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One small step for a women, one giant leap for womenkind: Support encouragement helps build each other up instead of tearing each other down

Women have been considered lower than men in the past. The last ones to vote, the least paid, the most negatively talked about by both men and women. Not to mention that the women of color have somehow became the most negatively talked about and disrespected.

How do we as a society work to fix this million-year-old tradition of women being torn apart and considered lesser than men? The answer is easy: women need to support other women.

Women can be another woman’s biggest supporter or their biggest hater. The ongoing pressure of how women are supposed to look is an epidemic. People’s concern with how women look has gone too far, and why should it be anyone’s responsibility to ‘fix’ how a girl looks?

Although women purchase makeup and many products to change how they look, why should they be pressured to look a certain way?

That not only creates insecurities for women but it also creates a standard that is virtually impossible to live up to. Inevitably this causes hate from anyone who believes they’re either better looking or look worse than the person they’re hating. Complicated, but true.

Through recent years there has been hope for the future of women including the women’s march, which happens every year in Washington D.C. where many women and some men gather around and march to show that women are the future. They march for rights like no taxation on feminine products, equal pay, women in politics, etc. This is a prime example of the type of teamwork that shows that things are better when women work together instead of against each other.

In the past, women being paid equally to men in any occupation was rare even if they were overqualified.

Nowadays it’s a bit better but there is still a pay gap that is there for no reason. What is the point of paying women smaller amounts if they deserve more?

It’s 2019 and women have rights but aren’t being treated at the same respect as men. How to fix that? Women need to become CEO’s, managers, owners, presidents, senators, etc. Women need to come out on top to bring many other women and men to the top.

Women are also criticized each other heavily when it comes to parenting. New mothers have to decide to either take maternity leave or not, and in most situations, it’s not paid. Women suffer backlash from other women for staying at work and sending their kids to daycare. There is still an expectation for women to stay home and care for the family. It’s no one’s business on whether or not the husband or the wife leaves for a baby or if they go to daycare.

Women are one-of-kind. We can hold a whole human being inside of us for months, we have a high pain tolerance, and we’re smart and caring. We are experts in empathy and compassion for others, but where is our recognition? Women need to support women to make this world a better place, there are enough outside obstacles we cannot control that we shouldn’t make it worse.

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