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Mental health care important, things will get better

Mental health in teens is a serious issue in today’s society. Oddly enough, not a lot of people talk about it. People often feel lonely in some of their darkest times with nobody to turn to, and that’s a problem. Show love to the people that deserve it the least because those are the ones that need it the most.

Let’s face it, being a teenager is hard. You’re under stress to feel accepted, to do well in school, get along with your family members, and make your own decisions. You can’t avoid most of these pressures, and worrying about them is totally normal. But if you’re feeling sad, hopeless, alone, or worthless, those could be some strong signs of a mental health problem.

Don’t suffer in your silence, know you are never alone. Things seem bad now, but everything will eventually get better. When the day that things start to look up comes around, you’ll be grateful that you stayed.

Some people have public platforms to share a message of love and hope, like Talinda Bennington, wife of late Linkin Park singer, Chester Bennington, who started a campaign called ‘320 Changes Direction’ after Chester lost his battle with depression on July 20, 2017. The campaign is for those who are currently going through hard times of their own, and to be reminded that they are the change to their own well being.

Sometimes, the ones that seem the happiest and laugh the most are often the ones that need the most help. People that are hurting believe that nobody will be able to relate to their problems, and that it will hurt their reputation if they talk things out with somebody.

Some of the darkest thoughts an individual could have is that nobody would care if they were to end it all, or would get over it quickly. That is quite possibly the cruelest lie that you could tell yourself, and not true in any way. People sometimes lash out in anger and frustration at the smallest things, and it’s often because so much has been going on, that their patience begins to cut short, often resulting in things said and not meant.

It’s important to find ways to cope. Music is a good way to relieve some of the stress people could be going through and, most of the time, it will be the voice in their head that they have been looking for the whole time, putting into words a way they can relate to on a personal level.

Animals can also help people not feel as lonely. People can get a pet, a dog or a cat, that can keep them company if they get home before parents who work late.

Taking up a hobby can relieve stress at someone’s own pace too.

Being a teen is difficult, no doubt, but it will all pass. Please don’t make a permanent decision to a temporary problem.

If you are suffering, seek help, it may be scary, and it may suck, but you are not alone. People care about you and want you to be okay, nothing is going to get better unless you step up and acknowledge your own value.

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