Be the One: get up, get involved


Adults are constantly complaining about their jobs, but do nothing to look for a new one. They complain about the relationships that they are in, but do nothing to make them better. This pattern does not begin out of the blue, but seems to start in high school.

Teenagers in the same sense, complain, but when the opportunity arises to make a change, they do nothing about it.

Although students complain about relationships and jobs too, the focus of this problem is on high school life. From attendance at sporting events, to dances and other activities, students seem happy to merely complain, but never take action.

This generation seems to be more apathetic than any generation before it. While most complain about a lack of activities, no one wants to step up and make things happen. They’d just assume to sit on the sidelines and wait for someone else to do the job for them. What use is there in complaining if nobody is willing to be a leader?

For instance, the lack of attendance at sporting events only results in a decline in the determination and morale of the team. If nobody shows up to any games to support the players, how are they expected to be motivated to win?

School dances are another issue. We’ve heard plenty of complaints about there being a lack of school dances, but if attendance keeps falling at these dances, then of course the dances aren’t going to be as fun as they could be. If more people made the effort to show up and try to have a good time, then dances would be a lot less “lame” than everyone tries to make them out to be.

Beyond merely attending school events, there are some students actively involved in extracurricular activities. Because of the work required, the few students who are involved are spread too thin to do everything. If the majority of the students were willing to do something, no matter how small, it would benefit the entire campus.

A change in the climate and morale of the school has to come from the inside. We can’t wait for someone else to do it, we have to take control and be involved. There is only so much that teachers and community members can do; it rests on our shoulders to lead our school. If everyone was involved, everything about high school would be more enjoyable.