Technology in the Classroom: Art, Math, Foreign Language

Technology has become an integral part of education and teachers must equip students with the tools to succeed in their future careers. Each subject must assess the best way to integrate technology to promote learning and understanding. Norseman staff members took an in-depth look at technology usage across campus and how different teachers utilized it to increase student learning.

Living a Better Story: Project encourages students to write their own future, help community

Twenty-four students participated in Living a Better Story, a service project aimed at helping people understand their importance in the process of helping the community they live in. The project ran from October 6 to November 3 and included members from the Texas A&M Aggie Blossoms, Bryan High Key Club, and many other students. Together […]

Good Things – December 2014

2015_12 Good Things

Student wrestler proves skill, determination through involvement

As two men stare at each other across the mat, each contemplating how to best defeat the other, the crowd that has formed waits in anticipation. A whistle is blown and they dive at each other. Junior Kaleb Jenkins slams his opponent to the ground, subduing him with a pin.

Sister [Poem]

Isn’t it amazing how relationships in life happen? How some will burn bright with a spark of forever, Or are put out quickly like a weak fire. How when we first meet someone we have no idea the meaning they’ll have to us, And the home in our hearts they’ll call theirs for an infinite […]

Focus on family, friends this season

As Black Friday creeps deeper into Thanksgiving every year, guests around the dinner table become more sparse as they rush to beat the crowds or clock in to work their shifts. This attitude is seen at Christmas as people have become more interested in gifts and possessions rather than spending time with their loved ones. […]

Match the Promise Foundation scholarship opportunity for freshmen

Texas Match the Promise Foundation℠ Scholarship Deadline Dec. 31 Fifth through ninth graders whose families have an income of $100,000 or less can apply now for matching scholarships and tuition grants offered by the Texas Match the Promise Foundation℠. Match the Promise encourages families to prepay college tuition by supplementing their contributions to the Texas […]

Viking Theatre Qualifies for National Thespian Competition

Members of Viking Theatre Troupe #3463 traveled to Dallas for the State Thespian Convention. While there students we able to experience workshops with professional actors, directors, and stage managers as well as a private concert with composer/lyricist Andrew Lippa (The Wild Party, The Addams Family). At convention members of troupe #3463 entered acting and technical […]

Viking students shine during Christmas pageant performance

Coming on the heels of a successful showing at the Texas Thespian convention, Viking Theatre scored big again with the success of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, performed on December 5 and 6 in the Blue Auditorium.

Technology in the Classroom: History, English, Science

Technology has become an integral part of education and teachers must equip students with the tools to succeed in their future careers. Each subject must assess the best way to integrate technology to promote learning and understanding. Norseman staff members took an in-depth look at technology usage across campus and how different teachers utilized it to increase student learning.

Book fair promotes literacy, reading through community involvement

Bryan High hosted a book fair at Barnes and Noble on October 8th in order to raise funds for the English department and to promote literacy in the community.

Speaking for the youth: Artist Mary Lambert teaches acceptance through music

Based in Seattle, singer, songwriter, and spoken word artist Mary Lambert has created a name for herself by appealing to youth who struggle with acceptance for being different through her own stories and experiences. Lambert was raised in an abusive household, but her music has lifted the weight of her traumas in fleeting four-minute intervals.

Senior pictures scheduled for next week

Senior pictures are scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week in room 6160. Any senior who has not taken a picture for the yearbook must sign up for a time slot with Mrs. Dominy. There is no charge to take a picture for the yearbook. If students would like to do a full sitting […]

National unity dwindles, complaints become norm

Why is it that many people refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance? Why can’t a growing number of Americans differentiate between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? What ever happened to the sense of national pride and unity amongst the American people?

Dive into the deep end: Senior makes splash as career continues at D1 school

Stepping up to the block prepping to swim his leg in the relay, senior Harrison Jones puts on his goggles and gets in the zone to dive in the pool as soon as his teammate reaches the wall. Splashes from swimmers, whistles form coaches, cheers from fans, and buzzers surround him, but these distractions don’t phase him as he dives into the pool and earns yet another personal record.

