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Fashion, hair, style dominated by 80s influence, outspoken nature

The 80s, an enthralling time of fashion and big hair that ultimately defined a generation while it continues to influence current and future generations. Pop culture, specifically music, heavily influenced the fashion culture of that time period with idols like Madonna, Bon Jovi, and Cyndi Lauper who made everything larger than life.

The fashion trends of the 80s will forever be labeled as some of the most dynamic and influential. 

This era was known for its boldness and continuity. It is  the best fashion era in history because people were not afraid to express themselves. 

Sure everybody has insecurities, but that didn’t seem to stop teens in the 80s.

The current generation is so preoccupied with worrying about fitting into society’s beauty standards, but in the 80s people were always creating new looks, unafraid of other opinions. 

Though people kept certain things from 70’s fashion such as the fitness wear craze .like tracksuits and sweatbands, they enhanced them with a neon palette that spoke to the core of what the 80s embodied.

The 80s fashion gave birth to chunky accessories, and it was all about being extra, so everyone had plastic bracelets, chunky earrings, and neon headbands to make each outfit pop. As 80s fashion begins to creep back into mainstream culture with items like scrunchies, fanny packs, and layered jewelry the true 80s fans rejoice.

The fashion of the 80s isn’t complete without talking about hairstyles. The 80s was all about being over the top, no matter if it was big and poofy, short and gelled, or dyed neon. 

Some of the more subtle hair trends are coming back among teens, and almost everyone is scrambling to get into a salon. 

Though many great hairstyles came out of the 80s, it would be a mistake not to talk about the hair missteps too. 

Starting at the top of this fashion faux pa pyramid is the straight mullet. Just no, the phrase “business in the front, party in the back,” is just wrong and it reminds me of a horse’s mane. 

I’ve seen this hairstyle at school and the majority of the people don’t take careit. Most of the time it looks greasy and unkept, but slight variations can enhance this otherwise tragic mistake like the shaggy mullet.

The next regrettable hairstyle is crimping. Crimping was very popular, and is unfortunately coming back again.

First of all, it’s bad for your hair and can cause permanent heat damage. Second, it looks cute for maybe 10 minutes and then when you walk outside, it will either get really poofy or flatten out responding to the ever changing Texas climate. 

Plus, if you are a fidgety person, you won’t be able to mess with your hair because it’s so stale and crunchy. 

Moving on to the positive subtle hair styles is Bubble Braids. It’s basically hair in two low ponytails and tiny elastics going down the ponytail. Then the hair is spread out in each section and then you’re done. If you need a visual just look it up it’s super easy.

The layered hairstyle is also making a comeback with it’s a middle part with bangs (short or side layers, it’s your choice) curled back and a little bit of hairspray to hold it together. This is so cute and I personally want to try it but I’m afraid to cut my hair. 

Finally we have the barrettes or cute little clips. This is grabbing two front pieces of the hair and looping it and then pin it back with some big hair clips. It’s super simple and easy and shouldn’t cost much at all. I’ve been meaning to invest in some of these  and try it out.

Like with any decade, there are always things that go wrong with fashion, but the 80s continue to reign superior as a leader in the iconic choices of clothing and hair. As time goes on, things will continue to change and morph, but traces of the 80s will continue to be prevalent in showcasing individualism and style.

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