March 19: Thoughts on Covid-19

The Norseman staff sent out a form for people to respond with their thoughts and feelings about what is going on in the community right now. We will post some of their thoughts each day to provide people with a better understanding about what people are thinking. Currently, over 200 people have responded and we will try to post each person’s thoughts on our web page. If you would like to contribute, please click the link here:

I’m glad to have the extra weeks away from school and more time to work and spend time with my family, but it is stripping our memories away from us. I would have never thought that I would participate in the one and only “Senior Skip Day” and return to school four weeks after. We have been excited to go to our one and only Senior Prom and finally walk across the big stage. Excited to feel the butterflies as they get closer and closer to our names being called, getting to send out our “Save the Dates”, and finally get to say “we did it you guys!” All of that is being taken away. No final concerts, competitions, meets, games, matches, or anything. The day we became a Bryan Viking we watched the seniors then talk about experiences and their memories and we cannot say that we experienced the same thing. But instead we will tell our kids how Covid-19 completely took our final memories away. Instead of our families traveling from different areas of the world to see us walk across that big stage, they are scared to travel and enjoy the last moments before reality hits and it is time for us to grow up and become adults. We are Class of 2020. Not Class of 2019 or Class of 2021. Class of 2020. This is not how Class of 2020 is supposed to end the year. Not like this. 
Anonymous, High School Student

This whole situation is confusing to me, probably because I don’t fully understand how devastating the effects will be. I am not sure why people are as worried as they are, but I do know for sure that there will be lingering effects after things get better. I am a little scared and stressed because managing school from home is not as great as it seems. My mom sees this as a time to go on vacation and do activities so it is hard to make time for live streams and other techniques teachers are trying. I also have an IA due that I was hoping to go in and get help for, but that obviously cannot happen now. I hope we get back soon and that the people that do have compromised immune systems or are of old age stay safe and those that are able to take it on make the proper precautions to keep everyone safe. 
Anonymous, High School Student

I am scared mostly because it is my senior year of high school and I feel like I am missing out on things. It is quite stressful knowing I might not be able to attend prom, get a graduation or even see my friends everyday. I am not only concerned with fun activities but with school as well. I am scared I won’t be able to graduate and therefore won’t be going to college. Lastly I am in IB which is tough as they have not postponed any tests meaning most of us won’t get our diplomas as we do not have full days of classes. I just hope everyone around me stays safe and everything turns out alright.
Anna Herbert, High School Student

I think it’s the right choice, even though it tough. It’s a short term inconvenience for a long term benefit.
Anonymous, Parent/School Employee

I feel that the school and the city needs to take steps to insure that this virus does not spread around the city, school should not be open for a few weeks, or the rest of the semester, with that many people coming into one place it is bound to go around the school very fast, and I’m sure that could easily cause deaths, which if you ask me would be the schools fault since they can prevent it from happening by being smart about this. Class work should be online by videos and teachers should be by computers and phones to help students get there work done and answer questions, tests need to be in a controlled environment where they can not cheat but not all congregate at the same place. This is a serious disease and even tho the survival rate is quiet good, people still can die and if should be handled very seriously.
Oliver, High School Student

It’s just very stressful, especially when IB exams are around the corner along with AP tests. It feels as if we are struggling to get things done for class. I have trouble trying to manage my time at home and all of this has caused me to struggle doing my work. I know the district is doing it’s best so we stay safe but it’s taken a toll on us.
Daniel, High School Student

It’s my senior year and I feel like I’m completely missing out on all the fun opportunities I’m supposed to be having right now. All spring sports have been put on a pause and I feel like I have nothing to do and that I wasted my time, energy, and money on a sport that I can’t even participate in. I feel like all of the hard work that the students have put in so far in this semester has been a complete waste because we aren’t able to compete and reach our full potential. I enjoy having off as much as everyone else, but I would like to have my senior year back.
Anonymous, High School Student

This Global Pandemic has shaken up the entire World! I have never been so worried in my life. What’s going to happen to our economy? I worry about the Elderly and our Health Care system. How long will this last? What will happen to all the small businesses? All the people without jobs/food are thoughts going through my head. I keep saying to myself “I wish people would just listen to the CDC and government and STAY HOME. That’s the only way we can contain this monster! I’ve been praying and talking to God. “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10
Charissa, Parent

I feel as though there are many mixed emotions about what is going on globally. My mother is very paranoid about the virus and is being very strict about me leaving the house unless it’s for work. On the other hand, I think I have little to no worries about what’s going on. Either people are too worried or not worried enough.
Anonymous, High School Student

