Snowpocalypse impacts entire state, safety measures should be taken

Twenty-twenty was largely considered one of the worst years we’ve faced as a country in a long time. Heading into 2021, many people were hoping things would return to normal. However, in Texas, we were met with yet another disaster when a large cold front blew in and devastated the state as a whole. 

Almost right away the entire state experienced an energy crisis impacting the power grid in a way never before experienced. Blackouts and brownouts started rolling throughout the state and, in many places, water was undrinkable due to a decline in water pressure, and in some cases where pipes were frozen, no water at all was available. 

With no electricity, residents were unable to heat their homes and suffered as temperatures dipped into the 40s or below inside their homes. 

With temperatures staying below zero for extended periods of time, pipes froze over and burst causing severe damage to businesses and households across the state. Texas schools were affected as well, as causing an additional strain on the education system that already had enough troubles to begin with.  

With no electricity or running water, there was an increased danger for at risk citizens. Businesses and schools were closed across the state and everything came to a standstill as roads were impassable and conditions were too bad to venture outside. 

As people continued to drip faucets in an effort to keep their pipes from freezing, many water supply systems lost pressure, which caused boil notices to be sent out. Under normal conditions this would just be an inconvenience, but without electricity it put people in a dangerous situation.

The time it took the country to deal with the energy crisis left much to be desired, as it lasted over several days. Knowing that Texas was minutes away from a state-wide blackout that could have lasted for months if the system failed demonstrates how unprepared the state was for such a situation. 

Thankfully, Texas made it past those dire moments and was able to start on repairs, but just this past week as things have started to warm up, ERCOT issued another warning to conserve power and considering that Texas might not be able to handle a similar situation. ERCOT has since been asking Texas residents to conserve energy while a more valid long term solution is being looked into. We can hope that Texas will soon invest in making sure another energy crisis will not happen, especially as we enter the hot summer months.