job is to make sure that students are safe.

Choir members advance to region

On Saturday, the choir competed at the Region 8 Pre-Area & 9th/10th grade Region Auditions.

Volleyball team finishes record setting season.

The Volleyball team lost their last match of the season to McKinney Boyd

By the Ledger: Efficient solutions found to retain staff

ecause one of the highest expenses for a school district is staffing, one area that schools and districts cut down on is in personnel. Although staff layoffs have been avoided, fewer personnel are on Bryan ISD payrolls this year.

One manner by which layoffs are being avoided, while still cutting down the number of staff, is through not re-hiring teachers who left the district last year or retired.

Freshman Silver ends season on top

The Freshman Silver football team won their game last night 19-0 against Temple. The Freshmen Blue team fell to Temple by a score of 28-40. The JV team fell to Temple with a final score of 7-40.

Students connect to Washington

It’s not everyday that students get the opportunity to get an inside at the professional side of politics and journalism, but social studies classes got to do just that when the C-SPAN network’s bus rolled into campus on October 25th.

Student survey for campus snapshot

Bryan High School has applied for and received a three year grant to make changes and improvements to the school. With this opportunity, students have been asked to complete a brief survey which will be used to help make decisions about ways to improve BHS.

Like Clockwork: Attendance Personnel

Almost everyone has missed the bus, or slept in and shown up late to school. When they arrive late, the attendance office is where they go. These women have to deal with every grumpy kid that has to get that one tardy that sends them to SAC.

NHS to host blood drive

National Honor Society will sponsor host a blood drive, that benefits The Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, on Nov. 7-8 from 7:30-3:30 in Gym 3.

JROTC helps celebrate veterans

JROTC is planning many activities for Veterans Week starting on Saturday, Nov. 5.

Underclassmen picture retakes will be next week

Underclassmen picture retakes will be taken on Tuesday, Nov. 8 in the small auditorium, room 5143.

Students find group where second isn’t always last

After a long Monday of school, students gather in the choir room to pray together and to vent about the positives and negatives of their day. After praying and discussing their day, they watch videos that discuss how God has changed them and the effect he has had on their lives.

Volleyball teams heads to the playoffs

The volleyball team won their playoff warm-up match at Elgin Friday by beating Elgin 25-21, 15-25, 25-23, 26-24.

Holiday Feature: Happy Halloween

Halloween was brought to the United States by Irish immigrants, after Halloween and All Saint’s Day had been celebrated in the Celtic tradition for several centuries. The modern celebration of Halloween formed as the Celtic festival Samhain, which celebrated the return of ghosts to the earth, merged with All Hallow’s Day, which was previously known as All Saint’s Day. Over time, All Hallow’s day evolved to become Halloween

Speech and Debate team hosts open mic night

The Bryan High Speech/Debate team is starting Open Mic Tuesday’s

Preparation for choir’s annual performance underway

As the holiday season approaches, so does the annual Feast of Carols performance by the choir. In its 28th year, the show remains popular and continues to sell out performances.

Out of the box thinking, success

Throughout high school, it’s typical for the average student to be taught that gaining certain academic achievements is the only thing that matters.

Obtaining the status of National Merit Scholar, Top 10%, or commended performance on TAKS seems to be all that teachers, administrators and other students talk about.

Dancing their daughters to corruption

“Relevé! Plié! Jeté!” If these commands sound the least bit familiar, consider tuning into Lifetime’s new hit TV series, Dance Moms. On the show, hysterical mother’s live their lives to watch their extremely talented daughters practice and compete in dances of all genres throughout the nation.

By the Ledger: Latin, academic programs fall victim to budget cuts

Due to increased pressure on the school budget and declining enrollment, administrators were forced to cut certain academic programs. Latin, which was previously one of the four foreign languages taught, is now being phased out, as students this year can no longer take Latin I.

Vikingoteo starts the year off with a musical fiesta

Vikingoteo will be starting off their performance season on November 2nd at Sue Haswell park with an evening concert.

Freshman football records win

The Freshman Silver team defeated by a score of 19-0. The Freshman Blue team lost to Belton by a score of 28-40.

Volume 41 Number 3

Published on October 28, 2011 by the Bryan High School Norseman in Bryan, Texas. To zoom in or magnify, please use the toolbar at the bottom of the viewing window.

DJ Diversity: Taking the throne

As the clock struck midnight on August 8th, I found myself rushing to iTunes to purchase the most glorious album since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I am speaking of Watch the Throne, of course. Two of the most talented hip hop artist of our generation are compiled into a single album to produce the most powerful music my ears have ever heard.

Volleyball team enters into bi-district match

The volleyball team will play Mesquite Horn Tuesday, November 1 at 8:00pm at Fairfield High School.

Snapping into rhythm, student remains centered

Under the glow of the stadium lights and behind the roar of the crowd, senior Lance Graul can be seen each Friday night snapping the ball into play for the Vikings and marching alongside the band.

Yet, for Graul, the work doesn’t begin on Friday nights.

Volleyball team moves into play-offs

The volleyball team defeated Shoemaker 25-15, 25-15, 25-18.

High hopes for Breaking Dawn

Like the majority of books with film adaptations, Twilight doesn’t convey the same meaning in film form.