As someone who is not high risk or immunocompromised, I initially was not worried about COVID-19, however not that school has been canceled and I have educated myself on the situation, I am nervous about the spread of the virus. One of my closest friends has tachycardia, making her a higher risk for severe illness from the virus, and I worry about her. I know that generally healthy people like me can pass on the virus without feeling sick or exhibiting symptoms, so I worry about transmitting it to friends or family.
Apart from the illness itself, I have also been selfishly worried about the cancellation of school. I have ADD, and I have been struggling to learn from home without the structure of school to help me, and my guess is that most students feel similarly. I feel there is no way for me to teach myself material at the same level of mastery as my teachers could.
However, I know that this virus is not the end of the world. There are medical professionals working all over the world doing their best. Canceling school is the right thing to do to protect high-risk individuals and slow the virus. I’m just ready to go back to school and be able to go to Starbucks without wondering who touched the counter last.
Lauryn, High School Student

The situation is difficult and is making it hard to do classes as a high school student. The online classes we are doing will work, but it is harder to process the material because that’s not how I learn. The online assignments are difficult especially for me not because I don’t have access to internet or technology, but because of the way they are structured. As the situation continues to develop, I must take increased caution as there are those in my house who have compromised immune systems and I don’t want to get sick and endanger them. Therefore, going back to school will be difficult because it will increase my exposure to the outside. As much as I would like to go back to school due to ease of learning, I don’t want to risk hurting my family.
Anonymous, High School Student

It honestly sucks due to the face that seniors are losing time for baseball or any extra curricular activities. It’s also stressful due to the online classes we may have to take due to AP and IB test still happening. The seniors are also worried that we may never walk on stage to graduate or even go to our senior prom. 
Deion, High School Student

I think America is not set up to deal with a situation like we are in at the moment. With Trump cancelling our hope with nation wide healthcare, we are simply digging ourselves deeper into a helpless situation. Without nation wide health care, many people who might have Covid-19 are not able to be diagnosed and get put into the system. With people worrying about having to pay for tests and medical care, we are just telling them to not report their health condition. In a relatively stable society we may be able to get away with this unreliable set-up, but our society after all is not as stable as everyone makes it seem. We are all witnessing how a virus is emptying our supermarket shelves and forcing us to stay at home. Ideally our teachers and administrators are familiar with apps similar to “Zoom” or “Skype” where we can continue to get quality education from home. Hopefully BISD will administer such a set up, because I believe simply receiving hyper docs to fill out is different from getting live interactions with teachers. I am aware that several teachers are quite informed with the advancements or technology, but there is still a handful of teachers that would rather not deal with it. I really hope our school year can progress as soon as possible, because many students, including myself, have plans over the summer break. There are obviously several problems which could have been avoided with faster reactions and better information to the public, but at the moment we cannot rhapsodize about things we can’t change anymore. We should rather focus on getting over Covid-19 as fast as possible, which means, promoting testing and healthcare.
Eila, High School Student

A few of my concerns consist of how am I going to get paid through this horrible unexpected disaster? I take care of my mother and I with this income I receive. I’m so hurt for my students. I don’t get to see them, and coming to work is my happy place. I feel so lost without having to bring forth education to them. I pray and hope all my coworkers are safe and healthy through such tragic times.
Shamia, School Employee

It almost feels unreal and pretty scary. What’s happening is only like what has happened in movies.
Anonymous, Middle School Student

It’s frustrating not knowing whats going on. I feel like people are over reacting. It is also disappointing to see the selfishness of human nature at this time. I feel like people are strongest when they are together, I wonder at the separation. I am also having a hard time finding unbiased correct facts about the situation. I am not sure where to find valid news sources. I would like just the facts.
Samara, Parent/School Employee

Things are scary right now. There’s a lot of unknowns and a lot of fear. My home life isn’t great and being surrounded at home right now isn’t much better. On top of this, I feel very alone with the social distancing we need to keep going. I just hope that things start getting better soon.
Anonymous, Middle School Student

I am relieved that the district is making the decision to put their students and employees first. Following the CDC guidelines and allowing us to self isolate is the right decision, and I know that the district will continue to put the students and employees first. I am truly lucky to be working in such an amazing and supportive district with such phenomenal leaders. This being said, I absolutely miss my students and worry about their well being. I do credit recovery and advancement at BHS. Some of these students I have worked with for years. I worry about their ability to finish needed courses to graduate. Many of them do not have internet or computers at home. We also all know that sometimes it is easier to work in an environment, like school, where the distractions are removed and there is someone to nudge you along. I know in the end that all of these things will be taken into account because this situation is taking place, or will likely be taking place, in every single school across the nation. What I’m trying to say is, these are my kids and I will want to know that they are taken care of and if we don’t end up back at school this school year that there is some sort of closure for all of us.
Claire, School Employee

