Rules & tips for surviving high school if your mom is a teacher [Humor]

1. Be prepared to be in a club they sponsor….even if you don’t want to, 2. All of her coworkers will know your name and face, 3. Her stuents will know your dreams, weird habits, favorite foods and childhood memories, 4. When you get in trouble….., 5. Stuents will always ask you for the test answers or tell you stuff you don’t want to know.

Social Dissertation [Essay]

Do you try on shoes? Well I hope you know what you’re doing. Have you ever put yourself in others’ shoes?

If you look at other people and think negative thoughts toward them; that’s sad. Good and evil lies within a certain disposition of will. It’s only human nature to put yourself at the top of the food chain. Stereotyping is a sickening way to do that.

The Teaching Dead: Part II [Fiction]

Sorry it’s been a while since my last journal entry. A lot of crazy stuff has been going on here at Bryan High since Phranklin and I found out that the freaky teacher, Ms. Eichelberger, is a zombie.

This morning, we all came to school thinking we would have a regular Monday. We showed up to homeroom, but something was missing – there weren’t any teachers in any of the classrooms. Where were they? Running around the school, eating human flesh for breakfast.

Journalist wins top honors at state meet

On Thursday, May 5, junior John Fuller attended the UIL State Academic Meet in Austin.

He competed in both news writing and editorial writing after advancing from region competition in Waco with a 1st place finish in news and 2nd place finish in editorial.

DDR [Cartoon]

Cartoon by the Otaku Club

Project Graduation ticket deadline looming

Seniors planning to attend project graduation on May 28 have one more opportunity to purchase tickets for the event.

PTA parents will be in the Blue Commons again on May 20 for the final day of ticket sales.

These hallways were made for walkin’

With only five minutes for each passing period this year, it has become increasingly important for everyone to get to class in a timely manner.

Yet, many students continue to act as if we have an endless amount of time to rendezvous at the school.