When right is wrong: Left Twix clear winner in taste test

Arissa Mejia

Twix, a delectable treat made up of rich chocolate, salty-sweet caramel, and a crunchy cookie that makes it the best chocolate candy of them all. Although the candy is amazing as a whole, once Twix divided and became Left Twix or Right Twix, consumers that were once together, have parted ways and have chosen their favorite side. But the questions remain. What’s the difference? What’s the same? Is there any difference at all? Today folks, your questions are getting answered as we dive into the secrets of Twix.

The story of Twix becoming separated started out with two brothers, Seamus and Earl. Now the Twix website has the entire story for your viewing pleasure but if you’re cool you’ll decide to continue reading and hear my summary instead! Basically, the two brothers created the Twix together but over time they had differences on how they wanted the candy to be, so as a result, the two brothers decided to divide. Earl built the Left Twix factory, and Seamus built the Right Twix factory. The Twix website ended the story by saying, “Seamus and Earl were destined never to reconcile. And although a handful of wrappers from their time as partners still remain to this day, never again would a Left and a Right Twix sit beside one another.” What a heart-wrenching story!

The real question we have all been asking is, what is the difference between a Left Twix, and a Right Twix? According to the Twix website, Left Twix became a crunchy cookie base, in which caramel was flowed before being bathed in chocolate. While Right Twix was a cascade of caramel on a crisp cookie base, cloaked in chocolate. In simpler words, the caramel is different, left is crunchy, right is crisp.

Now I know whoever is reading this is just dying to know my very much needed opinion, and of course I’m going to give it.

Left Twix is superior to Right Twix, and honestly at this point it should be considered a fact.

Once you bite into a Left Twix you instantly get that satisfying crunch of the cookie. Following the crunch, is the sweet chocolate that’s rich in flavor, and finally once you pull away, the caramel stays attached to your lip and you get into the chew where all the delicious flavors combine to create the amazing Left Twix.
The Left Twix and Right Twix stirred up lots of conversation on social media. Twix came out with commercials introducing the “Left Twix vs. Right Twix” and several people took it into their own hands to choose a side and debate with the other side. It was a big topic and caused several arguments. Disagreements, and agreements happened on social platforms. Honestly, I think it’s quite interesting and it’s good advertising, people rushed to buy both a Left Twix and a Right Twix to compare the two and Twix made major profit off that.

Now if you still don’t think there’s a difference between the two, you’re probably beyond help or simply a soulless monster who hates chocolate. One thing that is for certain is that Left Twix and Right Twix will never be together in a packaging again. But that’s okay, because Left Twix is the better choice anyways and now I can get two lefts at once.