Real Vikings wear pink: breast cancer awareness movement kicks off

As the scent of pumpkin pie fills the air and the leaves begin to cover the ground, the colors of brown and pink instantly come to mind. Pink, a color that may initially seem odd for autumn, will fill Merrill Green Stadium on October 28 in support of breast cancer awareness.

MTV brings Awkward series to teens

MTV’s new series Awkward, is uncomfortable for any one, but for the star of the show, Jenna Hamilton, this is a part of her everyday life at high school.

The Lying Game, ABC Family’s latest teen hit

The Lying Game, ABC Family’s newest show airs Tuesday at 7:00 P.M., is a hit. Though the show is very popular, after watching the first 5 episodes of ABC family’s latest teen drama, I’ve found that it seems to be just like another hit series: Pretty Little Liars.

In the name of duty; student marches through life long barriers

Memorizing calls, mastering push-ups and perfecting flag showings are difficult tasks that take dedication from all members of the JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps). For junior Kevin Sellers, however, the level of difficulty is taken to a whole new level.

JV and freshmen football fall to Harker Heights

The JV Blue team was defeated by Harker Heights by a score of 13-27 Thursday night falling to 1-4 in district play and 4-4 overall. The Freshmen Blue team lost their game by a score of 7-22. The Freshman Silver team ended their game with a 14-14 tie.

William vs. Harry, who is the real prince charming?

When it comes to royal masculinity, there are two princes who continue to sweep the world off their feet. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry ofWalesare two royals who have gained major popularity in recent pop culture.

Viking Theatre presents Twelve Angry Jurors

Twelve jurors must decide the guilt or innocence of a young boy on trial for the brutal stabbing of his father in the Viking Theatre’s 2011 Fall Production of Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Jurors.

Don’t Be Afraid, it wasn’t that scary

Being a fan of horror movies, I was very excited to see the movie Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. I had seen many previews to the movie, and I was patiently waiting until the premiere, yet after seeing it, I was a little disappointed.

Red Ribbon Week to raise awareness of substance abuse

Red Ribbon Week, which aims to help students remain drug-free, is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. Red Ribbon week will be hosted on campus October 17-21, with Student Council sponsoring activities throughout the week.

Viking Volleyball falls to Copperas Cove

Bryan volleyball fell to Copperas Cove 18-25, 18-25, 26-28 Friday night at Viking Gymnasium.

IB: Discovering CAS (Creativity, Action, Service)

CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) is an integral part of the International Baccalaureate program that is designed to demonstrate a student’s extracurricular involvement.

Each of the three facets of CAS are also designed to ensure that the IB student emerges from the Diploma Programme as a more well-rounded individual.

The world according to Abel: The Lion King

The movie has a special place in not only my heart, but the hearts of my entire generation. When the news broke that it was going to be rereleased in 3D, my friends and I couldn’t contain our excitement.

JV and Freshman football comes up short against Copperas Cove

Copperas Cove Gold defeated Bryan JV Blue by a score of 58 to 14. Copperas Cove Blue won against Bryan JV Silver by a score of 36-14. Bryan Freshmen Blue lost with a score of 19-35. Bryan Freshmen Silver lost with a score of 0-28.

Youth leadership Day unites students, makes difference in community

United Way is a national organization that focuses on resolving community issues and making a positive impact on the community through partnerships with schools, businesses and local governments

Teacher steps out of the classroom, gets involved in student life

While some subjects are more theoretical, others are designed for specific professions. Graphic Design teacher Ted Vaughan teaches one of these courses.

Vaughan has been teaching architectural design and engineering design at Bryan High for 19 years.

Computer Science team takes 6th place

Five students competed in the Texas A&M Computer Science Contest: Internet Privacy ’11 on Saturday along with teams from 16 other schools in the state.

The team, made up of sponsor Jason Cordes, sophomores Nathaniel Colwell and Terry Polsgrove, juniors Gabriel Harrison and Jenna Williams and senior Rachel Bryan, secured sixth place in the competition.

The world according to Abel: Mayhem Fest

It’s 108 degrees at three o’clock on a Texas afternoon. Now, smart people would be inside with the air conditioner on full blast but not me! On Wednesday August 10, my dad,my best friend and I set out on a mission; a mission to release the inner monsters that were craving the mosh pits, the loud speakers in our face and the thrashing of guitars that went right to our cores. Mayhem Fest 2011 was our destination.

Last week to purchase a senior package

This is the last week to purchase a senior package. Any seniors interested in purchasing package must pay Mrs. Dominy (room 6160) and fill out the paper work by the end of the day Friday, Oct 15.

Junior Class to host football dinner

The Junior Class Council will be hosting a football dinner with Texas Roadhouse ribs, chicken or hot dogs before the game on Friday, Oct. 28 from 5-7 in the Silver Cafeteria. Additionally, there will be silent auction items available.

Dresden Files captures readers imagination

In the world of fantasy books, the Dresden Files stand above the rest for a plethora of reasons. The Dresden Files are based in Chicago around the wizard Harry Dresden.

Paying attention to your body, know your symptoms

More often than not, when you’re feeling ill, you usually just take some over the counter medication and go about your day. But what happens if your illness is much more serious than you imagined?

Shy-Annes to host dinner before game

The Shy-Anne Chicken Dinner is October 14th from 4:30-7:00 in the Silver Cafeteria.

JV and Freshmen football fall to Consol

A&M Consolidated Maroon JV defeated Bryan Blue JV by a score of 47-14.