Big time crush: Boy band member brings brains, beauty, brawn

Kendall, James, Logan, Carlos; who do I choose!? They are all amazing guys, (except for James) but who is the best of them all? Logan Henderson is the only member in the hit show and band Big Time Rush that deserves the title of being my “Big Time Crush.” He is attractive, romantic, and the brainiac of the quartet.

Although James thinks he has the audience charmed under the spell of his looks, it is actually Logan who pleases the retinas of his fans the most. His soft dimples, his devious smirk, his mysterious complexion. His eyes appear kind, but deep down you can tell just how unscrupulous he can be. I’m getting frazzled just thinking about it! 

In the episode “Big Time Dance”, season 1 episode 15, Logan asks his crush Camille to the dance, however, she is not satisfied with his drab promposal. He tries several ways to get her as his date until the day of the dance, where he dresses up as a scrumdiddlyumptious prince and rides into the ballroom on his majestic steed. This showcases how Logan is willing to go the extra mile for the love of his life to be happy. None of the other members of the band have done anything that comes close to this romantic act, especially not James. >:(  

 Logan always comes up with a plan to get everyone out of the band’s wacky shenanigans, mostly caused by James, while also maintaining a fun and entertaining atmosphere for his loving fans. He is the mom of the boys, as they tend to get a bit rowdy. He cleans up their messes, drives them around, and takes care of them as any good mother would. 

You thought this would be an article without an entire paragraph about how chi-chi James is, ha, well think again. He is by far the most degenerate member of the band. Every member has a girlfriend, except, of course, James. This shows just how unlikeable James truly is, as the girls in their universe constantly drool over anyone even related to a boy band. But James only cares about himself; for example, in one episode he douses himself in spray tan, which ruins the band’s image and causes them to not be able to publish their album in time. In another episode, he decided he was too scared to get a shot, which put the other members in the band at risk of getting sick, which is not good. I hope James grows out of his childish ways and learns to be a functional member of society.

On the other hand, Logan is a true treasure, and we must protect him at all costs. I can’t even begin to fathom what my life would be like without mi amor.