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Anime enters mainstream after spending years on the fringe of culture

Anime has begun to gain popularity, and for good reasons. People are starting to recognize the interesting characters and amazing storylines. I haven’t seen many because I only watched my first anime this summer. So far, I like what I’ve seen. 

Lets go over ‘the classics’, the animes that everybody has heard of. Pokemon, Naruto, and One Piece, which have become the stereotype for all anime.  

Pokemon is about a boy named Ash who leaves home to capture and train magical creatures called pokemon. I personally haven’t seen this one, but it seems to be a very iconic  anime, though it is geared toward children, many other selections have more complex and adult plotlines. 

Naruto is the story of a young ninja who seeks recognition from his peers and dreams to be a hokage. Over the course of the series, viewers watch him grow and learn how to control his powers. I haven’t seen this one either but it is on my list. It’s very popular and I want to see it for myself. 

 One Piece is infamous for being extremely long, with 931 episodes and more to come. This series is about Captain Monkey D Luffy becoming a pirate and finding the One Piece treasure. After he ate a devil fruit, he gained the ability to stretch his body like rubber and be unaffected by electric attacks, but he can no longer swim. I started this one but didn’t watch past episode 5 because it has a slow start, and I prefer a jump right into the action. 

A popular one I watched was My Hero Academia, I really liked that one. It’s centered around a young boy named Izuku Midoriya, his mission is  to become the #1 hero.  The show had some entertaining battle scenes and gave us very interesting heroes and villains, including one of my favorite characters, All Might. I like him because he really is a true and selfless hero.

If you’re familiar with anime, I’m sure you know about Attack on Titan. Attack on Titan is about man eating titans who broke through the walls separating  them from humanity. In the first episode, the main character watches his mother get devoured. He then joins the scouts to try and rid humanity of the titans once and for all. The creators are still working on animating the second part of the last season. I have really enjoyed this series because of the shocking plot twists that keep me on my toes, and the brutal fight scenes are pretty fun to watch. 

Another one I really enjoyed was called Your lie in April. This one is about a boy who was an extremely talented pianist from a young age because of his mothers intense training. When his mother got sick and died, he lost his ability to play and his world was suddenly gray. He then meets a girl who paints his world and helps him find his love for music. The way the story was written and executed was very good. It had a beautiful story with amazing characters and a phenomenal message. 

For me a big part of a good anime is a good intro. A good intro consists of good music and an entertaining scene behind it. My top three anime intros are as follows:  the second intro in My Hero Academia, The Blood-c intro, and the season one intro for Attack on Titan.  I like the My hero Academia intro because the song and video are very entertaining and it has good energy. The Blood-c intro is a good one because it was really unexpected, but I knew within the first 5 seconds that I was gonna love it. And I chose Attack on Titan season one intro because it’s just a classic. 

I’m glad I started watching anime because I enjoy it, for me personally I find live- action stuff boring. I love the fantasy aspect of anime, the great story arcs, and the inspiring characters and settings. 

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