I think it really puts our lives and opportunities into perspective. A lot of us complained while we were able to go to school and now we can’t wait for when we do go back. For us seniors especially, I can’t imagine getting robbed of opportunities like prom, graduation, watching games, and senior pranks happening. I know how dangerous this virus can be but it doesn’t mean it makes it any easier to be restricted by it. I am so angry that this is happening to us, our senior experience should not have been like this. But I can’t be mad at a virus because that sounds ridiculous, I can’t be mad at my parents for restricting me because it’s for a good reason, so I’m stuck being mad at everything instead. If I had known that Thursday was my last day at school for a while it would definitely make me more conscious of spending time with my classmates, teammates and teachers. This shouldn’t have happened. People should be conscious of what they’re doing and doing everything they can to stop the spread so we can get back to our lives sooner rather than later because we’re kind of on a clock right now.
Rosalinda, High School Student

I don’t think it’s as severe as people are really going on about, even though the symptoms are worse than the flu the flu seems to spread quicker and have larger death rates across America. This whole toilet paper Thing is getting out of hand frankly this is a whole social media scam. Honestly there’s more things to be worried about. Sex trafficking, poachers, pollution, abuse and global warming. I don’t think society should break down about the unknown. I think we are stronger than that. We are just spooked about what social media puts out. If we open our eyes take a deep breath do the little things to keep ourselves and the things around us clean it’s just another cold and flu thing, but most people can’t get that through their heads because there kind is set on it’s a deadly thing when they have been told numerous times it’s only small children, heart Problem and elderly have to be worried about. In the Bible God said there would be a pandemic and from that the world will flourish and bring new we are better than this.
Anonymous, High School Student

Granted, people like to be cautious in situations like these, but lots of people have overdone it. Many people overstock on goods and leave none for larger families. There has just been a large scuffle over necessities which could’ve civilly been avoided. Creating mass hysteria is also unnecessary, it’s just scaring people and making people be rash about lots of their actions, if you were just sanitary in the first place, you should be fine. Now if you’re around older people or people with weakened immune systems, be careful about your actions, even stay away from them, you wouldn’t want to risk anything. Sure traveling is fun, but now that these things are happening you shouldn’t be going out of state, country, etc. It’s only spreading the problem because most people that do travel disregard the safety sanitary precautions that should be present. It’s not funny to get people sick, it makes people miserable. As of sheltering in place, and quarantine, that’s a smart idea; you will get bored, but it’s better than continuing to spread the virus and putting more people in danger. Moral of the story: don’t disregard safety of others, just because it doesn’t affect you personally doesn’t mean and can’t ransack other people.
Eric, High School Student

I just really appreciate that y’all are taking this seriously. A lot of people went out of town for spring break, and we don’t know who has the virus. Some people say that the symptoms aren’t even noticeable, so just imagine how many people actually have the virus. A lot of people don’t even take care of themselves, as far as personal hygiene goes. All those germs just being spread around throughout the school is definitely not needed. I think we shouldn’t rush to get back to school so soon, but I also don’t want graduation to get pushed back. If we have to do online classes, then that could help keep things going. I would like to know if we’re having prom as well if not, I want to take my dress back. I really appreciate you guys though for caring so much!
Legacy, High School Student

My current emotions are scattered. Although rest was very much needed, the amount of curriculum high schoolers will have to catch up on upon returning to school is overwhelming. Many AP/ IB tests have not been rescheduled yet, leaving students with loads of reviewing and assignments to do on their own in preparation for college tests. Without instructions and or aid from teachers students will not be learning as effectively as they would in a classroom setting with a constant source of help. Thus, this unpredictable situation has caused many high schoolers, particularly seniors, a great amount of stress. Due to the caution our county and the rest of the world has taken, school has been delayed even longer resulting in fear and worry for all students returning with less than a month to prepare for exams that are solely based on a score rather than the hard work and effort given all year. 
Anonymous, High School Student

