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Turning page, starting new chapter

Julia Jones, Staff writer December 8, 2022

Ever since I was a little kid, I loved visiting the library. Back then, I loved playing games on the computers, pretending to be a chef at the toy kitchens, and checking out my favorite cartoons. When...

Home sweet home

Callie Bollinger, Assistant editor December 5, 2022

A brand new diploma, graduation caps thrown in the air, one last moment with classmates you have known for ages. Then, all of a sudden, a terrifying cloud that has been hovering over your head since the...

Around the Brazos Valley

Lillian Smith, Staff writer November 28, 2022

As a fellow high school student, I understand the struggle we all have to find fun things to do with friends. I am sure everyone is tired of Grand Station, Premier Cinema, and the joke of a mall we have,...

Under pressure

Sophia Bradley, Editor November 14, 2022

The school year just started, but it already feels like it’s going by so fast. Senior year is supposed to be the year when we have fun, make happy memories, and live life to the fullest, but so far it...

From book to big screen

Callie Bollinger, Assistant editor October 28, 2022

SPOILERS AHEAD!! The film Where The Crawdads Sing is based on the book of the same name by Delia Owens, which made its debut in theaters this past July. After only a couple of months in theaters, it became...

Balancing act

Sophia Bradley, Editor October 27, 2022

School is already time-consuming on its own, but adding a job to the equation makes many students’ lives busier and more complicated than necessary.  Many students work after school, often leaving...


Lillian Smith, Staff Writer October 14, 2022
The scariest thing this Halloween is the lack of Trick-or-Treaters and the barren, plain yards of Americans. People everywhere are changing their Halloween traditions but not for the better. Instead of a night of scary costumes, long neighborhood walks, and candy, people are just buying the things that make the spooky holiday so special and keeping them for themselves.
Say yup to Nope

Say yup to Nope

Ace Roueche, Assistant editor October 13, 2022

People often criticize horror film characters for making stupid decisions, insisting that if they were in a similar situation they would simply say, “nope” and get out of there. Jordan Peele combats...

To my own beat

Reily Dominy, Assistant editor October 11, 2022

Over the past few months, I have traveled across Texas to see several concerts. It is a rather expensive hobby, but it’s been totally worth every penny. I wish I could go back in time and re-experience...

Life-style changes

Addi Hollinger, Staff Writer September 14, 2022
“OMG, you don’t eat meat?, “What do you even eat?” These are just two of the reactions I usually get when I tell someone I am vegetarian.

Power of thought

SaNyla Bullock, Staff writer September 13, 2022
From Wilma Rudolph to Sha’carri Richardson, all of the best track Olympians will tell you that a strong mindset and hard work will overpower strong legs. Most people think track is just running, but it has always been and always will be more than that.

Interest, swipe left

Jasmine Samis, Assistant editor September 12, 2022
Everyone seems to be interested in something. I, however, fall into the category of no interests. 
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