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Attitude, behavior infectious: People should choose kindness instead of being rude

I’m tired of rude people, and not just rude people, but negative individuals in general who think having that unpleasant attitude is necessary. Spoiler, it really isn’t.

Yes, I guess I’m shaming all negative people whether or not they have a reason to be rude. I don’t care what goes on at home, in their personal life, or behind the persona they put on. Just because a person is having a bad day or even a bad life, that doesn’t make it fair for them to leave the house and be discourteous towards others and ruin another person’s day.

Of course, everyone has encountered a negative person at some point, be it a friend, a family member, a significant other, or even a random person on the street. What rubs me the wrong way is when individuals are negative all the time and can’t, even for a second, be just a little nice.

It’s astonishing to me how they have the power to ruin someone else’s attitude, especially if it’s a friend or family member. Being around someone who is negative all the time can rub off on a positive person and make them rude. Negativity spreads.

For me, when I’m around a negative person constantly, their attitude rubs off on me and I start being that way, which I hate. I notice that I have an attitude and my facial expressions can’t be contained. Although I shouldn’t allow another person to control the way I act, sometimes it seems impossible to avoid.

Some people act rude to others because of the way the person acts or is but that is not okay. For example, if some students encounter other students and work with them, I’ve noticed that most of the time they act big-headed and impolite. That type of behavior could discourage other students and make them feel hurt.

Not all students are like that, but for a lot of them, it’s pride before before kindness. This type of behavior doesn’t only happen in schools, but it also occurs in adult life. Humans will be rude to each other until the day the world decides to take a turn for the better. Negative energy is common amongst us, and it’s constantly spreading.

Rude people should calm down and work on sneaking in some kindness so their attitudes won’t affect other people in their life. It’s also important to not just fix it for other people but so it won’t consume them either. Having of a positive attitude can make life easier and brighter.

With all the hate already in this world, people should just be nice and spread positive attitudes and lighten peoples days rather than dulling their days because there’s already too much negative energy out there.

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