Technology savvy generation needs reboot in computer basics


Current students don’t know life without the internet, phones that double as computers, or video games.

It is assumed that this generation is technology savvy and good with computers, but the foundation of that is based on observing teens use their devices constantly.

The truth is, while they may be good at posting tweets, liking pictures on Instagram, and texting their friends, they don’t know how to utilize technology to its fullest potential.

Students are nearly illiterate when it comes to the keyboard. Few know how to type properly, and even fewer of them can type at a decent speed.

At some point, keyboarding classes were no longer mandatory as people began to assume that kids can type because they are on computers.

Many students do not understand how to use basic computer software, such as word processors and spreadsheets, or know how to compose a professional email or submit a resume.

Few students understand the resources available and reliable for research.

Most simply click on the first link shown on Google’s results page and take all their information from that single source.

Computers are not complicated to use. In fact, they’re easier than ever before since programmers are constantly working to make their interfaces more user-friendly, but they still take effort to master.

If technology is the future, the very least young people can do is learn how to properly operate it. Since society increasingly puts their trust in technology, it would be foolhardy to not understand how it works.

While mosts schools no longer provide mandatory classes that teach these skills, students should make a conscious effort to learn as much as they can about handling technology.

School districts should also stop assuming that since a kid can create a meme and post it to the internet that they know how to use a computer properly.