My journalism experience: lessons learned, memories made, friendships formed in room 6160

High school, day one: lost, shy, and scared. My first class on that day was Journalism – Newspaper with Rebecca Dominy in room 6160. A series of questions ran through my head as 8:25 a.m. came closer and closer by the minute: where is room 6160? I knew the class would be filled with upperclassmen – what if they think I’m weird?

Teens more stressed than ever: Easy solutions to keeping strain under control

Teenagers, like adults, get stressed every now and then. But just how stressed is our generation?

Color guard, percussion compete in indoor competition season

Aside from performing on the football field, the percussion and the color guard compete in two indoor competitions hosted by the Texas Color Guard Circuit: the Winter Guard International (WGI) and the Texas Color Guard Championships (TCGC) during the spring semester.

UIL district realigns with local schools in 18-5A

UIL realigns districts every two years as they reassess school population changes. To ensure a more equal field of play in athletics, fine arts, and academic competition, the most recent change means that all four public high schools in Bryan and College Station will compete in district 18-5A next year, along with Conroe Caney Creek, Huntsville, Livingston, and Willis.

From classroom to ballroom teacher showcases moves

After balancing the things she loves – her job, her family, and other priorities – for 36 years, economics teacher Laura Wagner decided that it was time to do something for her own pleasure. That being said, Wagner never thought she would be putting the “fox” in foxtrot.

Christmas music strikes spirit during holiday season

With Christmas just around the corner, classic Christmas movies are beginning to pop on television, families are putting colorful lights up around the house, and, best of all, that beloved Christmas music is playing everywhere we go.

Technology drains life of teens; must find way to recharge, reconnect socially

2% battery.

Your head shoots up from your little bright screen. You jump to your feet, knock your chair over, leap over the couch, run across the state, over the lava, swim across the Atlantic Ocean, fight off members of a drug cartel, make it past a Pterodactyl without being eaten alive, run straight through WWII safe from the falling bombs, sneak past zombies in an apocalypse, climb over Mt. Everest and finally you reach it — the cherished charger that will give life to your beautiful, beloved cell phone.

Future, questions, uncertainty: Seniors face scary reality of growing up

Summer has always been carefree for me. The sun kisses my skin, sweets become even sweeter, sweat goes unnoticed, and of course spending every day with my friends is the best part. But the summer after my junior year was different. Sure, it was still a break from school, but seeing my expectations in comparison to my realizations was like a slap in the face.

Love for special needs ministry creates bonds through smiles, spiritual growth

Seeing Cody smile means the world to senior Madison Goolsby, along with the smiles of about 30 other disabled kids and adults she works with in the special-needs ministry at Central Baptist Church. Madison began working with the special-needs ministry three summers ago Vacation Bible School.

Love for sport inspires charitable event to benefit children’s hospital

He’s got a big passion, a big smile, and a big heart. And he’s made a big difference to kids he’s never even met.

Read Between the Lines: Looking for Alaska

“I know so many last words. But I will never know hers.” Not knowing her last words haunted Miles Halter after her disappearance.

Pride Team encourages student responsibility

Personal Responsibility In Daily Efforts is the main goal of the PRIDE Team; to encourage students to work hard in school so they are eligible to attend field trips by meeting certain criteria.

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Scorpions falling from the sky, fire coming from the surface of the earth, buildings and bridges collapsing, dead animals on the streets, humans eating humans, earthquakes every hour, tsunamis engulfing islands, cars falling through cracks in the streets and down to the center of the scorching earth to be burned, with no mercy on the lives of all 6 billion people living on this planet.

Successful start for wrestling team

The Vikings defeated Langham Creek 45-33 at Klein Collins on Thursday in a tri-meet. The varsity boys, Rafael Aguillar (126 pounds), Cameron McCann (132), Nathan Jimenez (145), Keaun Davison (160) and Francisco Vasquez (220) each won by pin. Carlos Lucio (152), Jackson Ross (195) and Kenny Kelley (heavyweight) won on points. Earning pins for the […]

Band students earn spot in All-Region Band

The following students auditioned and earned a spot in the All- Region Band. The students with an (*) by their name qualified and will compete at the Area auditions in early January for a spot in the All- State Band: Concert Band Devon Merritt, 3rd chair Clarinet Valeria Arriaga, 7th chair Clarinet Gayle Konderla, 9th […]

Volleyball teams lose against College Park

The Bryan volleyball team fell to College Park 14-25, 27-25, 16-25, 22-25 in Conroe. Reagan Boenker led the Vikings with 16 kills and 22 digs. Brittney Jones had 10 kills, and Jessica Pfeffer had 8. Brittany Little had 19 digs, and Abby Cullen had 32 assists. Tuesday’s match was the final match for seniors Reagan […]