District Champs [Poetry]

The game begins We’re full of school spirit We yell and cheer Till the whole world can hear it We continue to play We’re falling behind We wish we could put the clock on rewind It’s halftime and we’re losing 24 to 7 The whole team prays to God up in heaven We come back […]

Through the looking glass: Teacher uses photography to introduce students to wonderland of creativity, success

A lot more than an image can be captured through the lens of a camera. A glimpse of human interaction can be frozen, a memory can be saved. A photographer is taught to pay attention to detail, to step away from a scene to catch the bigger picture, and how beauty is found in unexpected places. Photography teacher John Burrows teaches students not only how to search for these hidden meanings, but also how to find their own passion and spirit through learning. Because he struggled with school, Burrows’ goal is to make learning relatable and interactive for his students so that education isn’t as intimidating.

Fall 2014 Exam Schedule

Exam Schedule

Disney shows off new powers Big Hero 6 conveys powerful message, displays stellar animation

Disney recently released Big Hero 6 in theatres after its inception as a Marvel comic in 1998, giving it a second life. Disney’s recent acquisition of Marvel enabled this as they now have the rights to the story. Overall, it was a good, solid film and contained good messages about problems that most people face at one point or another.

Area playoff game information

Bryan Vikings (Home) vs Magnolia West (Visitor) Friday, November 21st at 7:00 pm Waller ISD Stadium, 20735 Stokes Rd, Waller 77484 Pre-Sell Tickets: Adults $7.00; Students $3.00 At the Gate: All tickets are $10.00 Lester Banks will be selling tickets all week in the cafeteria during lunch. I will be selling tickets at the field […]

Wrestlers place first at invitational

On Saturday the Viking wrestling team traveled to League City and competed in the Clear Creek Invitational at Clear Creek HS. Seniors Jackson Ross and John Quinonez and junior Cooper McCall each placed first in their weight classes. Bravlio Guadarrama, Cody Murph, and Grant Gage each placed 4th. Freshman Da Ryia Havens placed 2nd in […]

Good Things – November 2014

2014_11 Good Things

Not everything goes: Florida Georgia Line’s new album proves duo the Nickelback of country music

It may seem premature to declare the worst album of 2014 while it’s only November, but this year I make an exception for Florida Georgia Line’s Anything Goes. Florida Georgia Line is a country duo from Nashville that specializes in a newer breed of country music. Coined in 2013 by Jody Rosen as “Bro-country”, this frankenstein of a genre is the sour mixture of hip-hop, pop, rock, and whatever’s left of country music as each of the contending genres stir together a repulsive witches pot of terribleness.

Sibling Emptinester: Learning to deal with older siblings absence highlights importance of relationship

From fighting to loving, making memories to making each other cry, the love/hate relationship amongst siblings is a powerful thing.

Vikings forge hammer, create symbol of pride

Thor’s hammer is a mythological weapon, said to have been wielded by the Norse god of thunder, allowing him the ability to fly and summon lightning against his foes. Thor was seen as a protector of humanity, fighting for what was just and right against formidable enemies; however, only those who were “worthy” could lift the hammer, thus gaining the power of Thor himself. Bryan High students have proved themselves worthy, lifting high their very own Thor’s hammer.

There’s no ‘I’ in team: Cross country member impacts team unity

After crossing the finish line to earn first place at the Nacogdoches meet, freshman cross country member Samantha Hernandez ran half the race again. JV member sophomore Brooke Weaver suffered from a hip injury and was struggling to finish the race. Samantha went back and finished the race again, stride-by-stride, with Weaver.

Trainers exercise detection, prevention of concussions

Under the blinding lights of Friday nights and a roaring crowd that pushes players to get the next first down even when they’re at their wits end, the sound of helmets cracking resounds underneath bone-crushing tackles. This is an exciting aspect of the game that thrills fans, but the players sometimes struggle to stand after […]

Animated classic captures childhood through characters, cinematic wonder

When someone asks about classic movies, most people think about the milestone movies for each movie genre. Bela Lugosi films for those horror-geeks, the typical 80’s high school movies for some nostalgic middle-aged woman (and current teenage girls), and, of course, Charlie Chaplin for all the hipsters and film buffs. Any way you slice it, there are some undeniable classics. The movies-less-watched can often times be the best movies, especially when created and directed by genius Hayao Miyazaki.

