Sister [Poem]

Erin Garcia

Isn’t it amazing how relationships in life happen?

How some will burn bright with a spark of forever,

Or are put out quickly like a weak fire.

How when we first meet someone we have no idea the meaning they’ll have to us,

And the home in our hearts they’ll call theirs for an infinite amount of time.

It’s scary yet beautiful how people just sort of..happen in our lives.

It’s frightening because you don’t know who will walk out of the door marked ‘Exit,’

And beautiful because of those who last passed the door marked ‘Enter.’

When I take a look at my current relationships,

There’s a very special one that immediately comes to mind.

The one with a person who was hardly ever a stranger,

But instantly became a sister.

She’s the girl who likes gummy worms and the cold flavor of an ‘Iced Coffee’ Starbucks.

The girl who loves the tunes of good ole George Strait and the laughs she gets from classic tv shows like Friends.

The girl whose passion for Texas A&M University triumphs all others.

The girl who’s love for Her Savior is rooted deeper than an old oak.

The girl whose country accent is more contagious to those around her than a cold.

The girl who loves her Godson as if he was her own.

The girl who often times cares more than she can let herself receive in return.

The girl who will work harder when results don’t show it.

The girl who can pull a positive out of a bowl full of negatives.

The girl who will answer my confused texts and calls at 2 in the morning.

The girl who will be the first to show up when I cry out for help.

The girl who will hug me so tight that my shattered pieces fit back together.

The girl who can hangout right next to me and just exist without having to say a word.

The girl I know will understand my thoughts and feelings.

The girl who is just like the person I am.

So there’s some of who she is.

The person whose relationship I so gratefully cherish.

Because she’s much more than a stranger or a friend,

She’s the girl who has, is, and will be my sister to infinity and beyond.