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Reject bland boring chips, embrace ‘Fun’yuns

Savory, spicy, satisfying crunch, and the perfect amount of saltiness. All these qualities are what make a perfect chip and, fortunately, there’s a chip that meets all of these standards.

Funyun’s Flamin’ Hot Onion Flavored Rings have changed my life and now I will never go back to regular Hot Cheetos or Takis, which all taste the same. They seem like plain Lays after sampling Flamin’ Hot Funyuns.

Why get a therapist when you can get happiness in a bag for just $1.99?! (please don’t rely on a bag of chips for happiness, if you do, maybe therapy is a good option for you.)

These chips are mouthwatering, regular Funyuns covered in the hot red dust that gives it the perfect spice that will bring you to your knees.

 Once the chip hits the tongue, it has the regular Funyun taste that everyone SHOULD know and love, with just a hint of a spicy flavor.

After swallowing, a nice heat lingers on the tongue, but it isn’t overbearing with spice, which I prefer in my chips. 

If that doesn’t convince you to go buy a bag, maybe this will. 

My sister despises anything that has even the tiniest bit of spice to it and she will decline it no matter what. However, me being me, I convinced her to try one and I saw her dead eyes light up in satisfaction.

 She didn’t have to say a thing, I knew the chip touched her heart just like it touched mine. She enjoyed them and titled them as “The one spicy chip I will ever eat again.” 

My love for these chips has also caused some trauma in my life. It was about a month ago when I heard the devastating news that they were going to be discontinued. 

My heart dropped to the floor- how could my comfort snack be taken off the shelves just like that? (Why am I so dramatic…?) I immediately searched for the chips on Google as well as other social media sites to see if this horrible rumor was true.

We all know the internet is all full of mixed messages, so I was stuck in the dark for a while. I would go to all the corner stores around me, even H-E-B and Walmart, and they were nowhere to be found. I started to believe that they would be gone forever and that the taste would come to be just a memory. 

But thankfully I can end this on a good note, because they are back on shelves (I really am not sure why they disappeared for a while in the first place, but I’m going to blame COVID) and are here to stay, hopefully forever. 

So next time you’re picking out a chip, you should definitely choose Spicy Funyuns, especially because I’m telling you about them instead of gatekeeping them (which I honestly should be).

 And who knows, maybe they’ll take them off shelves again and you wouldn’t have been able to experience the delectable taste. As they say, it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.  

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