Heroes of Olympus series dies out with last book

Books: culturally defined as the object which civilizations have stored volumes of information, but that’s not all they’re used for. Some permeate your imagination and creativity, some provide knowledge and skill, and then some are John Green books (all John Green emotions put to side), but in contrast there are Rick Riordan books.

Underclassmen retakes scheduled for Wednesday

Underclassmen pictures are scheduled for Wednesday, November 5 during 1, 2, 3 period in the large auditorium. If students need a picture packet, please send them by room 6160 or the Silver front office.

Dress code meant to prepare, not hinder expression

SAC, suspension, phone calls home, having to change clothes, referrals, and so many more things are consequences of the two words we all hate to hear, dress code.

Freshmen football dropped game to College Station

The Viking freshman football team traveled to College Station High School to play the Cougars Thursday night. The Vikings fell short in a hard fought game 46-20. Scoring for the Vikings were: Javon Jefferson, who scored twice, the first rushing touchdown was from 62 yards out, the second from 35 yards out. The final touchdown […]

JV football falls to College Station

College Station JV 41 Bryan JV 20 Scoring: Mason Ray to Roderick Crenshaw 6 yard td pass Nathan Carpio PAT Jonathan Avila 4 yard td run Mason Ray to Roderick Crenshaw 6 yard td pass Nathan Carpio PAT Defense: Taylor Teal INT Record: (4-5, 3-3) Next Action: Thursday 11/6/14 vs Rudder

Artistic expression: Teacher aids students in utilizing creative process

Renee Richards, art and IB film teacher, assists students in developing their artistic skills through her unique approach to teaching. The desire to educate is not a learned skill for Richards, as she says she’s felt the desire to teach for a very long time. “I have two little sisters, Tina and Annette. We were […]

Esports challenge traditional arenas of competition

Cheers erupt from the stadium as the two teams face off, each knowing the only way to claim the championship is by going through the other. Fifteen seconds later one team is dead while the other team pushes on.

Huntsville takes win in last volleyball game of season

Bryan fell to Huntsville Tuesday 16-25, 16-25, 14-25. Meghan Wilkinson – 7 kills, 13 digs, 1 block Natalie Buban – 3 kills, 2 digs, 1 block Maddie Luera – 12 digs Katie Scott – 6 assists Robyn Tarver – 12 assists, 5 digs Emily Hubacek – 6 kills, 2 aces, 4 digs, 1 block Rachel […]

Hatching success: Restaurant offers delicious menu, comfortable environment for customers

Southern comfort, mouth-watering food, and perfect beyond belief sweet tea. These aren’t just items that are depicted in Southern-centric movies and songs, they’re actual characteristics found at the wonderful, scrumptious Chick-Fil-A fast food chain. 50 years ago, the founder of Chick-Fil-A, Truett Cathy, invented the best thing since sliced bread – the chicken sandwich. This […]

Racing for time: Student leads in sport, organization on campus

The pressures of school, cross country practices, and being senior class president, are only the beginning of senior Seanna Rodriguez’s neverending agenda. While she struggles for the time to commit to cross country, she manages to be the light for the team and an influence amongst the younger members.

JV football tops Caney Creek

Bryan JV 27 Caney Creek 22 Offense: Chris Sage 3 yard TD run Leon Denena 10 yard TD run Nathan Carpio PAT Mason Ray to DaQuincy Floyd 20 yard TD pass Carpio PAT Jonathan Avila 10 yard TD run(game winning TD with 535 in 2nd qtr) Carpio PAT Defense: Nick Reynolds Fumble Recovery Nick Newsom […]

Freshmen football win over Caney Creek

The Freshmen Football team traveled to Caney Creek Thursday night. The Vikings won 43-6 Scoring for the Vikings were: Tracy Bradford, who ran for 2 touchdowns from 3 and 4 yards out. Craig Koenig had a 36 yard touchdown catch from Quarterback Kolby Kubichek, who later ran in the 2 point conversion. Free Safety Caedarius […]

Trends melt as need remains

Many people pride themselves on being socially conscious, but as a whole social consciousness seems to be fleeting based on observing past examples.

