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Life-style changes

Addi Hollinger, Staff Writer September 14, 2022
“OMG, you don’t eat meat?, “What do you even eat?” These are just two of the reactions I usually get when I tell someone I am vegetarian.

Power of thought

SaNyla Bullock, Staff writer September 13, 2022
From Wilma Rudolph to Sha’carri Richardson, all of the best track Olympians will tell you that a strong mindset and hard work will overpower strong legs. Most people think track is just running, but it has always been and always will be more than that.

Interest, swipe left

Jasmine Samis, Assistant editor September 12, 2022
Everyone seems to be interested in something. I, however, fall into the category of no interests. 

The hole world’s gone mad

Katherine Keyser, Staff writer September 8, 2022
Recently, I was shopping for new clothes when I came across an odd sign. It said that if you gave the store a pair of old jeans, you could get a new pair for free. Ironically, it was right next to racks of jeans with holes in them. For all I know, they might just take those old jeans, cut a few more holes, and put them back out on the rack. Yet for some strange reason that eludes me, people still buy them.

Students should shoulder school spirit 

BHS Norseman Staff May 23, 2022

Students complain about how boring high school is and lament the fact that it isn’t what they see on movies and TV shows. While reality is frequently a far cry from what is found on both the...

Evolution of video games more than child’s play

Ron Toback-Wolf May 18, 2022

Not enough people play video games. At least not at the current rate and quality at which they’re produced. In America, there’s so many people who care about the newest superhero movie or the latest...

Recognizing negative mental health effects of technology in modern society

Madison Thompson May 3, 2022

How often do you choose to call and hangout with your friends online rather than going over to see your friends in person? Being online has made us disconnected from ourselves and others. It has also...

Childhood activities taken for granted, would love to go back during teen years

Sloan McKeehan April 27, 2022

Do you ever reminisce about when the most important part of our day was who got the best swing, or who got invited to play tag with the boys? We were too young to care about our outfit and too naive to...

Fun frenzy fad: Wordle captures world, fades into obscurity

Sophia Bradley April 25, 2022

Trends quickly come and go, whether it be clothing or hair styles, games, apps, or technology. Candy Crush was huge for about half a decade before it suddenly disappeared. Chevron clothing was popular...

Five film franchise pokes fun at horror tropes, fascinates fans

Ace Roueche April 22, 2022

Major spoiler warning for all the Scream films.Some films, especially horror films, are reflective of the time period in which they were made. While this can sometimes be helpful in exploring deeper themes,...

Twists, turns, tantalizing topics: Literary mysteries leave audiences guessing

Lillian Smith April 21, 2022

Mystery books are one of the most gripping genres out there, whether it be the suspense when a detective faces off with a criminal or the adrenaline rush when a victim is put into a harrowing situation....

Top ten celebrity crushes

Nicole Hernandez April 20, 2022

Everyone might associate celebrity crushes with obsessive pre-teens, but that is not true. Everyone has them, and I mean everyone. If someone says they don’t have one, they are lying and they just don’t...

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