Students earn awards at UIL mini-meet

The UIL Academic team competed at the mini-meet at College Station High School on Saturday, January 11. The following students earned awards at the meet:

Copy Editing
1st Shannon Keyser
3rd Abby Mendes
4th Jaci Siegert

1st Abby Mendez
2nd Shannon Keyser

3rd Jaci Siegert
4th Shannon Keyser
6th Megan Keyser

1st Shannon Keyser
3rd Abby Mendez
6th Jaci Siegert

1st Abby Mendez
3rd Shannon Keyser
4th Megan Krenek
5th Jaci Siegert

Ready Writing
1st Trey Weltens
4th Kellianne Cupit
5th Josue Sarria

Lit Crit
1st Michaela Lamb
5th Courtney Lamb