Theatre program huge hit after first performance

The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood is everything a high school play should be: funny, entertaining, clean-humored, and hilariously weird. And the quirky, lovable Viking cast brought the characters to life – onstage, and off.

Volleyball defeats Livingston in five

Varsity volleyball beat Livingston 18-25, 25-21, 25-16, 22-25, 15-6 Tuesday at Viking gymnasium. Meghan Wilkinson – 9 kills, 3 digs Natalie Buban – 6 kills, 3 blocks Maddie Luera – 4 assists, 3 aces, 22 digs Katie Scott – 20 assists, 8 aces, 6 digs Jenna Way – 9 digs Robyn Tarver – 22 assists, […]

America called to arms: terrorist group pushes international community

Fighting again wages in the Middle East as members from a multinational coalition led by the United States battle against extremist militant fighters of the Islamic State terrorist group, often referred to as ISIS, ISIL, or simply IS. Much of the heavy fighting is taking place in Iraq and Syria, where Kurdish ground forces, backed by US led airstrikes, are battling to reclaim lost territory.

Bookfair to benefit BHS scheduled at Barnes and Noble

To benefit: Bryan High School When: Saturday, November 08, 2014 Where: Barnes & Noble College Station Activities include: Celebrity Read Off Art/Photography show Music performances Lot of great activities by BHS students! Aggie Author Kimberly Hix Trant will sign her new book #hastagged Can’t make it to the event: Visit BN.COM/bookfairs to support us online […]

Viking band earns Superior rating at UIL contest

The Viking Band was rated Division I (Superior) by all three judges at their contest on Saturday, Oct. 18. The criteria for a Division I rating include: A superior performance for the event and the class of participants being judged; worthy of the distinction of being recognized as a first place winner. Watch

Students enlist in military, gain means to attend college

While some students are struggling to find ways to pay for the climbing cost of college tuition, the military is providing another option. Seniors Kaitlyn Harris and Matthew Greer both received $83,000 checks to be used for college through the American GI bill for committing to the military for at least three years post high school graduation.

Volleyball falls to Willis

The varsity volleyball team fell to the Willis 14-25, 16-25, 17-25 Friday night. Meghan Wilkinson – 13 digs, 1 block Natalie Buban – 5 kills, 2 blocks Maddie Luera – 10 digs Katie Scott – 8 assists Robyn Tarver – 7 assists, 5 digs Mindy Terry – 3 kills Emily Hubacek – 5 kills, 3 […]

Varsity football takes win over Willis to go 4-0 in district

Bryan 34 Willis 13 Scoring: 1st Qtr: Keekee Johnson 4 yard TD Run at 7:39,PAT No good, Bryan Leads 6-0 2nd Qtr: BJ Ross to Quaylan Newton 6 yard TD Pass at 7:50, Collin Lee PAT, Bryan Leads 13-0 BJ Ross to Sterling Whiteley 16 yard TD Pass at 1:25, Collin Lee PAT, Bryan Leads […]

Running back carries team by example on field

The crack of the helmets. The smell of the freshly cut grass. The roaring crowd. The feel of exhilaration as the ball crosses the goal line. It’s another Friday night in Texas and the lights are shining brightly on the field as senior Keandre Johnson runs through the middle as he pounds out yards for a first down.

Freshmen silver football team outscored the Wildcats for the win

The freshmen football team traveled to Willis to play the Wildcats Thursday night. The Silver team won 14-12. Scoring for the Vikings was John Koontz, who had a touchdown run from 50 yards out and another from 15 yards out. The Viking Blue team fell to Willis 32-27. Scoring for the Vikings were: quarterback Kolby […]

Volleyball team topped by Rudder

Bryan fell to Rudder 14-25, 13-25, 14-25. Meghan Wilkinson – 5 kills, 12 digs Natalie Buban – 5 kills Maddie Luera – 6 digs Robyn Tarver – 8 assists, 3 digs Emily Hubacek – 9 assists, 5 digs Hannah Eike – 8 kills, 6 digs Bryan JV lost 17-25, 25-22, 13-25 Bryan Freshmen A won […]

