Holiday Feature: Happy Halloween

Halloween was brought to the United States by Irish immigrants, after Halloween and All Saint’s Day had been celebrated in the Celtic tradition for several centuries. The modern celebration of Halloween formed as the Celtic festival Samhain, which celebrated the return of ghosts to the earth, merged with All Hallow’s Day, which was previously known as All Saint’s Day. Over time, All Hallow’s day evolved to become Halloween

Volleyball teams lose against College Park

The Bryan volleyball team fell to College Park 14-25, 27-25, 16-25, 22-25 in Conroe. Reagan Boenker led the Vikings with 16 kills and 22 digs. Brittney Jones had 10 kills, and Jessica Pfeffer had 8. Brittany Little had 19 digs, and Abby Cullen had 32 assists. Tuesday’s match was the final match for seniors Reagan […]

Freshmen football teams lose against Lufkin and Madisonville

Freshmen blue team lost to Lufkin with a score of 12-14 Jarvis Lister rushed for 2 touchdowns. The extra points were no good. BJ Ross, Jordan Newton, Tyler Slaydon, & Landon Miner had big offensive plays. Garrett Dohnalik was the defensive player of the game. Christian Kopf was the special teams player of the game. […]

JV football team fall against JV Lufkin

The JV football team loses against JV Lufkin with a score of 15-14. Offense: Justin Newton made a 46 yard run and a 3 yard run Holt Van Etten had a point after touchdown Jimmie Thomas had a 2 point run On Defense: Trey Mitchell, Cameron Conrad and Holt Van Etten had interceptions Ronald Gibbs […]

Cancer survivor strengthened through faith, support

Although we’ve heard of many stories about people who survived the impossible, sometimes it’s hard to believe that these stories happen to everyday people that we might run into on the street, or even those we are fairly acquainted with.

Sink your teeth into November

Be prepared to purchase tickets, grab some popcorn, and find a seat because the end of The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2 is here. The final installment of the multi-billion dollar franchise will hit theaters nationwide Nov 16 and I plan on being one of the many in line for the midnight premiere.

Got pep? Be respectful even when not participating

In the gym,the football team runs through the gym doors to their chairs. Cheerleaders, Shy-Annes and Color Guard members show off their routines while the other students in the stands are cheering and shouting, showing their school spirit. Well maybe not everyone.

Political involvement opportunities available to students

In the upcoming election, the youth vote is being heavily sought after by both parties like never before. Voters between the ages of 18-24 can be involved in politics like any other adult – and it’s important for them to do so, but what about those who are too young to vote, yet are still […]

Labyrinth puzzles viewers, music carries plot

Some musicals have pretty cheesy story lines but a strong soundtrack can make the movie bearable. The Labyrinth is an 80s movie that fits that description. It’s a great example of how the music can overshadow the story line.

Involvement critical to country’s progress

“Who are you voting for?” It’s a question that some teens answer with excitement and fervor, while others choose to ignore the question altogether. What the teens of this generation don’t seem to understand is the importance of knowing their answer and all that comes with it.

“We can be heroes, just for one day”

No matter who you are and no matter what kind of situation you’re in, there are always those certain moments in life when you feel like nothing can bring you down simply because you’re with the people you love the most and feeling alive.

Generation of apathy: Teens lack motivation to succeed

If you scroll through the average teen’s twitter feed, you’re sure to find at least one tweet along the lines of  “omg kms”. I can confidently say that my generation is definitely one the most apathetic generations if not the most. Being self-centered is a stage most teens go through, but it’s at an all […]

NCAA eligibility process presentation set for Oct. 30

The NCAA Eligibility Center will host an informational meeting covering the NCAA eligibility process on Oct. 30 in room 6117 (large auditorium) from 7-9 pm. While the Eligibility Center registration process is primarily for juniors and seniors, all of student-athletes in grades 9th-12th who are interested in playing collegiate sports are encouraged to attend. That […]

Color Guard wins best of class award at competition

The Color Guard won best color guard in class 5A at the Blinn College Buccaneer Marching Band Contest on Oct. 13.

