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Mental illness epidemic in younger generations

Elijah Cruz, Staff writer May 17, 2024

Illness and disease have been common throughout human history. In medieval times, there was the black death; in the early modern era, there was the flu; and just four years ago, we very recently had the...

Friendship bridges distance through support, solidifies bond

Addi Hollinger, Assistant editor May 15, 2024

When people make big changes in their lives, it can affect their relationships. Whether moving away from home or getting a new job that takes up more time, friendships with added distance can suffer. I...

Rootin’ tootin’ time

Reily Dominy, Editor May 15, 2024

Riding through the Wild West on horseback, surrounded by breathtaking scenery and all of your cowboy gang friends while a euphonious soundtrack plays in the background, sounds like the perfect way to spend...

BBL Drizzy making headlines once again

Carmella Jones, Staff writer May 14, 2024

Drake vs. Everybody 20v1. If you have been online recently, I’m sure you have seen all of the backlash and sneak dissing going on with big-name rappers like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Future, Rick Ross,...

Swiftie trashes torturous album

Ace Roueche, Associate editor May 8, 2024

As a passionate Swiftie, I was thrilled when pop legend Taylor Swift announced her most recent album, The Tortured Poets Department, on stage at the Grammys. After the success of Midnights and the steady...

Mirror, mirror not on the wall

Norah Robinson, Staff writer May 1, 2024

Today, I had a terrible hair day.  I got little schoolwork done due to the nagging fear that all eyes were on the humidity-induced monstrosity on top of my head.  I decided to go to the little...

The cold never bothered me anyway

Katherine Keyser, Assistant editor April 25, 2024

I am not a typical Texan. While most people I talk to - adults and kids - would pick the heat over the cold any day, I am quite the opposite. The cold is superior to the heat in almost every way, and I...


Christian Alvarado, Staff writer April 24, 2024

Teenagers inevitably face scrutiny over how old they look. It might be as small as being told you look young for your age or that they can’t believe you look so mature.  When I was younger, it seemed...

Rapid fire trends shoot holes in wallets

Sabrina Bush, Staff writer April 23, 2024

In today’s society we, as customers, are falling prey to an epidemic of consumerism. The United States’ economy is profit-driven by large corporations, and while this isn’t a problem in itself, the...

Sometimes it is too late

Mirza Gonzalez, Staff writer April 22, 2024

The phrase “it’s never too late” has always pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. The words themselves make it a possible, convincing impulse to believe anything that a person would like.  Whether...

Reality bores as irrational fears, childhood fades

Lillian Smith, Assistant editor April 19, 2024

Things I thought as a kid would be a bigger issue in my life: quicksand, the Bermuda Triangle, and bank robberies. Unfortunately, I have yet to experience any of these and instead have had to face the...

Man’s best friend

Addison Perry, Staff writer April 17, 2024

Dogs are often considered man's best friend, and for good reason. They offer unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship. However, have you ever wondered how dogs find their loving forever homes with...

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