We’re all in this together: Basketball team pushes student body to increase school spirit

Rhys Shields

As basketball season gets into full swing, the team has made it a priority to involve the student body in a way that will impact the spirit of the school as a whole. The relationship between the fans and the players is symbiotic as one feeds off the other to create a successful season.

“School spirit lets us, as athletes, know that our fans care about how we do and encourage us to win each game,” junior basketball player Rodney Johnson said. “Fans motivate us to do better and win because they support us as Vikings.”

Rodney appreciates the game of basketball, and through that, he has learned things to apply to his life off the court. 

“I love the journey of basketball,” Rodney said. “There are lessons inside of the game: communication, leadership, selflessness, all of which make me a better person. It also helps me with attention to detail by watching film and learning body language and knowing what to do at certain times.”

Senior Umber Christian has been playing basketball since he was around eight years old and looks to the game as a form of escape. 

“The feeling I get when I play is indescribable,” Umber said. “I feel different than any other time. It’s a time to get away from life and just focus on the game. Nothing else matters when I’m on the court.”

To help rally support off the court, Umber and has joined with other students to have more pep rallies, set up dress up days, and welcome the band to become more involved with the basketball games. 

“If you build it they will come,” varsity basketball coach Jonathon Hines said. “I think we’ve had success here for a long period of time. We are one of the most winning programs on campus, so as long as we continue that, I think it will increase school spirit.” 

School spirit is not only about focusing on having fun at games and pep rallies. It’s also about recognizing the work that the athletes have put in and celebrating their success. 

“We have a really good group of kids in our program, and they are well-liked and work hard every day,” Hines said. “For the fans to come out and show their support for the team not just when they’re winning, but support for the effort that they’re giving and practice every day is important.”

Coach Hines believes in the team and their mindset as the season starts and knows they will be able to accomplish great things this year. 

“We have won 20 games five years in a row, so doing that again would be a great accomplishment,” Hines said. “Our team is very young- we only have three players that have ever played on varsity returning, so we’ve got our work cut out for us. I like the effort that we are getting right now, and the kids have the ability- we just have to put it all together “

Sports and other extracurricular activities contribute to the high school experience and create memories for both the athletes and the fans. Basketball coach Jerron Reese sees potential for making a lasting impact on BHS. 

“Having school spirit would change the mindset of the athletes and fan base because you only get to do this thing once,” Reese said. “For us as coaches, we’ll be here a long time, but as students and as players they get 4 years at it and that goes by in the blink of an eye. The team put forth their best effort. As student athletes and students supporting, they will go a long way. Years down the road it will serve as good memories.” 

Support is what gives people and groups power it is the impetus for success. 

“Having fans support the team is important because we play for our school and with the support of the fans it shows us what we are playing for,” Umber said. “We are all Vikings, and coming together for basketball creates a bond.”

Bringing people together to support the basketball team not only gives them support but gives them a sense of pride as well. 

“Bryan is a pretty small community, pretty big but also pretty small at the same time,” Reese said. “The more people that we can get behind the kids on Tuesday and Friday nights will help increase school spirit and make the Viking brand shine again”