Rules & tips for surviving high school if your mom is a teacher [Humor]

Viking Voice

By Lauren Owens

1.     Be prepared to be in a club they sponsor….even if you don’t want to.

You’re one the only members for life in the club. When you are a teacher’s kid, they will keep you after school six hours after it ended. They can’t get in trouble with their own child. I’ve been helping StuCo before I was in high school and I’ll be helping after I’m out of high school.

2.     All of her coworkers will know your name and face.

You know when you meet somebody and they enthusiastically say “Hey [your name]!!” But you have no idea who they are so you try as hard as you can for them to say their name but you’re trying to not let them know that you don’t know their name. It’s like that every day when your mom is teacher.

3.     Her students will know your dreams, weird habits, favorite foods and childhood memories.

I can’t tell you how many times someone has walked up to me and retold the time I put a metal house key into an electrical outlet shocking myself or how weird it is to put honey in mac & cheese. It could be worse, she could have baby pictures.

4.     When you get in trouble.

This one is all depending on principle or teacher or person writes you up. Sometimes you will get the principal likes you and they will say

“Oh Lauren, you silly goose, please don’t make the sub think you are having a epileptic seizure. Here’s a cookie.” The majority of the time you get the principal who wants to make an example out of you. Let’s you go to the office for being out of dress code, they will try to give you a month in SOS.

5.     Student will always ask for the test answers or tell you stuff you don’t want to know.

Numerous people have come up and asked for mom’s test answers. She keeps them locked up and I can’t get to them. (And if I could, I be selling them for a pretty penny.)