Freshmen football teams lose against Lufkin and Madisonville

Freshmen blue team lost to Lufkin with a score of 12-14 Jarvis Lister rushed for 2 touchdowns. The extra points were no good. BJ Ross, Jordan Newton, Tyler Slaydon, & Landon Miner had big offensive plays. Garrett Dohnalik was the defensive player of the game. Christian Kopf was the special teams player of the game. […]

JV football team fall against JV Lufkin

The JV football team loses against JV Lufkin with a score of 15-14. Offense: Justin Newton made a 46 yard run and a 3 yard run Holt Van Etten had a point after touchdown Jimmie Thomas had a 2 point run On Defense: Trey Mitchell, Cameron Conrad and Holt Van Etten had interceptions Ronald Gibbs […]

Cancer survivor strengthened through faith, support

Although we’ve heard of many stories about people who survived the impossible, sometimes it’s hard to believe that these stories happen to everyday people that we might run into on the street, or even those we are fairly acquainted with.

“We can be heroes, just for one day”

No matter who you are and no matter what kind of situation you’re in, there are always those certain moments in life when you feel like nothing can bring you down simply because you’re with the people you love the most and feeling alive.

Volleyball teams fall against the Woodlands

The Bryan volleyball team fell to the Woodlands 13-25, 9-25, 14-25. Reagan Boenker led the Vikings with 12 kills and 9 digs. Jessica Pfeffer had 8 kills and 7 digs. Brittany Little had 10 digs, and Abby Cullen had 18 assists. The junior varsity team lost 7-25, 10-25, the freshman A team lost 17-25, 19-25, […]

Volleyball teams beat Lufkin

The Bryan Viking volleyball team beat Lufkin 25-10, 25-21, 25-15. Reagan Boenker led the Vikings with 18 kills and 13 digs. Jessica Pfeffer added 6 kills and Meghan Wilkinson had 4. Brittney Jones had 3 kills, 3 aces, and 4 blocks. Brittany Little had 8 digs and 3 aces. Abby Cullen had 20 assists, and […]

Freshmen silver football team won against A&M Consolidated

Freshmen blue team lost against A&M Consolidated 31-33. Cjai Harrison and Jarvis Lister each rushed for two touchdowns. BJ Ross had one touchdown. Only one PAT was made. Blue Team’s record is 1-2 in district and 3-4 for the season. Freshmen silver team won against A&M Consolidated by forfeit. Silver team’s record is 3-0 in […]

Expanding minds through expanded boarders

Most would say that people can only set life goals when they’re still young. Others, however, are still setting goals and have dreams to do bigger and better things even after they’ve figured out what occupation they want pursue. For English teacher Megan Black, these goals extend beyond borders of being a high school teacher.

Varsity and freshman A volleyball teams won against Conroe

The volleyball team improved its district record Friday night by beating Conroe 25-16, 22-25, 25-17, 31-29. The Vikings were led by Reagan Boenker with 25 kills and 27 digs. Jessica Pfeffer added 16 kills and 10 digs. Brittney Jones had 7 kills and 3 blocks, and Rachel Ullmann had 6 kills. Emily Carroll had 20 […]

JV football team falls against Conroe JV

The JV Blue team lost to the Conroe JV Black with a score of 21-14. On Offense Jimmie Thomas had a 12-yard touchdown run Justin Newton had a 22 yard touchdown run and a 1-yard run Holt Van Etten had three good points after touchdown On Defense Holt Van Etten had an interception Dakota Grandchamp […]

Freshmen Sweep Conroe

The Silver freshmen football team defeated Conroe with a score of 30-0. On Offense Chris Sage had a 82-yard touchdown run on a kick-off return, a 18-yard touchdown run, and a 68-yard touchdown run Corin Wroten had a 27-yard reception from Tremaine Blakey Blakey had an 8-yard touchdown run, a 1-yd touchdown run, and a […]

Freshmen football split with Oak Ridge

The silver freshmen football team defeated Conroe-Oak Ridge 33-14 and is now 5-0. Offense Tremaine Blakey had a 16-yard touchdown run, 14-yard touchdown pass to Aubrey Martin, 74-yard touchdown run Chris Sage had a 2-yard touchdown run Derrick Green had a 6-yard touchdown run Keaton Lowe good on one point after Lawrence Kerr was good […]

Volleyball team falls to College Park

The volleyball team fell to College Park 26-24, 20-25, 19-25, 20-25 Friday at the Viking gym. Reagan Boenker led the Vikings with 16 kills and 10 digs. Jessica Pfeffer had 14 kills and 9 digs. Emily Carroll had 15 digs. Bryan’s record is 1-5, 14-13 overall. The junior varsity team lost 25-5, 25-15. The freshman […]

Ross Rogers brings fresh game against new opponents

If anyone asked him who his hero was when he was a child, there was no question about it – it was his dad.

