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First and goal: NFL superior to college football with talent, entertainment

I don’t understand why college football has so many more fans than the NFL. Even though college football has a huge fan base, I like the NFL more.

One of the best things about the NFL is that players are not limited to four years, whereas in college players have only four years, sometimes even less, and then must either pursue a career in the NFL or something entirely different.

In the NFL, players do not have a limit of years they can play, so rosters generally don’t change that much. To some people, that is a bad thing, but to me, it is a good thing because favorite players don’t just leave my favorite team and I can become more invested in the players as well as the team.

Another disadvantage of college football is that in college, there are more than 100 teams, while in the NFL there are just 32 teams. With so many college teams it is virtually impossible to keep up with all of the them.

The NFL is filled with the best players that were the top athletes for their college teams. In college there is not only less talent, there is less fairness because teams like Alabama get all of the top recruits. Most players either go to a winning team with a high popularity or their home state.

While in the NFL, each team has a salary cap and the ability to pay players money and draft them based on how bad their record was the previous year. In college, this leads to huge disadvantages. Yes, there are some NFL franchises, such as the New England Patriots, who it seems are always good, but in general, the top teams in the NFL change each year. In college, they seem to never change.

My favorite team is the Atlanta Falcons, which has been my favorite team since I was a little kid, when I received Matt Ryan’s football card. Being a Falcons fan, I can’t stand the Patriots (they beat the Falcons in 2016 Super Bowl), the Seattle Seahawks (the Falcons always beat them but I still hate them, or the San Francisco 49ers (beat the Falcons in 2012 National Championship), but it’s actually fun to have rivalries and hate teams.

When I first started watching the Falcons, it was in 2012, so I would have been like 10. I got a pack of football cards (this is back when I liked baseball better than football) and I got 2 Matt Ryan (the Falcons’ quarterback) cards. That was how I got into football, and how I got into the Falcons.

Now, 6 years later, I still like the Falcons. I don’t have any logical reasons, but that’s one of the great things about the NFL: you don’t always have to have a reason.
Nationally, it seems that people prefer college football over NFL, especially in a college town such as Bryan, but I still prefer NFL.

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