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Food from heaven; finding best burger in town

Justin Sanders March 26, 2014

Burgers: about the most American a food can get. Something so easy to make and yet when prepared correctly can become the best thing you have ever eaten. I was on a mission to find the best burger in the...

Culture infantilized by lack of expectations

Justin Sanders January 30, 2014

The grocery store: something people used to get dressed up for, or at least look presentable for is now littered with people that look like they just rolled out of bed. The truth is the world that we now...

Drake takes over: Somewhere between psychotic and iconic

Justin Sanders November 21, 2013

After storming the charts with his flawless Take Care album, Drake sat back and made millions, but his success did not stop there. He continued the late nights in the studio, laying down sick beats and...

Pfeffer serves up success on court, in class

Justin Sanders September 26, 2013

Volleyball is a very active sport and consumes most your day. For Senior Jessica Pfeffer she has found a way to excel both on the court and in the classroom. Since she was in the 7th grade, Pfeffer could...

Harsh reality makes for powerful motion picture

Justin Sanders May 16, 2013

42: the only retired number across the league in baseball belongs to a man who changed the entire game and sports in general. A man who had a love for the game, and became the first African-American in...

Bigger isn’t always better: Phones performance, capability not linked to screen size

Justin Sanders April 12, 2013

Cell phone screens have become excessively large with no additional benefits. A bulging pocket, the struggle of holding and using it, and being caught attempting to secretly text in class, it seems like...

Million Dollar Movie Date

Justin Sanders February 1, 2013

Planning on a cheap date to the movies? Think again. After buying the tickets comes the one thing that makes a good date; the snacks. A large popcorn would be great to share, but unless you plan on taking...

Memories captured through a lens

Justin Sanders January 30, 2013

In the late 1800’s a peculiar type of art was rising and slowly becoming popular among the masses. With the invention of Brownie cameras by Kodak in the early 1900’s, photography became popular and...

College changes College Station

Justin Sanders October 3, 2012

Summer is going well; everything is great. Roads aren’t crowded, restaurants are empty, stores are calm, and then the end of August comes and everything changes. The college students return to school...

School involvement increases student success

Justin Sanders October 2, 2012

Being involved in a school organization is vital to the development of a student’s communication and teamwork skills. In addition to building character, being in clubs gives students the opportunity...

Spring Break trip provides cultural opportunity

Justin Sanders April 9, 2012

For most high school students, spring break is a time to relax and hang out with friends. This year though, several students had the opportunity to visit foreign countries and learn about the culture and...

Soccer player leads through example

Justin Sanders March 28, 2012

High school is the time when most students explore what they want to do in their life and what they are good at. For senior Joey Wilder soccer plays a key role in who he is and what he is passionate about....

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