AP test payment plan

AP exams will be May 6th through May 17th, 2013. BHS would like every student to take the AP exam that corresponds with their AP course. AP exams cost $25 each if students are on Free/Reduced Lunch and $50 each if they are not. Students may begin payments, of any amount on November 1st. All […]

The Dark Knight Ends: Casting, story line collide to create epic finale

The Batman trilogy has been one of the few movie series this year that has kept fans desperate for the next installment. The final one goes above and beyond what’s expected from a movie, mixing intrigue, suspense, and many, many explosions, that resulted in an astonishingly good conclusion to the saga.

Volleyball teams fall against the Woodlands

The Bryan volleyball team fell to the Woodlands 13-25, 9-25, 14-25. Reagan Boenker led the Vikings with 12 kills and 9 digs. Jessica Pfeffer had 8 kills and 7 digs. Brittany Little had 10 digs, and Abby Cullen had 18 assists. The junior varsity team lost 7-25, 10-25, the freshman A team lost 17-25, 19-25, […]

Volleyball teams beat Lufkin

The Bryan Viking volleyball team beat Lufkin 25-10, 25-21, 25-15. Reagan Boenker led the Vikings with 18 kills and 13 digs. Jessica Pfeffer added 6 kills and Meghan Wilkinson had 4. Brittney Jones had 3 kills, 3 aces, and 4 blocks. Brittany Little had 8 digs and 3 aces. Abby Cullen had 20 assists, and […]

Freshmen silver football team won against A&M Consolidated

Freshmen blue team lost against A&M Consolidated 31-33. Cjai Harrison and Jarvis Lister each rushed for two touchdowns. BJ Ross had one touchdown. Only one PAT was made. Blue Team’s record is 1-2 in district and 3-4 for the season. Freshmen silver team won against A&M Consolidated by forfeit. Silver team’s record is 3-0 in […]

Expanding minds through expanded boarders

Most would say that people can only set life goals when they’re still young. Others, however, are still setting goals and have dreams to do bigger and better things even after they’ve figured out what occupation they want pursue. For English teacher Megan Black, these goals extend beyond borders of being a high school teacher.

Cultural exposure influences perspective

Living in Mexico for four months provided me with the opportunity to realize how different Mexico is from the United States on a personal level. Although Mexico and the United States are geographic neighbors, they exhibit very different backgrounds, cultures, and ancestry.

Winning a sweepstakes: Is it possible?

Ever walked through an aisle at the grocery store, seeing multiple opportunities to win an inconceivable amount of money, or a dream vacation for doing something as simple as entering a code from a box or a bottle cap?

Seniors eligible to win car, must register by Monday

Every registered graduating senior with perfect attendance that attends the Atkinson Toyota Scion end the school year banquet on Sunday, June 2 at the Hilton will be eligible to win a 2012 a 2012 Scion xB. Monetary scholarships will also be given out after the drawing for the car and will be good for the following academic school year only.

Jobs create need for balance, maturity

A new cell phone case, clothes, movies – there are so many things to spend money on, but to have money, you need a job.

Red Ribbon Week raises drug abuse awareness

Red Ribbon Week, which aims to help students remain drug-free, is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the country. Red Ribbon week will be hosted on campus October 15-19, with Student Council sponsoring activities throughout the week. “I really support Red Ribbon week because I feel like we need to encourage people to […]

Reality, fiction combine to create off-beat band

They’re crazy, they’re talented and best of all, they run on steam! They are Steam Powered Giraffe – The singing musical automatons!

Varsity and freshman A volleyball teams won against Conroe

The volleyball team improved its district record Friday night by beating Conroe 25-16, 22-25, 25-17, 31-29. The Vikings were led by Reagan Boenker with 25 kills and 27 digs. Jessica Pfeffer added 16 kills and 10 digs. Brittney Jones had 7 kills and 3 blocks, and Rachel Ullmann had 6 kills. Emily Carroll had 20 […]

Sic’em Bears:Student prepares to enter Big XII after graduation

The Viking Fight Song rings throughout the stadium, and cheers from the cheerleaders echo simultaneously with those of the fans as Chris Johnson takes the field for one of his last games as a Viking. The atmosphere of high school football will be all but a memory for Johnson at the end of this school year when he retires his blue and silver jersey for a green and gold one.

