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Reel fun: Fishing team catches on, provides new opportunities for students

Lucy Raleigh May 7, 2018

The sun rises over the horizon as the light reflects off the glassy surface of the water. The boat rocks back and forth as the guys watch their corks bob up and down slowly in the water, waiting for that...

Guilty pleasure provides escape from high school drama

Lucy Raleigh April 9, 2018

Middle school is not typically a time anyone wants to remember or look fondly on while living their lives as someone who made it past the wild age of thirteen. When it comes to my own middle school experience…...

Nine-nine problems but comedy ain’t one

Lucy Raleigh February 24, 2018

Investigations, perpetrators, sirens, and drama: all essential components to the American cop show. On today’s television networks, shows like N.C.I.S. and C.S.I. dominate the police and crime genre,...

Tears and laughter: Paramore releases new album after four year hiatus

Lucy Raleigh November 7, 2017

In recent years, a particular technique has bounced its way back into the music scene: 80’s beats and sounds. As a fan of most 80’s music (especially bops like Toto’s “Africa” and Paul Simon’s...

Forty minutes to win it: Junior wins at 4-H national food competition

Lucy Raleigh November 1, 2017

One basket, a few ingredients, 40 minutes on the clock. With all of these things, a team of three to five members must create a dish, a cost analysis, a list of its nutritional value, and present the final...

#tellthestory: Superintendent fosters listening, learning, loving

Lucy Raleigh September 25, 2017

Dr. Christie Whitbeck walks down the hallway at Bryan High School, just one of more than twenty schools under her supervision. She excels at troubleshooting and has an air of confidence about her - it...

Effort required to improve mind, body, soul

Lucy Raleigh September 11, 2017

Community service: a necessary evil for embellishing college applications and resumes, or even for impressing your peers and parents. Of course, community service isn’t all bad. In the International...

13 reasons why not: Series misrepresents important issues

Lucy Raleigh May 4, 2017

WARNING: If you plan on watching 13 Reasons Why and you’re behind the curve, don’t continue reading this article; Spoilers lie ahead! As high school and teen shows go, it can be understood that a...

The beat goes on: Indoor percussion drums up support through artistry, skill

Lucy Raleigh April 20, 2017

Keeping in-step with complicated choreography, telling the story of the performance through facial expressions, and keeping the beat with big drums, simultaneously can be a challenge. Members of Viking...

When keeping secrets creates monsters

Lucy Raleigh March 20, 2017

When I started middle school, everything was new and crazy. I wasn’t too worried about school, after all, I had just left the fifth grade and none of my classes were difficult. It wasn’t until...

La la lost on audiences: Musical message falls flat, misses mark

Lucy Raleigh March 10, 2017

Though 2017 is still in its early stages of life, the year has proven promising for the box office. With the successes of movies like Hidden Figures, Get Out, and Moonlight, the 2017 movie-scene has been...

Into the theatre: Fine arts department unites to create musical production

Lucy Raleigh March 1, 2017

The curtain rises as all the hours of work, tears, and nerves culminate in this single moment. The Narrator begins the story: "Once upon a time in a far off kingdom", and the stage comes to life transporting...

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