Because ‘YOLO’: Life should be lived, not wasted

Teenagers today feel that the only way to fit in with their peers is by doing what they think everyone else is doing: skipping school, doing drugs, having sex, attending wild parties, drinking, and anything else that may be considered reckless.

Ready, Set, Teach prepares students for classroom

To some people, teaching seems to be just another profession that involves kids. For others, being a teacher isn’t just a job – it’s a commitment that takes patience, a passion for being with kids, and a love of teaching.

Finding ‘direction:’ student pursues dreams, named to elite corps

All eyes are focused on one person standing tall and proud on the podium. Everyone is still and silent, waiting for the show to begin.

Wrestling advances nine to region

The boys’ wrestling team finished in second place with 154 point at the District 25 meet Saturday, Feb 4. The girls team finished fifth with 38 points. Nine Vikings qualified to move forward and compete at regional.

Between the Lines: Never Let Me Go

You’d think these kids were just like anyone else in the world. They learn. They play. They engage in intimate conversations. They grow up and share feelings and emotions with each other.

Read Between the Lines: The Bell Jar

In high school, teenagers frequently feel as though it’s impossible to uphold a perfect life. They look at each other and wonder how some teens can have it all together, considering how tough high school is. What they may not realize is that things aren’t always perfect beneath the surface.

Eyes on the road: Raising awareness about dangers of texting, driving

“Crash!” Shattered windows, a mangled car, blood splattered everywhere, people crowd around the accident, and soon hear sirens from a distance.

Was that text message really worth your life or the life of others?

Read between the lines: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Walking down a hallway filled with strangers, figuring out who to sit with at lunch, trying to fit in with the right crowd. Sound familiar?

JV and Freshman football comes up short against Copperas Cove

Copperas Cove Gold defeated Bryan JV Blue by a score of 58 to 14. Copperas Cove Blue won against Bryan JV Silver by a score of 36-14. Bryan Freshmen Blue lost with a score of 19-35. Bryan Freshmen Silver lost with a score of 0-28.

Trash the Tigers by bringing canned food

The Crosstown Showdown food drive is an annual competition between Bryan High and A&M Consolidated to see which school can donate the most canned foods to the Brazos Valley food bank in a week.

Orchestra students start year in new direction

While some schools may only offer band and choir for the musically inclined, Bryan High also has the option of orchestra. This year, orchestra is twenty-eight members strong and takes care of the students’ fine arts credit.

Although orchestra teacher John Lemons has been with BISD for five years, this is his first year with high school students.

Culture Shock: breaking language barriers, creating bonds

After not seeing some of my relatives for ten years, I finally had the opportunity to visit them in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. I was thrilled about going. Not only would I be seeing my family again and living with them for two weeks, I was also going to be working with a medical brigade for the first time.

As the time to go drew near, I became more nervous. How would I fit in with my family? Would I be able to communicate well with everyone? Would I be able to adapt to a new atmosphere? I guess you could say I was just being too anxious about the whole trip, but to be completely honest, I was a little terrified about going for two weeks.

Modern twist on classic fairytale falls flat

We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood, the tale of a girl in a red cloak who was to take a basket to her grandmother, but ended up being a nice snack for a hungry wolf. This year, a new and slightly twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood came out in theatres.

Praise sung about scholarly athlete

In high school, being involved in different extra-curricular activities while maintaining good grades isn’t always a simple task. While balancing choir, softball and her schoolwork, senior Emily Peirce is a good example of what it takes to succeed in each of these areas.

Cultures converge in Viking melting pot

Learning about new customs, cultures and languages only serves to increase a persons knowledge and understanding of the world.

Chain reaction: social statuses gone awry

7. 278. 33. 1,892,907. What do these numbers mean? Absolutely nothing. Yet, thanks to Facebook, I’ve been getting nothing but random numbers and letters to people in my news feed.

Read between the lines: Bell Jar

In high school, teenagers frequently feel as though it’s impossible to uphold a perfect life. They look at each other and wonder how some teens can have it all together, considering how tough high school is.

Classic cartoon captures Christmas spirit

Christmas is almost here, and that means presents, putting up the lovely Christmas tree, eating, and of course spending time with your family and friends. As Christmas comes closer and closer, the time for those classic Christmas movies to come on television is just around the corner.

Gear-Up Partnership

Gear-Up (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs), a grant from Texas A&M University, is a new academic program for this year’s freshmen class hoping to ensure that they graduate from high school in four years.

Students encouraged to ‘cut up’ during class

If you’ve ever woken up with a bad hair day, you know the frustration that comes with not being able to fix that jungle you roll out of bed with.

At Bryan High, the cosmetology program helps prepare students to deal with these ‘jungles’ as a professional career.

Inaugural Fish Camp promotes pride, awarness

From finding your classes and meeting new people, to fitting in and getting used to more homework, the transition from middle school to high school is a big change.

This year, student council worked to make that transition a little easier for incoming freshmen by hosting the first Viking Fish Camp.