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Love all: Sisters bring family bond to tennis courts

Sophia Stone April 13, 2017

Teams are like families. They count on each other, hang out together, and and come together as a team. They may not always get along, but in the end, they always have each other’s backs. The Paholek...

Through the wardrobe: Fantastical series provides adventure, moral message, universal truths

Sophia Stone March 21, 2017

From the glistening eastern sea, to the great western woods, to the radiant southern sun, to the clear northern sky, lies the magnificent land of Narnia. Filled with talking beasts, fawns, satyrs, and...

Student Struggles

Sophia Stone February 15, 2017

Too many times, students aren’t taught about uncomfortable topics until after they have already been exposed to the situation and find themselves struggling to figure things out on their own. In these...

Time travel with twist: NBC’s Timeless captivates viewers through history, drama

Sophia Stone January 26, 2017

What if the Hindenburg never blew up? What if William Travis’ famous Victory Or Death letter never got out of the Alamo? What if Neil Armstrong never walked on the moon? NBC’s new hit drama, Timeless,...

From house to home: Fixer Upper features family friendly fun

Sophia Stone December 12, 2016

“Are you ready to see your Fixer Upper?” star of the HGTV series, Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines says before revealing to her clients something that will change their lives forever- their dream home. Joanna...

New student fills top leadership position in student council

Sophia Stone November 16, 2016

When most people move schools, they are nervous about what type of first impression they are going to make on their teachers and fellow classmates. This was a similar experience for senior Ashton Edwards...

High school meets standard, questions reliability of standardized testing

Sophia Stone October 7, 2016

For the past three years, Bryan High School has received five out of the seven STAAR distinctions including: reading and ELA, math, science, and social studies indicators, as well as post secondary readiness....

A nation divided: Race for the White House leaves country looking for more options

Sophia Stone September 26, 2016

The President of the United States has many important jobs such as the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, demonstrating hospitality to foreign ambassadors, and appointing the Supreme Court Justices....

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