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Friendship strengthens bonds on court

Dania Robinson January 29, 2013

A big part of friendship is having a connection. When you share something you love with that person, it makes the friendship much more special. For juniors Kia White and Penny Watson, basketball is a common...

Off-campus lunch makes students more responsible

Dania Robinson January 7, 2013

Ever since elementary school we’ve been accustomed to waiting in a line for our lunches. As we get older, get our driver’s license, and get a sense of freedom and responsibility, a lot of students...

Labyrinth puzzles viewers, music carries plot

Dania Robinson October 24, 2012

Some musicals have pretty cheesy story lines but a strong soundtrack can make the movie bearable. The Labyrinth is an 80s movie that fits that description. It’s a great example of how the music can overshadow...

Cultural exposure influences perspective

Dania Robinson October 15, 2012

Living in Mexico for four months provided me with the opportunity to realize how different Mexico is from the United States on a personal level. Although Mexico and the United States are geographic neighbors,...

Answering the call: students pledge to serve, protect

Dania Robinson May 4, 2012

In America, firefighters are responding to a calls every 23 seconds. Three-quarters of them are volunteers, risking their lives, to keep the rest of us safe. For seniors Corey Schultz and Tyler Smith,...

Band sings directly to the hearts of teens

Dania Robinson April 12, 2012

One Direction is a British-Irish boy band from London, England that is made up of five guys: Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. The group was created on the set of...

Don’t Be Afraid, it wasn’t that scary

Dania Robinson October 18, 2011

Being a fan of horror movies, I was very excited to see the movie Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. I had seen many previews for the movie, and I patiently waited for the premiere, yet after seeing it, I...

Red Ribbon Week to raise awareness of substance abuse

Dania Robinson October 17, 2011

Dress Up Days Monday - Neon Day Tuesday - Nerd Day Wednesday - Bling/Cold Weather Day Thursday - Grown Up Day (Dress as what you want to be when you grow up) Friday - Red Day - Wear ALL red Red...

Students should stick to spirit

Dania Robinson September 29, 2011

If you look around the school you might notice the banners hanging in the Silver Cafeteria and the sticker decals scattered around campus windows. These items serve as symbols of our school pride and...

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