Homecoming activies to kick off next week

HOMECOMING WEEK: Vikings Vs. Caney Creek Panthers SPIRIT DAYS: Monday – Vikings to the rescue – Wear a Super Hero T-Shirt Tuesday – Hunt the Panthers – Wear Camo Day Wednesday – Tackle the Eagles – Jersey Day Thursday – Put the Panthers to sleep – Wear pajama bottoms Friday – BLUE OUT the Panthers-How […]

Good Things – October 2014

2014_10 Good Things

500th win marks milestone for volleyball coach

After winning the first match in two straight sets, the varsity volleyball team fell to Tarkington forcing a third match. With each team taking one set and running neck-and-neck in the winner-take-all final set, the score volleyed back and forth. Tensions were high as the scored pushed passed 25, and then with a final kill, Coach Caroline Simpson earned her 500th win.

Students chosen for state theatre competition

The Theatre Department hosted open auditions for students to compete at the State Thespian Convention in November. The following students auditioned and were chosen to compete. Monologue Ryan Simpson Monologue Sara Brittain Duet Scene Emily Kapchinski and Cristina Thomas Solo Musical Theatre Kathryn Svatek Group Scene Haven Pottinger Caleb Durda Matt Waskom Stage Management Emily […]

Band earns honors at USBands competition

The Viking Band placed 4th at USBands College Station Showcase also winning the “Best Percussion” caption, “Best Color Guard” caption, and “Best Visual” caption.

Orchestra students advances to region

Kimberly Lamb made the Region 8 orchestra on her violin. Honorable mention was earned by the following students for making a goal and auditioning in a very competitive venue: Barber, Sierra Brynn Buck, Andrew Conner Deatley, Noah Lane Gonzalez, Gloria Isabel Gonzalez, Laura Ruby Henderson, Emily Mai-Phuong Wilson, Damonica Leija, Angel Elaine Montgomery, Kaitlyn Elizabeth […]

Tennis team advances to area playoffs

The tennis team qualified for the Area round of the Team playoffs by virtue of a win over the Rudder Rangers. This is the Vikings first trip to the playoffs since 2007. The area round of matches will be played in BCS the weekend of October 24-25 at schools in the BCS area. Bryan will […]

Volleyball falls to Consol

Bryan volleyball fell to A&M Consolidated 8-25, 10-25, 21-25 Friday at AMCHS. Meghan Wilkinson – 8 kills, 4 digs Natalie Buban – 3 kills Katie Scott – 7 assists Robyn Tarver – 11 assists, 7 digs Emily Hubacek – 2 kills, 3 assists, 2 blocks Rachel Ullmann – 3 kills Hannah Eike – 9 kills, […]

Swim team earns 14 first place awards

The swim team competed against Cy-Ridge and Cy-Lakes in Houston Thursday night. While we do not have official results our swimmers had some AWESOME swims. Our swimmers took home FIRST PLACE in 14 out of 22 events.

Vikings raise awareness about dangers of tobacco through organization

The student group Vikings Kicking Out Tobacco (VKOT) formed during the spring semester of the 2013-2014 school year through the leadership efforts of junior Cecil Banks.The club has continued to grow this year as six more students were chosen for the state tobacco awareness campaign.

JV Silver football topples Temple

Bryan Silver 26 Temple White 6 OFFENSE: Jaylen Steele 22 yard td run Steele 63 yard td run Steele 15 yard td run Trevor Schriver to Justin Maass 54 yd td pass Schriver to Andrew Escobar 2 pt conversation DEFENSE: Ronyn Dixon and Jose Lopez Defensive Standouts RECORD: 3-1-1 A&M Consolidated JV 21 Bryan Blue […]

Volleyball falls to College Station in three

Bryan fell to College Station 16-25, 15-25, 21-25 Tuesday at Viking Gymnasium. Meghan Wilkinson – 3 kills, 10 digs Natalie Buban – 4 kills Maddie Luera – 13 digs Katie Scott – 6 assists Jenna Way – 3 digs Robyn Tarver – 10 assists, 5 digs Emily Hubacek – 5 kills Hannah Eike – 5 […]

