‘Make America Great Again’: Trump looks to keep country safe, prosperous

It’s not a big secret that I am a huge Donald Trump supporter. I’ve been to a rally, I have the hat and shirt, and my truck proudly sports his bumper sticker. While I am not afraid to voice my support about this presidential candidate, a lot of people are. People are fearful that they will be labeled, “racist”, “homophobic”, “bigoted”, and “Islamophobic”. The backlash that comes from voicing one’s support for Mr. Trump is criticized severely in certain parts of the country, and many people have a good reason to be scared of sharing their opinion. Death threats, property damage, violence, and the banning of social media accounts are just a few things that have been experienced this past year by people who support Mr. Trump. On a personal level, last year my brother came home with two Trump bumper stickers and we were both hesitant about placing them on our cars out of fear that our cars would be keyed. If all people do is watch the biased liberal news, there are reasons not to like Mr. Trump, but if one does research on him, they will find that there are many reasons why he would be a great president.

Trump differs vastly from previous candidates making him appeal to many American voters. For starters, he is not bought by Political Action Committees (PACs) or large companies who look to benefit themselves. He is funding his own campaign and refuses to be bought by the political class. Which is the reason why the media does not cover the full story, ninety percent  of media outlets are owned by six major corporations, meaning 232 media executives control the information heard by 277 million Americans. Media controls perception and they have damaged many of the good things Mr. Trump will do, like his tax plan.

His plan will help small businesses thrive and end corporate tax loopholes, which will make hedge fund managers pay the taxes they should be paying now, instead of getting tax exemptions that have been put in place by other politicians. In layman’s terms, the rich donors who are getting large tax exemptions because they buy off other candidates and dictate news organizations will have to actually start paying what they owe. Why would the media want to support the candidate who will take away their exemptions, and why would they want to shine him in a positive light on media? They wouldn’t.

Mr. Trump also has a fantastic track record in the business world. Having a president who has actually accomplished something, unlike a first term senator or a career politician who has never passed anything significant, that would be great for the country. Mr. Trump is a very successful businessman who is known worldwide for his business. People are always seeing clips from his rallies which portray him as a hothead, but if he were a hothead all of the time he would lose his businesses in the blink of an eye. In fact, Wealth Dynamics ranked Mr. Trump as one of the best deal makers in the United States. I strongly recommend reading his book, The Art of The Deal. It gives readers the insight of a businessman, and knowing this makes it easier to understand his campaign. He asks for the absurd things in order to negotiate towards what he really wants.

Another hot topic in this election is Mr. Trump’s stance on illegal immigration. When Mr. Trump first announced his campaign last June, he made a statement regarding illegal immigrants coming through the southern border. However, the media edited the phrase “illegal immigrants” to be just “immigrants”, there is a big difference between the two. Whether you support Mr. Trump or not, I implore you to listen to his uncut announcement speech. Illegal immigration is a monumental problem in the United States that needs to be addressed. It is a national security threat, and we have no idea who is coming over nor their intentions in doing so, (especially with the threat of radical Islamic terrorism). Mr. Trump wants to build a wall in order to replace the unstable fence along the Mexican border. In his immigration policy, he outlines three important topics: “A nation without a border is not a nation. A nation without laws is not a nation. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation.” I strongly recommend reading his plan and understanding what he is actually saying and not what the news reports.

Many people like him because he is not politically correct, says what is on his mind, and does not care what others say about him. While people do not like him because of his personality, but they need to understand that personality does not affect competence and job performance. Many people think that Mr. Trump isn’t a “nice person”. I disagree. He is a nice guy with a firm hand that can be construed as being unkind. He is the wealthiest candidates running, but he is in the race to support the little guy. Donald Trump is the only candidate I trust, the only one who will get the job done, and most importantly, the only one who will “Make America Great Again”.