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Two steps back, no leaps forward

Marisa Lindeman May 9, 2012

In season one of Lifetime’s hit reality series, Dance Moms, I was invited to get a front row seat in my living room to watch the most talented dance students compete all across the nation. With prestigious...

ParentalStalkingBook violates privacy

Marisa Lindeman April 17, 2012

As teenagers still living under our parents’ roof, finding a place to extend your social life online has become more and more difficult. One place where many of us decide to express our social lives...

DJ Diversity: Singing to the wrong beat

Marisa Lindeman March 1, 2012

Dubstep; One of yet another teenage trend that goes from being the hottest thing on the block to “those songs with weird beats”. Don’t get me wrong, dubstep is one of the greatest contemporary music...

46 years and counting; a legacy of excellence

Marisa Lindeman February 15, 2012

As generations of students move through the halls of Bryan High, one teacher has been there through it all; Coach Rose Gregg. For 46 years, Gregg has continued to push students for excellence. Fellow...

Final Exams: Review to pursue your dreams

Marisa Lindeman December 9, 2011

As the winter season progresses and the long awaited Christmas holiday becomes closer and closer, our minds are bombarded with final exams even more than before. Though it may seem like “some test”...

DJ Diversity: Old radio with a contemporary twist

Marisa Lindeman December 6, 2011

As teenagers, our mind is a constant whirlwind of what to do and how to entertain ourselves. One thing that always seems to be the solution to this frequent problem is music. If you have not already noticed,...

Fun pastime turned competitive

Marisa Lindeman November 9, 2011

Most people who find themselves splashing in the water do it to pass the time in the hot Texas summer, but some take this pastime to a competitive level. Senior Haley Clark is an example of this. Not only...

Dancing their daughters to corruption

Marisa Lindeman October 29, 2011

“Relevé! Plié! Jeté!” If these commands sound the least bit familiar, consider tuning into Lifetime’s new hit TV series, Dance Moms. On the show, hysterical mother’s live their lives to watch...

DJ Diversity: Taking the throne

Marisa Lindeman October 27, 2011

As the clock struck midnight on August 8th, I found myself rushing to iTunes to purchase the most glorious album since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. I am speaking of Watch the Throne, of course. Two...

Homecoming festivities a week-long celebration

Marisa Lindeman September 19, 2011

Today kicks off the homecoming festivities; a week full of crazy style, Viking spirit and, of course, dressing to impress for the long awaited homecoming dance. Students spend the week looking forward...

Twitter dominates social media

Marisa Lindeman September 13, 2011

 Can you remember rushing home everyday after a long day in middle school to check if someone commented on your newest picture on your MySpace page? Or, Christmas morning your freshmen year, when getting...

Student cuts up with LOL donation

Marisa Lindeman April 27, 2011

Today, most people who go to the salon to get a haircut are there for reasons of vanity, but for some people it’s all about giving back. A national program named Locks of Love (LOL), allows people of...

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