Freshmen football takes win, tie over Consol

The freshmen football teams traveled across town to play A&M Consolidated Thursday night. The Viking Silver team beat Consolidated 41-0. Scoring plays came from: John Koontz from 1 yard, 5 Yards, 36 Yards. Justin Obanon from 25 yards, and 1 yard. Dekeedric Branch with a 30 Yard TD run. The Viking Blue team tied with […]

Blinn, BHS benefit from partnership, develop post-secondary readiness

Bryan ISD and Blinn College have worked together for many years to bring college credit to high school students. In the spring, Bryan High and Blinn will begin a partnership that offers more of these courses to students and allows Blinn to use classrooms on Bryan High’s campus.

Dream Big: Service organization works with local charity in memory of student

Eleven years isn’t a long time when looking at the world, but some of the most beautiful things in the world are also some of the most fleeting.

Shane Koyczan attacks abuse with ‘Remembrance Year’

The dark, underground coffee shops. A stool upon a stage. A mic and a speaker with a paper in hand, reciting poems that paint vivid images and pluck at the heartstrings of the listeners. This experience is being recreated into easily accessible spoken word albums that mimic, yet don’t replicate, watching and seeing poets perform live. Shane Koyczan’s Remembrance Year is a collection of poems written from deep within his memories and the poems are backed with the instrumental talents of Short Story Long. The album is aimed at attacking abuse, both self-inflicted and from outside factors, with inspirational and courageous words.

Swim team finishes 6 out of 14 at weekend meet

The Viking Swim Team participated in Tomball’s Fall Kick Off Invitational on Oct. 4. Fourteen high schools, representing both 6A and 5A schools, competed in Saturday’s meet and Bryan finished 6th overall. The following swimmers placed in the top of their events: Relays Girls 200yd Medley Relay: Julia Cook, Sarah Cadarette, Brittany Thurstin, and Maddie […]

Fields of Faith to be held Wednesday

The annual Fields of Faith event will be held on Wed., Oct. 8 at Merrill Green Stadium. Students from all local schools are invited to attend this event. Free pizza will be served at 6:15 and the event begins at 7:00. Cord of 3 members invite all students and faculty to attend. Cord of 3 […]

Cross country runners place at Anderson meet

The Cross Country team participated in a meet at Anderson. The following runners received medals: Samantha Hernandez, 4th place Varsity Girls Lauren Yancy, 9th place JV Girls Morgan Murdock, 13th place JV Girls Daniel Tillman, 15th place JV Boys

Choir performance scheduled for Monday

The choir will present their first performance of the year Monday night at 7:00 at Rudder HS. They will perform a “short” concert exploring music from the Renaissance period, gospel music, barbershop, and do-wop just to name a few genres. The variety of music and the skill of the choirs will leave you entertained. WHAT: […]

Freshman football wins both games over Huntsville

The Bryan Viking Freshman Football Team played host to Huntsville Thursday night at Merrill Green Stadium. The Viking Silver Team beat Huntsville 47-0. Scoring plays for the Vikings came from: John Koontz, who had 2 touchdown runs from 42 yards and then 4 yards. Justin Obannon also had 2 touchdowns from 40 yards and 4 […]

JV football falls to Huntsville by one

Huntsville JV 7 Bryan JV Blue 6 Offense: Chris Sage 6 yd touchdown run Defense: Reggie Richardson fumble recovery Caden Scott fumble recovery Record: 2-3, 1-1(18-5a) Next action: Thursday October 9 @ Merrill Green Stadium 5:00 JV Silver vs Temple JV 6:30 JV Blue vs A&M Consolidated

Freshmen, JV win over Huntsville, varsity falls

The varsity volleyball team fell to Huntsville 26-24, 13-25, 15-25, 18-25 Friday night. Meghan Wilkinson – 9 kills, 8 digs Maddie Luera – 5 aces, 14 digs Robyn Tarver – 18 assists, 7 digs Mindy Terry – 3 kills, 2 digs, 3 blocks Emily Hubacek – 7 kills, 11 assists, 4 digs Hannah Eike – […]

Swim team dominates Huntsville at season opener

The swim team competed in their first meet of the season against Huntsville Tuesday, Sept. 30. The girls’ team scored 473 points to Huntsville’s 430. The boys scored 575 points to Huntsville’s 363 points.

