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Teens strive to be stereotyped to fit in with social groups

Some of the most popular internet groups and personalities are the VSCO, e-, and soft. The trends became popular on TikTok in early 2019. Each of the groups has a male and female version, so everyone can fit into some of the categories and characteristics of the different groups.

E-girls became popular and known as “a species of emo that can be found on TikTok or Tumblr who wears pink eyeshadow, hearts under the eyes, a blushed nose, and wearing some type of shirt over a long sleeve striped shirt”. E-girls supposedly spend most of their time on apps like TikTok or Tumblr but also spend their time gaming online. The group has expanded to both girls and boys, but still share the same characteristics.

Urban Dictionary describes e-boys as “a boy who has his nails painted black, skates, wears black clothes, chains, beanies, and sometimes wears their hair parted down the middle.” They skate constantly, or just claim they’re a skater but don’t actually know how to skate, and own Thrasher clothing and Vans. They listen to basic music but always claim that no one has heard of it before. E-boys are basically the equivalent to girls that say “I’m not like other girls.”

VSCO girls are one of the more recent trends. VSCOs can be described as a girl who wears scrunchies, Birkenstocks, Vans, Crocs, oversized t-shirts, owns a Hydroflask, a metal straw, and puka shell necklaces. They can be found saying “and I oop-” at inconveniences or “sksksksk” after they say “and I oop-” or just at something funny. If they aren’t wearing an oversized t-shirt and nike shorts, then they are most likely wearing a tube top and jean shorts. Don’t forget about all of the friendship bracelets tied to their Hydroflask. This is one of the more annoying groups since they ensure that everyone knows to save the turtles in whatever circumstances they are in.

Just like the E-girls, there is a male version of the VSCO girls. They also wear scrunchies, but no one really knows if it’s theirs or their girlfriend’s. Instead of wearing oversized t-shirts, they wear Vineyard Vines shirts with nike shorts and white vans. They can also be found wearing the same necklaces and bracelets as VSCO girls. More often than not, they give off beach vibes and have longer hair that’s likely parted down the middle. They are liked more than the VSCO girls since they aren’t as persistent and annoying when it comes to their characteristics.

There is also a group called soft girls. Soft girls are the kind of girls that love pastel colors and enjoy painting clouds and hearts on their cheeks. Their makeup is mostly pink or peach blush and eyeshadow. They also have white, pink, or peach highlight and lip gloss is an addiction. They wear tank tops, tennis skirts, and mom jeans with either black school shoes or chunky, white shoes.

Soft boys are generally the same as soft girls. They wear oversized sweaters and beanies. They often have naturally soft hair and are described as cute based on their characteristics. There’s not much about them besides their aesthetic and personality.

These trends are popular among teenagers who are commonly on TikTok or other social media. Some internet influencers make content to make fun of how alike every person from that group is. People belonging to the groups are sometimes laughed at and mocked for associating with them. The trends are one of those where the longer it goes on, the more of a joke they become. At this point, everyone is making fun of it and it’s become one of the biggest jokes. Teenagers want to feel a part of one of the groups, while others want to classify everyone into the three groups.

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