‘Stereo’types found out of tune with reality

How many people would say that music is their life? I see it every day on Facebook, where someone is talking about their favorite music and how it soothes them, and allows them to escape the stress of everyday life. Sure, each person has their preference, but the music world has so much to offer and the majority of students only listen to a few genres, like the typical pop, rap, country and rock music on the radio.

Class helps students visualize new careers

It’s obvious that the world of animation is getting bigger, as almost everything that is seen on television, in movies and in games was edited or made digitally in some way. For students looking to break into this industry, the animation graphics class is a way to get started.

Beastly scares up positive reviews

This spring, one of Alex Flinn’s best-selling novels, Beastly, made its way to the big screen.

On a Budget: Entertainment and Activities

Students are often complaining about being bored and looking for new forms of entertainment. Unfortunately, finding something affordable to do on the weekend can be tough. While the mall may be a popular hang-out spot, and shopping a fun activity for some, there are many more options that won’t cost an entire paycheck, and can still provide something fun to do.

Program caters to student taste, a recipe for success

The delicious, heavenly smell of food being prepared is a common aroma for anybody traveling down the 6160 hallway. What many students don’t know is, while they get to smell these mouth-watering, edible treats, Brenda Guzman’s catering class is battling against time to prepare food for various customers across the community.

All Grown Up: Fashion

The way we dress not only defines who we are, but also the way people perceive us. People tend to look back on the style of their youth with a grimace, but, parts of it inevitably creep back into the mainstream as years go by. It’s hard to believe that the fashion of the ’90s has made a comeback in today’s society.

Dolled-up toddlers crowned as focus of TLC show

Fake hair, airbrushed make-up, spray tans, and glitter. Beautiful girls cross the stage with hopes of taking home a huge crown. These girls are pageant queens, only, they’re not your average Miss America—they’re toddlers.

On the TV show Toddlers & Tiaras, TLC gives America an inside look at the cutthroat adolescent pageant world. Girls and boys as young as six months old participate in the competitions and prepare with unimaginable measures.

Plugged In: Trains, Public Transportation

Today, many Americans think of trains as bygone technology and artifacts of the Wild West, symbols of rugged cowboys and pioneers. Yet, for the rest of the world, trains are ever-evolving technology and one of the easiest forms of transportation.

Instead of investing in high-speed rail, the United States has focused on fostering interstate highways and air travel. While these forms of transportation can be useful, they’ve put us in a difficult situations like with oil dependency and air travel security. Inter and intrastate train development could not only weaken our dependency on oil, and, reduce our carbon footprint, but provide an alternative, efficient form of transportation that doesn’t involve the hassles that modern-day air travel entails.