Social Dissertation [Essay]

Viking Voice

Do you try on shoes? Well I hope you know what you’re doing. Have you ever put yourself in others’ shoes?

If you look at other people and think negative thoughts toward them; that’s sad. Good and evil lies within a certain disposition of will. It’s only human nature to put yourself at the top of the food chain. Stereotyping is a sickening way to do that.

So what if someone has a big nose? pimples? or someone’s got a little more mass on them than you? How do you know the girl with the big nose wasn’t beaten and broke her nose? or the boy with pimples is on the streets and can only eat what he can get or the over-weight girl has some sort of illness.

What about the mentally ill, people with speech problems, or other deformities that have no control over what others see as wrong? Just because a person’s physical and mental abilities or home and social life are better doesn’t give them the right to talk about them behind their back.

My little sister, in 4th grade, was pushed down from the top of the monkey bars and broke her ribs, for the simple fact that the girl’s that pushed her thought she was fat enough to handle it.

My older sister has naturally droopy eyes. People laugh at her and called her a junkie.

My other sister is really sensitive and loves animals and a group of girls thought it would be funny if they got their boyfriends to slaughter a dog and make sure she saw it.

My brother was chased on his motorcycle and crashed because people thought he was homeless and stole the bike. To this day, he is still learning to read, write and talk because of the accident.

I’ve been jumped countless times, hit, tripped and had to speed walk to class with people calling out names and I’ve seen humiliating pictures of me put all over the internet.

Just because you are insecure with yourself, you justify their actions toward others. How could you be so selfish? to put a name on someone? who gave you the right of property over another human being to define who they are?

When you look at someone and get disgusted, it’s because you see something in them you lack and wish you had.

I honestly think it’s all about perspective. Your purple could be my blue, but hey, let’s pretend it’s pink.

Worry about yourself. Fix your sanctimonious attitude and selfish, false sense of power.

All those “losers” out there should be winners; they stand up and fight to be who they are and dare to be against conformity.

Difference is necessary for growth; it should not be hated, but looked at as a vital point of growth.

If you think for one second that stepping on other’s heads to make you taller is okay, you’re the one who should be crying yourself to sleep.