Well, I live in Germany and things are way worse over here than they are in the USA (for now). It’s a serious virus and it’s spreading faster than we thought and than we can control. Shops are closed, restaurants, movie theaters etc. and the government asks the people to stay inside and to minimize social contacts. But still, people are ignoring it, are making fun of people being seriously concerned. They are still hanging out with their friends and having “corona- parties”. It makes me so angry and I’m actually disgusted by people being not serious about this. There are people dying out there, EVERY DAY! We all know someone who is in serious danger of catching this virus (the severe way) and who might die- neighbors, friends, parents, grand parents… Take it seriously.  Be cautious. Wash your hands and again, STAY INSIDE. It’s not too much to ask to cut down y’alls personal interests and needs because this whole thing is way bigger than ourselves. It’s not the time to be selfish and to be rebellious, because it’s so “fun to be against the government”. No you fools (sorry for being so angry, but I’m done with people’s ignorance). Be better and act now! Germany acted (probably) too late and didn’t enforce more drastic measures (Even though we know how serious it could get). Learn from our (and especially Italy’s) mistakes. It might be less serious in the States for now, but you don’t know how many people will be affected in a few days, you just don’t know it. But if y’all act now, act together as a society and especially act to keep the week and elders safe, we will get through this. Be cautious, take it seriously, but don’t panic, use y’alls brains and be selfless. 
Suse, previous exchange student. 

I think that as long as we follow the restrictions and rules set by the state government and the federal government we will be able to defeat the COVID-19 disease. The set guidelines will help the nation improve. The stigmas and rising concerns are being fueled by unrealistic thoughts and do nothing except worry are communities. If we all take care of ourselves and others appropriately we will be able to reopen businesses, go back to work and school, and go back to living our everyday lives as they were.
Jake, High School Student.

I feel like the prospects of upcoming tests have become even more daunting due to the school being shut down. A lot of kids are worried if their studying time will matter without being at school or having the reliable technology. I can’t tell if some of us are more worried about how this affects us individually or as a whole.
Bella, High School Student. 

I didn’t think much of the virus at first. That was until schools and businesses started closing till it was safe. I don’t like being in quarantine, it feels weird. I can’t go out and hang out with friends, I have to stay home so I won’t get COVID. But now that it’s in the Brazos Valley, everything is getting canceled. I can’t go to church, I can’t go to school, I can’t go to the baseball games. Their season is over after all the hard work they put it and it’s just taken away from them, that goes for all the sports. I just don’t know what the future of 2020 will be like because it’s only March.
Sophia, High School Student.

I feel that COVID-19 is a serious illness, but with the right precautions the virus can be maintained to lower numbers. While corona can be fatal to some, to others it can be a slight cough. In this pandemic people can be quite ruthless. Thinking of yourself  alone can take the lives of others. If social isolation is not practiced thoroughly then the virus will remain uncontrolled and hospitals will remain hectic and chaotic. Supplies will also remain unavailable. It is in the best interest of others to stay quarantined and isolated from others.
Hailey, High School Student.

I wouldn’t say i’m consumed with panic of the current situation, but I have been taking the necessary precautions just to be safe. Better safe than sorry, I suppose. The news surrounding the rapid spread of the virus, I will admit, is somewhat alarming, but i’m fairly confident that if I make the correct decisions in terms of the environment that I allow myself to be in, i’ll be just fine.
Nicholas, High School Student.

It’s weird because I feel like I’m drifting from school and being new to bisd I was just getting a grip of things and back to the grind refreshing my mind on things after the week I had been off of school. People are freaking out, it’s a bit more of a deal than the flu because it affects a majority of people young and old. Many highschool kids have younger siblings, to which the coronavirus greatly affects. The media platforms are putting out warnings quicker than you can spit. Every #coronavirus on tiktok gets cut short with a wash your hands quote or advice on how to contact your local health officials. Snapchat is making warnings filters as well as mentions on how to stay safe and well protected. As well as many more platforms such as pinterest ect. What’s even worse is the rise of Karen’s. Stockpiling, rationing, taking everything they will never need. This is setting off a chain reaction of mass panic and the people awaiting Doomsday are silently plotting how they’re going to carry out their lives without having to rely on anyone or anything. Coronavirus is overrated.
Ireland, High School Student.

I don’t mind the fact that students get to work from home on their projects and assignments. However, I believe that some of the things that are taught may not be transferred well enough online. When it comes to the fine arts classes, students will be missing out on the things that they truely enjoy about school. The band, colorguard, theatre, and sports activities will be sorely missed for the rest of the semester. Although the precautions are for the safety of students and teachers, I feel it is unreasonable to cancel every school activity. 
Anonymous, High School Student.

The entire situation is very concerning , but what is truly upsetting is that the end of senior year was right around the corner and a situation like this rises up. I’m glad almost the entire senior class Is being quite positive and pushing forward. 
Anonymous, High School Student.

Although it doesn’t have as many deaths as the common flu does, covid-19 seems to be spreading more and more as the day goes on. I feel that if everyone does their job, to stay quarantined, this epidemic will pass very easily, although the younger generation sees this as a “cheap flights and extra long spring break” which will ultimately make matters worse. 
Megan, High School Student.