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Diva driven drama leads dancers into darkness

Elijah Cruz, Staff writer September 29, 2023

Drama, rivals, yelling, screaming, grudges, and DANCE. Reality TV show, Dance Moms followed the life of Abby Lee Miller and her Competitive dance travel team around the country compete and learn new dances...

Sour Grapes Upon the Vine ages like cheese rather than wine

Norah Robinson, Staff writer September 28, 2023

Although TV Girl is my favorite band of all time, their latest album Grapes Upon the Vine unfortunately fell short of my expectations.  The indie pop band TV Girl began recording music in 2011 and...

Astros reunite With Justin Verlander before trade deadline

William Zwerneman, Staff writer September 27, 2023

Last season, one of the best pitchers in Astros history, Justin Verlander, left Houston for New York City in free agency after a Cy Young season, posting a 1.75 ERA and 18 Wins when the Astros could not...

Judgmental behavior juvenile without justification

SaNyla Bullock, Staff writer September 26, 2023

Prejudging. It's something we all frequently do without even noticing. From the moment I look at someone, I try to decipher what type of person they are. Not just by observing the way they look, but...

Desperation for bingeworthy show leads to Wisteria Lane

Christian Alvarado, Staff writer September 25, 2023

For as long as I can remember, women-led television shows are something I’ve always been drawn to, and Desperate Housewives is no exception. The lives of four housewives in suburban Wisteria Lane might...

Polar opposites

Samantha Lamb, Staff writer September 22, 2023

If Charles Dickens had written Pride and Prejudice, the result would have been North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. Part love story, part social novel, this story is both deep and highly enjoyable.  I...

Celebrity killers create culture of apathy

Ace Roueche, Associate editor September 21, 2023

When you’re watching your favorite television show or reading your favorite book, it can be fun to choose characters to latch onto and drool over. This is a staple of teenage and young adulthood, and...

Happily ever after

Samantha Lamb, Staff writer April 12, 2023

One day when I was at the public library with my little sister, I saw a display of fairy and folk tale collections. I stopped to look through the books to see if there were any I hadn’t heard of or any...

Living in the moment

Katherine Keyser, Staff writer April 11, 2023

I feel like much of the time, kids and teenagers are so anxious to grow up and do all of the things adults do as soon as possible. Yet so many teenagers and adults look back on the time when they were...

Oh, the places you’ll go

Addi Hollinger, Staff writer April 6, 2023

Five states. From sunshine to chilled air. From living by the ocean to living in the literal heart of winter. A constant pulling from one place to another, one new face to another. This was how I spent...

Procrastination leads to poor performance, choices

SaNyla Bullock, Staff writer April 4, 2023

  I don’t think there’s anything else in the world that I hate more than procrastination. Don’t get me wrong, I tend to be a procrastinator myself at times, but some people take it to the extreme. I...

Personal responsibility

Sloan McKeehan, Staff writer March 31, 2023

I asked my mom what she thought of when hearing the words “personal responsibility.” She responded with a list that looked like this: “grades, making sure your room is clean, and honesty.” I then...

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