Choir members place at all-region auditions

On Saturday, September 27, 26 choir members competed in the Region 8 All-Region Choir auditions. Thirteen students earned a place in the choir and 9 advance to the next round in November. Lilly Chilek – Soprano 1 – 25th chair Kailey Farris – Soprano 2 – 16th chair Addie Henry – Alto 1 (Pre-Area) – […]

Freshman football shuts-out Livingston

The Bryan Viking Freshmen Football Team played host to Livingston Freshman Thursday night at Merrill Green Stadium. The Vikings shut out Livingston 55-0. Scoring plays: Tracy Bradford from 30 yards, John Koontz 13 yard TD run, Tracy Bradford with a 55 yard TD run, Tracy Bradford with a 15 Yard TD run, John Koontz with […]

JV Blue football defeats Livingston, JV Silver falls to College Station

Bryan JV Blue 38 Livingston JV 6 Offense: Mason Ray to Roderick Crenshaw 21 yd td pass Nathan Carpio PAT Chris Sage 87 yd td run Carpio PAT Izayah Alfred 12 yd run Carpio PAT Carpio 31 yard fg Leon Denena 3 yd run Carpio PAT Denena 26 yd run Carpio PAT Defense: Jonathan Avila […]

Varsity, freshman volleyball defeat Lions

The Bryan Vikings beat Livingston 25-17, 25-10, 25-14 Friday at Livingston. Meghan Wilkinson – 8 kills, 2 aces, 8 digs, 1 block Natalie Buban – 7 kills, 2 blocks Maddie Luera – 2 aces, 15 digs Katie Scott – 8 assists Robyn Tarver – 9 assists, 2 digs Mindy Terry – 3 blocks Emily Hubacek […]

Fight against hunger: Food bank, school programs provide food for families

A little girl, of about seven, and her mother were standing in the doorway, dressed in pajamas, in the cold. They explained that they were in need of food. Their car was their home, the park bathrooms their showers. The mother then explained about the loss of her husband, and how it left her a widowed stay-at-home mom with a young daughter to take care of. It was one of those moments that changes a person’s life forever, at least it did for food warehouse distributor Jason Galindo, a former Bryan High student.

Back to the Future: 80s make comeback on big, small screen

The neon leg warmers, baggy sweatshirts, and wild poofy hair will remain safely tucked away deep in closets across America because, even though the 80’s are making a comeback, it’s thankfully not with fashion. Instead it’s with wildly fun and entertaining movies, television shows, and cartoons.

Viking Theatre presents ‘The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood’

October 2 – 7:00 pm October 4 – 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm Black Box Theatre Students – $5 Adults – $10

Freshmen Academy creates success, unity within school

“This is not just a program, this is not something temporary. It is going to have to be a total mindset starting with the 9th grade.”

Assistant principals Chantel Hluchan and Justin Smith, along with counselors Tiffany Giffen and Sondra Junek, are the core administrative staff for the Freshman Success Academy – a new program placed at both Bryan High and Rudder to promote academic and disciplinary success within the freshman class.

Volleyball falls to Willis in close game

The Varsity Volleyball team fell to Willis Tuesday at Viking Gym 23-25, 25-21, 25-27, 22-25. Meghan Wilkinson – 11 kills, 8 digs Natalie Buban – 3 kills, 2 blocks Maddie Luera – 3 assists, 2 aces, 14 digs Robyn Tarver – 15 assists, 1 ace, 14 digs Mindy Terry – 3 digs, 3 blocks Emily […]

STAAR scores shine bright for school, district

Scores on the STAAR exam for the 2013-2014 school year are some of the highest scores Bryan High and the district have ever achieved, with five out of six distinctions awarded for academic performance. “The five distinctions are really huge for BHS,” Superintendent Thomas Wallis said. “After being an improvement required school last year with […]

