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District Champs [Poetry]

Viking Voice November 20, 2014

The game begins We're full of school spirit We yell and cheer Till the whole world can hear it We continue to play We're falling behind We wish we could put the clock on rewind It's halftime and we're...

Rules & tips for surviving high school if your mom is a teacher [Humor]

Viking Voice May 12, 2011

By Lauren Owens 1.     Be prepared to be in a club they sponsor....even if you don't want to. You're one the only members for life in the club. When you are a teacher’s kid, they will keep you...

Social Dissertation [Essay]

Viking Voice May 12, 2011

BY: MOA MANNING-PAUC, JUNIOR   Do you try on shoes? Well I hope you know what you’re doing. Have you ever put yourself in others’ shoes? If you look at other people and think negative thoughts toward...

The Teaching Dead: Part II [Fiction]

Viking Voice May 11, 2011

Day 73 Sorry it’s been a while since my last journal entry. A lot of crazy stuff has been going on here at Bryan High since Phranklin and I found out that the freaky teacher, Ms. Eichelberger, is a...

DDR [Cartoon]

Viking Voice May 10, 2011

Belieber Press [Editorial Cartoon]

Viking Voice February 25, 2011

Sophomore Campbell Herman depicts the state of the modern press in his latest editorial cartoon, Belieber Press

The Teaching Dead: Pt I [Fiction]

Viking Voice February 25, 2011

This fiction piece was written for the Viking Voice in The Norseman. STORY BY: EMILY NASH & RICKY LARA, STAFF WRITERS PART 1: Prologue: “We lose so much in this life. Shouldn’t some things stay,...

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