JV football team falls against Conroe JV

The JV Blue team lost to the Conroe JV Black with a score of 21-14. On Offense Jimmie Thomas had a 12-yard touchdown run Justin Newton had a 22 yard touchdown run and a 1-yard run Holt Van Etten had three good points after touchdown On Defense Holt Van Etten had an interception Dakota Grandchamp […]

Freshmen Sweep Conroe

The Silver freshmen football team defeated Conroe with a score of 30-0. On Offense Chris Sage had a 82-yard touchdown run on a kick-off return, a 18-yard touchdown run, and a 68-yard touchdown run Corin Wroten had a 27-yard reception from Tremaine Blakey Blakey had an 8-yard touchdown run, a 1-yd touchdown run, and a […]

UIL to host ice cream informational

UIL coaches will host an informational to discuss the different opportunities available through Academic UIL. The meeting is schedule for Thursday, Oct 11 in the Silver Cafeteria at 4:00. All students are invited to attend and ice cream will be served.

Cross-Town Showdown T-shirt available this week

Project Graduation is selling Cross-Town Showdown T-shirts for $10 during all lunches this week. Additionally the shirts will be available at volleyball games 10/5 and 10/9 in the main gym foyer, Viking Band Dinner on 10/5 and at the entrance gates to football games on 10/5 and 10/12. The t-shirt was designed by BHS senior […]

Cross-Town Showdown hamburger tailgate set for Friday

The Student Council will host a Tailgate Burger Dinner before the game at Kyle Field on Friday. Tickets are $6 and can be purchased in the silver front office. Tickets include a hamburger with all the fixings, chips and Chicken Express tea. Dinner is served from 5-7 pm on the visitors side gate at Kyle […]

Serving community strains family, creates stress

Having a parent as a civil servant is not an easy thing, especially for me. My dad, a sergeant at the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office, has been serving our community for the last 18 years, longer than I have been alive.

Student involvement keep to success

Thursday, Oct. 4 during all lunches the Student Involvement Committee will host a Club/Organization Roundup in the Silver Cafeteria. Club sponsors and members will be set up at tables during each lunch period to talk about their clubs/organizations, distribute flyers, and take interested students’ names. Mural Club What: The Mural Club has donated a painted […]

College changes College Station

Summer is going well; everything is great. Roads aren’t crowded, restaurants are empty, stores are calm, and then the end of August comes and everything changes. The college students return to school and those once empty restaurants turn into loud, crowded places and the roads are filled with distracted drivers.

Homecoming king and queen to be announced pre-game

The Homecoming Court nominees and the announcement of King and Queen will be announced pre-game starting at 6:55pm Friday, Oct. 5 at Merrill Green Stadium.

School involvement increases student success

Being involved in a school organization is vital to the development of a students communication and teamwork skills. In addition to building character, being in clubs gives students the opportunity to make new friends while having fun along the way.

Freshmen football split with Oak Ridge

The silver freshmen football team defeated Conroe-Oak Ridge 33-14 and is now 5-0. Offense Tremaine Blakey had a 16-yard touchdown run, 14-yard touchdown pass to Aubrey Martin, 74-yard touchdown run Chris Sage had a 2-yard touchdown run Derrick Green had a 6-yard touchdown run Keaton Lowe good on one point after Lawrence Kerr was good […]

Volleyball team falls to College Park

The volleyball team fell to College Park 26-24, 20-25, 19-25, 20-25 Friday at the Viking gym. Reagan Boenker led the Vikings with 16 kills and 10 digs. Jessica Pfeffer had 14 kills and 9 digs. Emily Carroll had 15 digs. Bryan’s record is 1-5, 14-13 overall. The junior varsity team lost 25-5, 25-15. The freshman […]

Warped musical appreciation creates memories

Vans Warped Tour, an event that makes its way around North America for two short months each year, returned again this summer. Being that it was my first year attending Warped Tour, I was a mess of excitement, nervousness and anxiousness. I came in that day not expecting the revitalization of my love for music and the emotional experiences that would come with it.