What does java bean to you?

Abby Mendez

Coffee, the epitome of all that is good in the world. Without coffee, how many long nights doing homework would have been lost to sleep? How many study sessions would have gone to waste?

The truth is: I can’t survive without coffee.

It has become an important part of my morning, and without it I just feel like I’m missing out. But my dream of becoming Lorelai Gilmore may also be to blame in my coffee addiction.

My love of coffee stems back to when I was about five or six, and I would beg my grandparents to let me have some coffee.

They eventually obliged and gave me a little coffee- emphasis on a little– and I haven’t looked back since.

Coffee was always a large part of our family: we would sit around the living room and drink coffee in the afternoon and just talk. Some of my favorite memories with my family were made over a cup of coffee.

In fact, for hundreds to thousands of years, people have been enjoying coffee. People enjoy it iced, hot, blended, poured over ice cream, and the list goes on.

There is also the matter of where to get coffee. You can make coffee at home, or you can go buy it at a large name brand like Starbuck and Dunkin’ Donuts – which we need in B/CS, by the way. Sometimes I prefer home-brewed coffee, sometimes I want to go buy one. Honestly, there is just a time and place for each one.

Coffee has developed a sort of cult-following on social media and in TV. There are hundreds of pages and blogs dedicated to posting pictures of intricately decorated lattes accompanied by an equally beautiful background.

Additionally, TV shows like Gilmore Girls develop a large part of their plot and characters around a love for coffee.

Despite all the love coffee gets, there are still many people who like to bash on this absolutely perfect drink.

For example, some people can’t tolerate caffeine, which is fine, and for that there is decaf coffee. Some people can’t stand the flavor of coffee, and for that there is sugar, coffee creamer, and even honey.

It is completely understandable that not everyone has the same taste, but don’t yuck other people’s yums. It’s like pineapple pizza: I don’t really get it and it is kind of tragic but hey, I won’t judge. Not completely, at least.

Coffee is also so versatile. You can drink it hot for when it’s cold outside. You can drink it cold when it’s hot outside. There are even blended coffees, sweet coffees, bitter coffees. The possibilities are endless.

Coffee is something that will always hold a special place in my heart. It has become an important part of my everyday routine, and it is something that can keep me going through the day.

Coffee can simply do no wrong in my eyes; it’s something that has created special memories that I will cherish forever, and it continues to do good for me throughout the difficulties of life and school.