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Mariachi group plays their way into the hearts of students, community members

Jennyfer Tucker May 5, 2017

From a bolero romantic serenade with a soft touch, to huapango which uses a lot of falsetto, to son jalisiense which involves an aggressive style of vocalization, mariachi music fits many different settings...

Senior strays from norm, enjoys unique interests, hobbies

Jennyfer Tucker April 10, 2017

Millennials are labeled as a generation of self-absorbed, technology addicted citizens, but stereotypes don’t always apply. Senior Sam Opersteny isn’t interested in the latest app or song on Billboard’s...

Been there, done that: Six tips to survive high school

Jennyfer Tucker March 6, 2017

High school is where students discover who they are. It’s where they decide what direction they want to go and who they want to be, stumbling through different obstacles to get there. From being scared...

Attitude, work ethic help sophomore score leadership position

Jennyfer Tucker February 21, 2017

Sweat drips down his face. Adrenaline pumps through his body as he sprints up and down the field. A game plan runs quickly through his mind as he decides his next move before an opponent attempts to steal...

Common courtesy key in customer service from consumers, workers

Jennyfer Tucker January 20, 2017

Keeping a smile on your face, maintaining a positive attitude at all times, and meeting the needs of many different people, are all duties someone must juggle while having a job in customer service. Since...

Seniors no longer ready to leave high school as graduation looms, end of semester approaches

Jennyfer Tucker December 7, 2016

The first day of school this year, all of the seniors posted their “last first day of high school” on every social media. Since freshman year, the thought that echoed through their heads each morning...

South Korean foreign exchange student experiences cultural differences

Jennyfer Tucker November 4, 2016

Packing, saying good-bye to their family, being the new kid at school, living in a whole different country for an entire school year, staying with a host family, and not knowing what to expect are things...

College Board recognizes students as Commended National Merit Scholars

Jennyfer Tucker October 19, 2016

Juniors stumble out of bed early in the morning making sure they’re prepared for the hours of bubbling a scantron ahead of them. In their heads, they constantly chant “don’t forget your calculator,”...

Health officials encourage caution as Zika virus moves into Brazos County

Jennyfer Tucker September 23, 2016

Images of babies born with underdeveloped heads have stricken people across the world with fear at the idea of how much damage a tiny mosquito bite can do. The media contributes to panic any time a potential...

Overcoming odds: Paralympians inspire in Rio

Jennyfer Tucker September 14, 2016

Swimmers make a turn on the wall as the people in the stands erupt. They push to edge out the competition as each stroke is more and more taxing. These athletes are the best of the best and as the race...

Faculty members honored by superintendent

Jennyfer Tucker May 13, 2016

The 212 degree award is an award that recognizes employees who go above and beyond their duties. Water is hot at 211 degrees, but at 212 degrees water turns to steam which is powerful enough to move a...

Generation of apathy finds difficulty in becoming adults

Jennyfer Tucker May 3, 2016

Throughout students years in grade school, they are usually asked what their goals and plans are after they graduate. Teacher usually ask the questions at the beginning of the year so the teacher can know...

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