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Unique fashion district allows individual expression

Harajuku, an area between Shinjuku and Shibuya in Japan, is a fashion district where people are frequently dressed in bright colors and layers of clothing. People also may be seen dressed in elegant lacy dresses with cute parasols, or Gothic fashion.

 In Harajuku, finding interesting and somewhat odd clothing and accessories is easy because of its wide range of fashion styles. 

This odd taste in fashion for people that live or travel there is more than just clothing. It’s a way to truly express deep and complex feelings. 

 Yami Kawaii, meaning Sick-Cute, is cute, bright, and colorful. But the bandages, masks and even syringes, no matter how cute and colorful they may be, makes their meaning unsettling. 

Yami Kawaii is a way for others to bring acknowledgement to mental and physical illnesses. Although it isn’t as popular as other styles in Harajuku, it still shows up here and there.

Lolita, a Victorian type dress style, is usually knee length and covered in frills and soft pastel colors. This style is very subtle, but in an elegant, modest way. 

Lolita outfits can vary from classic, to gothic, to sweet, but what they all have in common is the influence of Victorian clothing. Lolita is a way for people to truly express themselves no matter their age, weight, race, or gender.

Decora fashion is VERY colorful. Usually, people wear multiple layers of bright colored clothes, shoes, socks, and accessories. Individuals wear multiple accessories like hair clips with bows, fruit, or cute animals on them. Cute stickers or bandaids can be worn on their face with bright and colorful makeup. Some have stuffed animals attached to their shirts or skirts, and have one or more bright, colorful bag.

Gyaru, meaning girl or gal, is based on American movies in a way. Usually gyaru girls have tans that vary in darkness and wear trendy clothing. Sometimes they wear their school uniform with leg warmers. They usually have blonde or brown hair with colored streaks, and extremely decorated nails and heavy makeup. 

The main thing that I absolutely adore about these fashions is that they truly have no limit. It’s not just limited to Harajuku, it can be expressed and shown anywhere. People can dress and express themselves through any of these fashions and it can bring people together.

Harajuku, a place where fashion and different clothing styles clash together and are observed by others. It is where tourists can observe the interesting history of Harajuku and fashion with all its subcultures and find a new way to express themselves.

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