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Advice from the departing: Looking back on my high school years

Erin Garcia May 6, 2015

It’s now that time of year again. A time when the clock winds down to the last days of another seemingly never ending school year. A time where we start planning our trips for the summer and dream about...

Finding true meaning of friendship through everlasting relationship

Erin Garcia April 11, 2014

‘Friend.’ A common concept that people recognize all around the world. A word that can be sincere, or just routinely spoken, a word that can hold meaning, or be completely hollow inside, a word that...

Leave it all out on wrestling mat: Junior looks forward to competing one last year

Erin Garcia April 11, 2014

Sports generally involve a team effort, and while wrestling is more focused on the individual, junior Jackson Ross still appreciates the bond between him and his fellow wrestling teammates. “I enjoy...

Graduate: it won’t be the same without ‘u’

Erin Garcia February 5, 2014

Most of us have been judged by someone, whether it was based on what we wore, what style of hair we rocked, who we dated, the people we hung out with, etc. The list is never ending. Well, one thing some...

Second Hunger Games movie catches fire at boxoffice

Erin Garcia December 11, 2013

Few movies out there truly capture my attention the entire time. It’s extremely difficult for me to get pulled into a film, but there is one very special exception. Recently, I watched The Hunger Games:...

Teacher uses real world experience to create healthy learning environment

Erin Garcia November 18, 2013

Hammond-Oliver, a high school for studies on human sciences located on blue campus, holds many opportunities for students, and CNA (certified nurse assistant) and intern teacher Erin Wright believes the...

Summer baseball National Champions grow bonds of friendship

Erin Garcia October 14, 2013

“I’ve always been pushed. It’s better to be that way because it has taught me to be my best, not only just in baseball but simply in life.” These are the words of senior baseball player, Jeremy...

Pack your bags, it’s YoungLife Camp

Erin Garcia October 7, 2013

"It’s going to be the best week of your life!" I was told numerous times before the day finally came for me to pack my bags and head to Crooked Creek Ranch- a YoungLife Camp in Fraser, Colorado this...

Batter up: Student find focus on field through endurance, dedication

Erin Garcia May 17, 2013

The brown dirt, the freshly cut green grass, the stands filled with eager supporters, the smell of nachos and hotdogs in the air... the game of softball. Junior Rebecca Peirce has a love for this sport...

The Call

Erin Garcia April 23, 2013

What if you heard the sound of an intruder? What if you heard the cries of a victim? What if your mistake cost someone their life? These daunting questions were asked in the movie trailer for the recently...

Athlete uses sport as method of escape, stress relief

Erin Garcia March 21, 2013

“Runners set, runners to your mark.” These are six intense words that hype athletes as they are stepping onto the track. For sophomore track athlete, Kaitlyn Brock these words can be the beginning...

“Valete!” [Goodbye] To Latin: Course to be removed from Bryan High

Erin Garcia March 19, 2013

Fame, coast, school, picture, miracle. What is the common factor for all of these very different words? They’re all derived from Latin - a vital language that is the basis of many other languages. The...

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