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Disappointment over Super Bowl outcome

Super Bowl 2021 was trash. There’s no “nice way” to put it. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers went head-to-head against the Kansas City Chiefs for the Super Bowl Cup. While others may not have hated it as I had, there’s absolutely no way it was the best football game in the world.

I was Team Chiefs, so you can imagine how incredibly happy I was when the Bucks won. Yeah right. Like the question is, how is Tom Brady still able to throw the football good even though he’s like sixty? That makes absolutely no sense.

I woke up bright and early on Super Bowl day pumped because I knew Brady was getting old. There was absolutely no way he could go through a whole game of throwing without getting his arm broken, right? Wrong. (Though that should’ve happened.) Though, I can’t place all my resentment on Brady. It’s really not his fault he’s that good. I guess.

The Chief’s receivers could not catch at all. Even if their lives depended on catching the ball, it still would’ve slipped through their hands. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes threw great passes, but the people he threw the ball to couldn’t seem to hold on for even a second. It was infuriating to watch the receivers have it hit in their hands for them only to drop it. They could’ve easily won, or at least not have lost so bad.  

Then again, not all the blame could be put on the receivers or even Tom Brady. Let’s put a little bit of spotlight on the ones that call the penalties: the referees.

You know how referees are supposed to be fair, not pick sides, and call the right penalties? Yeah, well that didn’t happen.

The referees would call penalties every five minutes, on the Chiefs. Did they not see that the Bucks were doing the same exact thing? I can assure you, they did. I even backed up the game to where I could see the female referee watch as a Buck hold onto the jersey of Chief. Okay, let me say this though. I understand that the referee was trying to do her job and there were so many things going on at once, but she didn’t have to call penalties like holding and clipping on the Chiefs while the Buccaneers were doing the same exact thing. (Then again, she was probably trying to show that she can call her penalties since she was the first female referee to go to the SuperBowl. Applause, but still don’t like her.)

The Super Bowl game has soured my mood for the upcoming months of 2021. If the Kansas City Chiefs had won then maybe I could live in peace. Maybe. Overall, not the best game in the world, but hopefully next year the Kansas City Chiefs can make a comeback. We all know that Tom Brady’s ego doesn’t need to be lifted any higher. 

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