March 18: Thoughts on Covid-19

The Norseman staff sent out a form for people to respond with their thoughts and feelings about what is going on in the community right now. We will post some of their thoughts each day to provide people with a better understanding about what people are thinking. Currently, over 200 people have responded and we will try to post each person’s thoughts on our web page. If you would like to contribute, please click the link here:

It presents new challenges to us but also readies us for what real life will be like because n the real world you will have to structure your day on your own, respond to emails and join online meetings. you won’t always be couped up in a building, you’ll have to decide what you want to do that day and it’s up to you and only you to make what you want happen, no teachers looming over your shoulder. I think despite how much our government has put in place recently to combat the virus they should have done more sooner. When Covid-19 first started becoming an issue the president joked about it as if he didn’t see it as a real threat, saying things like “it’ll disappear one day like a miracle” and ‘only I can save you” while having a joking manner. White House staffers as well have not taken the virus seriously with some of them calling it the “Kung-Flu” The president also disbanded the team responsible for planning for outbreaks some time ago. All of this has pit us at our present state of emergency where the virus is had to contain and almost all businesses and services are shut down.
Charles, High School Student

Overall this is a very scary and stressful time as there is a lot of pressure on both students and teachers on how to figure out how to make things accessible and get things done in an efficient manner. My main concern as a senior is the possibility of not being able to experience the rest of my senior year and possibly missing out on things like prom and graduation.
Caleb, High School Student

I appreciate the extra days off yet the little amount of cases going around and being such a spreadable virus is quiet worrying. The one thing that never made me feel right is why does the world want to be more clean then usual? Aren’t you always supposed to be clean and not need a virus to keep you clean?
Israel, High School Student

I think the corona virus should be taken seriously but that we shouldn’t start to panic. Necessary precautions need to be taken to protect our community and resources must be provided for those that require them, such as free lunches from the schools. People should try to stay home as much as possible and should respect authority. I have felt pretty bored sometimes because we can’t leave our house. I am trusting that God is still in control and trying not to worry to much.
Anonymous, High School Student

Honestly, this whole thing is stupid. Even though cases are spreading, I’m pretty sure they’re spreading less. I personally really enjoy going to school, it gives me stuff to do and allows me to interact with others. Now since that is taken away, I have nothing to do. I think the week was called for, as a precaution, but extending that to April 3rd? No, that is completely unnecessary. COVID-19 may be deadly, but deadly to those ABOVE 60. Yeah, some teachers are above 60 or nearing that, but why make everyone suffer? Just tell the teachers to keep their hands clean, to just maintain clean habits. Most likely it won’t spread if we all just stay clean. COVID-19 is also deadly to those who had preexisting conditions, which not many of the people at our school have. Please, reopen the school, and tell us to maintain healthy and clean habits. All this is doing is hurting the students.
Scott, High School Student

I think it is very serious and should be treated as so; that being said I also think that taking all the toilet paper for yourself is a little overboard. What am I going to do when I run out? tissues? paper towels? LEAVES? Should I invest in a Bidet? I have to ration my toilet paper. I never thought Id say that! With that being said, I think that for the sake of the health of our older generation, we should all try to stay away from older family members right now because some of us may have the virus without even being aware and that is a scary thing to think about. OK that’s all. I’m just socially deprived, so this was fun.
Alex, High School Student

I think the media caused most of the panic but personally I will still do what I would do in my normal lifestyle like go to the movies, eat out, go on vacation with the extended break, etc. Since I’m young and healthy I’m not worried if I get it because if I do nothing will happen other than me being locked in my game room watching TV, playing video games and homework that is assigned in my classes. If you think about it that’s not that bad, so what I have to be alone for X amount of days. The people who are overstocking on items need to chill. Its not like we are in a nuclear war or anything that is extreme. People like that are the reason people are panicking cause there aren’t any items that are a necessity to them to buy. I just think that Americans need to sit back and look at what is going on and look at the statistics instead of listening to the media.
Hayden, High School Student