Player feels at home with family on the field

For Buxbaum, softball isn’t just a sport, it’s something that has been integrated into her family since before she was born.

Zumba brings fun to the gym

Are you looking for a new workout routine that will make you never want to leave the gym? Zumba, a popular workout routine that incorporates Latin dance moves with a core workout, is gaining popularity in gyms all across America.

Hunger Games leaves fans craving more

It seems like you run into something about The Hunger Games everywhere, whether you’re on Pinterest, Facebook, or any other media site.

Family overcrowded, under inspection

The Duggar family has 19 children and one on the way, 7.6 times the average family.

Helping students find inner beauty

Do you ever have those days when you wake up, look in the mirror and want to cry? Maybe your hair is a little frizzy, you’re breaking out, or you’ve got dark circles under your eyes from staying up late studying.

Teacher mixes wit into curriculum

Throw in a touch of dry wit, a dollop of hard work and bake…for 9,405 minutes. The result? Department Chair Lisa Prejean’s English classes.

Volleyball teams heads to the playoffs

The volleyball team won their playoff warm-up match at Elgin Friday by beating Elgin 25-21, 15-25, 25-23, 26-24.

In the name of duty; student marches through life long barriers

Memorizing calls, mastering push-ups and perfecting flag showings are difficult tasks that take dedication from all members of the JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps). For junior Kevin Sellers, however, the level of difficulty is taken to a whole new level.

William vs. Harry, who is the real prince charming?

When it comes to royal masculinity, there are two princes who continue to sweep the world off their feet. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry ofWalesare two royals who have gained major popularity in recent pop culture.

Teacher steps out of the classroom, gets involved in student life

While some subjects are more theoretical, others are designed for specific professions. Graphic Design teacher Ted Vaughan teaches one of these courses.

Vaughan has been teaching architectural design and engineering design at Bryan High for 19 years.

Student learns life lessons through volleyball

Determination is an important value on and off the court, and one student who possesses that ability is senior volleyball player Alyssa Micheletti.

Micheletti has been on the volleyball team since her freshman year, and she says the sport plays a significant role in her life.

Deathly Hallows makes magic at the theatre

While some people were jumping into bed at 10PM, many others across the world were in their seats at a local theatre awaiting the end of an era. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise, was released at midnight on July 15, 2011. The long awaited finale was expected to be big and thanks to many adoring fans it lived up to that prediction.

Technology in the Classroom: History, English, Cooking

A spotlight on how the history, english and cooking classes are using technology.

On a Budget: Entertainment and Activities

Students are often complaining about being bored and looking for new forms of entertainment. Unfortunately, finding something affordable to do on the weekend can be tough. While the mall may be a popular hang-out spot, and shopping a fun activity for some, there are many more options that won’t cost an entire paycheck, and can still provide something fun to do.

Getting their kicks on the field; teamwork garners success

As the final games of district competition loom, the boys soccer team looks toward post season play and a chance to play at region.

Family harmony strikes chord, musical passion

While band, choir, and orchestra offer students a place to exercise their musical ability, many may be surprised to see the number of students that are involved in music outside of school.

Soviet Spektor strays from the mainstream

Are you in the mood for music different from what’s playing on the radio? Try Regina Spektor. Not only does Spektor go against the mainstream of music, but she sounds good doing so.

On a Budget: Food

Americans, especially the younger generations, are known for eating on the go. The life of a high school student is hectic, so the convenience of fast food is very appealing to many students, but the fiscal and health consequences are often over looked.

Wrestling continues successful season going into Classic

The wrestling team has proven themselves each season by sending well qualified team members to the state tournament. The team hopes to continue its past success with four returning members who made it to state last year.

Student, staff volley to raise funds

On Tuesday, November 22 the girls Volleyball team, challenged the faculty to a volleyball game.

While the students may have taken an early lead, the faculty fought back and held their own, pulling out victory with a score of 32-26.

High School on a Budget: Books & Media

As high school students, we have plenty of required reading we have to do in school that forces us to purchase books. Along with school reading requirements, we also have leisurely reading, music and magazines that we enjoy, but these books and other forms of media are often at prices that can add up quickly.

High school on a budget: Cutting cost for clothing

Most teenagers both need and want clothes. People like to look nice, stylish, and up to date with the current ins and outs of fashion.

Maintaining your wardrobe can be expensive, especially if you enjoy particular (and pricey) brands. Back to school shopping can cost the typical high school students anywhere from $100 to $500.

Golfers prepare for season

For many Viking athletes, golf is a fun and engaging activity that also serves as a stress reliever.

Senior Matthew Wilkinson has been involved with the golf program since his freshman year.

“I have fun doing it,” Wilkinson said. “It’s something I enjoy.”

On a Budget: Shopping for Clothes

Most teenagers both need and want clothes. People like to look nice, stylish, and up to date with the current ins and outs of fashion. Maintaining your wardrobe can be expensive, especially if you enjoy particular (and pricey) brands, for back to school shopping can cost the typical high school students anywhere from $100 to $500. This is a pretty ridiculous amount of money to spend on clothes. With stores prices seeming to only increase, what can you do though to save money, yet still get your shopping fix?

Student delivers one, two punch in ring, classroom

While most students try to knock out homework after school, senior Nayeli Lugo is in the ring trying to knock out her opponent.

Lugo, who has been boxing for three years, said it started off as just a fun work out routine.