Expressive perspective: Art provides opportunity for freedom

While many of us struggle to find our place in high school by searching for clubs and classes that spark our interest, a select few have broken free of these struggles by joining the art program.

Student council hosts food drive to benefit local families

The student council is hosting a food drive to benefit the KBTX Food for Families Food Drive which is held on Wednesday, Dec. 5. Students are encouraged to drop food donations off in the silver cafeteria before school or during their lunch time. The 4th period class donating the most food will win a free […]

Communication, culture, community created through language acquisition

Teaching two languages is something of a challenge, but for Anja Schwalen, this comes naturally. Growing up in Germany and studying abroad in Spain, pushed her to want to teach Spanish and German in America. Schwalen started learning English during school and also took a few years of Latin and French. “My belief is, if […]

Lurking in the Shadows, movie terrifies viewers

As we wrap up this second semester, many of us find ourselves struggling to plan out our futures and make life altering decisions. With college looming around the corner, the decision remains, to stay or to go.

Family unscathed by opinions, basks in popularity created by show

Like it or not: we’ve all heard of, and most of us have even watched TLC’s hit show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

The reality show follows Toddlers and Tiaras star Alana Thompson in her daily life, which some regard as entertainment while others deem to be – well, repulsive. The Thompson family’s everyday activities – such as fixing roadkill for dinner, washing their hair in the sink, and playing the “guess who’s breath” game give viewers a look behind the scenes at the odd life of the young pageant queen, with a lot of laughs along the way.

Stepping out of your musical comfort zone

Most of us have heard a car vibrating down the street with music blasting through its open windows, but how often are the lyrics of that music meaningful? For me, it’s not very often.

Google Glasses: emerging technology

Augmented reality Glasses’ sound like something from a science fiction movie. With over a year before they release and a prototype available, Google Glasses are now reality. Project Glass was revealed on August 4th, 2012, and a consumer version is planned for 2014. While this technology has many advantages there is also the potential for misuse by Google.

College a time for new experiences, not more of the same

The past 12 years of school have led us to this moment: your senior year. The days of naptime are long gone, and soon we wave goodbye to the familiar friday night lights. The next steps will most likely determine the course of our lives, or so we are told. But how are we supposed to jump into the ‘real world’? The possibility of college is daunting enough, but the possibility of leaving home, our hometown, or even the state does not come without fear or apprehension.

Student scores ace

From homecoming queen to varsity volleyball player, senior Reagan Boenker has a lot on her plate. She is heavily involved in sports, playing both volleyball and softball and also challenges herself in the classroom. She is more than just a player though, she sets an example for teammates and students on and off of the […]

There is an ‘I’ in swimming: Self-reliance, determination, individualism prosper through sport

Swimming: a self-motivated, individual sport where one’s performance is based solely on their mindset and work ethic. This aspect of the sport is what makes or breaks one’s success, and for sophomore Brittany Thurstin it not only makes her, the individualistic attitude required of swimming carries over into other facets of her life. Swimming not […]

Senior pictures scheduled for Nov. 19, 20

Senior pictures will take place in room 6158 on Nov. 19 and 20. This will be the last opportunity for seniors to do a full sitting. Any senior interested in taking pictures must sign-up with Mrs. Dominy in room 6160 or their senior English teacher. For questions, please call Rebecca Dominy at 209-2580 or email […]

Underclassmen picture retakes schedule for next week

Picture retakes for all 9th, 10th, and 11th grades students will be on Wednesday, Nov. 14 in the small auditorium (5143). Any student who did not take a picture during the first round or needs a retake will need to come for pictures. Students will be called down by alpha throughout the day. Students who […]

Living in moment, artist mesmerizes in person

One of the best days of my life was when I saw my favorite artist Kid Cudi. My best friend and I waited outside in the burning hot sun for hours at the Cedar Park Center just to get a glimpse of the man himself. As we found our seats, they were playing some of […]

Choir students compete in Region 8 competition

Nineteen freshman and sophomore choir students competed in the Region 8 – 9/10 All-region Choir auditions. Thirteen of nineteen earned a spot in the choir. 9/10 Choir members: Victoria Saenz – Soprano 7th Natalie Fisher – Soprano 14th Macy Ponzio – Soprano 15th Saori Rosas – Soprano alternate Abigal Spiegelman – Soprano alternate Amber Mosqueda […]

Hoodies and long-sleeve T-shirts available this week

The project graduation committee will be selling BHS hoodies and long-sleeve T-shirts during all four lunches Wednesday, Nov. 7 – Friday, Nov. 9. Hoodies can be purchased for $12, while long-sleeved T-shirts can be purchased for $8. All proceeds will benefit the 2013 Project Graduation.

Living YOLO to solo: Students gain maturity through independence

How easy is it to transition from a teenager with the mindset of “you only live once,” to a young adult that asks, “how am I going to get a job?”