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Just what the Doc ordered: Google’s word processing platform meets all consumer needs

There are important things to argue about in life like political issues, environmental change, and how expensive stuff is (news flash: it’s really expensive). However, there are also completely trivial things to worry about like whether or not Google Docs is better than Microsoft Word, but boy is it fun to argue about.

First of all, I would like to discuss the irony of me typing this article on Google Drive. In fact, I was going to type my article at home, but my internet was bad due to weather and I couldn’t use Google Docs. Actually, maybe I would have used Word if it wasn’t TOTALLY SUPER EXPENSIVE. $70 a year to be exact. They do offer a student pack for a one time fee of $150, but that is still much more money than many students can afford. You may be thinking “hey, that’s not that expensive” but in comparison to the completely free Google Docs, it is kind of expensive.  

Although I appreciate the ability to work offline, that feature is ultimately pointless if I can’t even afford the software in the first place. Also, Google Docs can work offline too, all you have to do is set the article to work offline. It’s also important to bring up that you probably won’t ever need to use Microsoft Word until you reach college, and at that point you will be able to get it for free. 

I bet just about everyone reading this right now uses Google Chrome as a browser every day (unless you use Firefox…. Nerd). And it’s so easy to access all of your documents with just a click of the button. Microsoft Office is its own separate application that you have to download onto your computer, and as a person with a slow computer and pretty slow Wifi, more application end up clogging up my computer even more.

Another point I would like to discuss is the simplicity of Google Docs. Everytime we need to compete for journalism UIL, we use Word. And it never fails: I get confused every time. Google Docs is just so much easier to understand, and not to mention, it’s much easier to format and type on. 

Also, what if you are not on your laptop at home or on the same device you use everyday? See, you don’t have to worry about that with Google Docs. I could be on the same document on 20 different devices in about two minutes using Google Docs. Microsoft Word is just never that easy for me.

Google Docs makes sharing documents and multiple people collaborating easy. Remind me again what Microsoft Word can do that Google Docs can’t? I’ll admit, collaborating on word isn’t impossible; however, it is a somewhat complicated process that is completly avoidable with Google Docs, just saying.

My last point, and probably the most important point, is the fact that Google Docs autosaves your documents. That’s probably the most important feature on Google Docs. Thankfully, in school, we use mostly Google Docs, so most of us haven’t experienced the crushing feeling of having all of our work deleted and gone because of Microsoft Word not autosaving. None of us have had to experience the feeling of your computer breaking and having years worth of documents and papers lost. Every single one of your documents are saved on the cloud and you can even access them online and across multiple platforms.

Overall, it is just an accepted fact that Google Docs is better than Microsoft Word. It does everything that Word does and more. I owe the majority of my middle and high school career to Google docs. Anyway, Google Docs is better, end of story. 

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