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Golf team takes 6th at state

Andy Ramirez May 22, 2015

The Viking boys golf team placed sixth at the state tournment after weather hampered the second day of play. After the first round of play the boys found themselves in second place with a 305, but the...

Reality check: Introspection leads to mental, emotional freedom

Andy Ramirez April 28, 2015

Everyone struggles with something, especially in high school. Maybe your grades aren’t exactly what you want or you’re struggling with problems at home or with your friends. Life can be a bit overwhelming,...

What service truly means: Soldiers, families face hardships of military life

Andy Ramirez April 17, 2015

“Fox News special report, chaos in the middle east as American troops...” Click. “9,000 American military advisers remain in Afghanistan...” Click “So Senator, how do you feel about US involvement...

A+ senior year: Student wins hearts of peers through positive outlook, dedication

Andy Ramirez March 4, 2015

Friday night: bright lights, the crack of helmets as the Vikings score another touchdown, the crowds cheers pulsate like the beating heart of our school, the clock ticks down to the end of the first half,...

Full court press: Athlete creates kits to combat cancer

Andy Ramirez February 16, 2015

As a shooting guard for the lady Viking basketball team, senior Jordan Lopez-Rhodes knows how to reach a goal. However, Jordan’s story doesn’t start or end on the court. Since last year, Jordan and...

Hollywood, satire, threats: Controversy over The Interview leads to record online sales

Andy Ramirez January 21, 2015

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the world, many creatures were stirring as corporate tech giant Sony was preparing to release its controversial film The Interview. For months prior to...

National unity dwindles, complaints become norm

Andy Ramirez December 4, 2014

On September 12th, 1814, the British Navy initiated a siege of Fort McHenry against a smaller and less equipped American force. The siege lasted for three days, but the American force managed to hold the...

Vikings forge hammer, create symbol of pride

Andy Ramirez November 12, 2014

Thor’s hammer is a mythological weapon, said to have been wielded by the Norse god of thunder, allowing him the ability to fly and summon lightning against his foes. Thor was seen as a protector of humanity,...

America called to arms: terrorist group pushes international community

Andy Ramirez October 21, 2014

Fighting again wages in the Middle East as members from a multinational coalition led by the United States battle against extremist militant fighters of the Islamic State terrorist group, often referred...

Dream Big: Service organization works with local charity in memory of student

Andy Ramirez October 8, 2014

Eleven years isn’t a long time when looking at the world, but some of the most beautiful things in the world are also some of the most fleeting. Shooting stars last but a moment, rainbows fade quickly,...

Fight against hunger: Food bank, school programs provide food for families

Andy Ramirez September 26, 2014

He woke up on a cold December morning, not unlike any other. He shuffle out of bed, went through his normal routine, and got ready for work. He drove his car through early morning traffic as he did every...

From ‘lol’ to ‘omg’: Cell phones inhibit communication, social skills

Andy Ramirez May 21, 2013

Society today is globally interconnected, where ideas and technology can be shared across the globe almost instantly with the push of a button. At the heart of this constant technological exchange is a...

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