FCCLA students place at leadership workshop

Twenty-four students attend a FCCLA Leadership Event at North Zulch High School on Wed. Sept. 17 to compete in various events. In Consumer Math: Silver Morgan Escobar Keandra Garrison Bronze Karen Dominguez In Job Interviewing: Bronze Maria Gandara Cristina Monroe Participant Loghan Jordan In Child Development: Bronze D’Azjha Washington In Parliamentary Procedure: Silver Diamond Johnson […]

Pec’you’liar trends: Oxfords walk into spotlight

Shoes have become just about as irrelevant as the splattered mosquitoes that get wiped and smeared off to the sides of windshields, and that is unacceptable.

Freshmen volleyball comes out on top against Rudder

The volleyball team fell to the Rudder Rangers 10-25, 16-25, 21-25 Friday at Viking Gym. Meghan Wilkinson – 3 kills, 2 aces, 10 digs Natalie Buban – 3 kills Maddie Luera – 13 digs Robyn Tarver – 12 assists, 3 digs Emily Hubacek – 6 kills, 4 assists, 8 digs Hannah Eike – 7 kills, […]

JV falls to Rattlers

@ Navasota Navasota JV 28 Bryan JV Silver 13 Offense: Arthur Mooring 15 yard run Joean Villanueva PAT Mooring 4 yard run Record: 2-1-1 Next action: Thursday Sept 25 @ College Station 5pm

There’s always new music, you’re just cranky

Music, a seemingly innocent topic of conversation can bring me a great deal of pain when headed down the wrong direction. We ended up talking about what we like, what we don’t like, what we’re excited about, and what came to be disappointing, but no matter where we are, it always comes back to that one person who always gives the rest of us the classic excuse, “There’s just nothing new that’s good.”

Big screen success for book trilogy: Fans await release of second Divergent movie

If you have watched the Hunger Games, and you’re seeking another thrilling young adult movie, Divergent might be the choice for you. Trilogies have become increasingly popular over the last decade, but Divergent is a cut above other series such as Twilight. As the screen faded to black, I just sat there, wondering if I would be able to wait for the second installment.

Cats: purrfect pet for universal domination

Cats are without a doubt the most amazing creatures in the whole entire universe. Not only are they great, easy-to-handle pets, but are also the epitome of the internet today. GIF after cat GIF, cats never cease to make us laugh until we cry, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Hanging with friends should focus on relationships, not blurred by substances

In high school there are many special occasions to look forward to: school dances and birthday bashes. You make plans with friends, rent limos, and buy dresses, but really, what are you thinking about when it comes to these events? How are you planning on showing up?

Viking club to host pre-game meal Oct. 3

The Viking Club has partnered with Roadhouse to host a pulled pork sandwich meal on October 3. The meal includes a pulled pork sandwich, a bag of chips, and your choice of sweetened or unsweet tea. Sandwich meals will be available in the BHS Silver Cafeteria from 4:30-7:00 that day. Tickets can be purchased online

See You at the Pole, Sept. 24

Cord of 3 members would like to invite all students, faculty, and staff to the national See You at the Pole event to be held on Wednesday, September 24 from 7:45-8:05. This is a time for students to pray for their school, their classmates, and their teachers.

Senior panoramic schedule for Sept 30

The senior panoramic will be taken on September 30 during second period at 9:45. Students are encouraged to wear their senior overalls if they have them. Panoramic Pictures will be sold the next day during all lunches. Packages start at $25, $35 and $45 depending on the size of the picture and poses.

Freshmen Fifth Quarter scheduled for Oct 3

The first annual Freshmen Fifth Quarter will be held October 3 after the Viking home football game from 10:00-12:00 in the gym. Tickets are $2 and can be purchased starting the last week of September.

Stereotypes: this girl’s not a fan

As I sit here in my Doctor Who t-shirt, with my Harry Potter backpack sprawled open at my feet, and BBC’s Sherlock playing in the background, I can’t help but wonder about the stereotypes surrounding the term ‘fangirl.’

Good Things – September 2014

2014_09 Good Things