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Cane’s superior chicken, sauce dominates fast-food market

Cane’s is the best fast food place in Texas and possibly the world. What Cane’s lacks in variety they make up for in pure quality, value, and service. Besides, what’s better than having a cute dog as your company mascot. 

Despite Louisiana roots, Cane’s is an ultimate contender in the fast food market and has created establishments all across the country.

Raising Cane’s was founded by Todd Graves and his dog Cane in 1996 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since then Cane’s has taken off, and now there are 600 restaurants across 24 states, serving the best chicken around. Cane’s menu consists of only chicken items with three main choices, the three finger combo, box combo, and the Caniac combo. 

Each combo comes with a different amount of chicken tenders with the three fingers having three, box having four, and the Caniac having six. Each of these amazing combos comes with sides of mouth-watering Cane’s sauce, crinkle cut fries, bread, and coleslaw that can be easily subbed for an extra bread or fries because who wants coleslaw?

Critics of Cane’s say that it doesn’t have enough variety, especially when being compared to places such as Whataburger that have many different options including burgers, breakfast, and shakes. But these critics don’t take into account that when you go to Cane’s, you’re not looking for any of these varieties, just quality chicken. And that’s one category in which Whataburger will never beat Cane’s.

In fact, it’s practically impossible to compare Cane’s and Whataburger because they have such different menus and are designed around different basic principles. 

Since Whataburger has more variety and Cane’s only has chicken items, you can’t compare a Whataburger burger to a Cane’s chicken combo. That means you can only compare the chicken items of each menu. 

This is fair because when you go to Cane’s you won’t be looking to get a burger or a patty melt, you’ll be looking for fresh, quality chicken products, which you won’t be able to find at Whataburger. Sure, Whataburger has options, but for the price the chicken just isn’t worth it. Last time I checked, being dry and stale doesn’t make a quality chicken product. 

Another deciding factor in the race of Cane’s vs Whataburger is the personality of both brands. 

Whataburger has a long history of being Texan owned and proud. But after being bought out by a Chicago businessman, it’s unclear if those Texan values of service will still remain. 

On the other hand Cane’s is family owned and has a southern charm which can still be seen throughout every Cane’s restaurant. With memorabilia from local schools and traditions being displayed in almost every Cane’s make it feel a little more like home. Not to mention pictures and paintings of one of the best mascots in the world combined with popping reds, yellows and whites that bring out the friendly personality of Cane’s. Cane’s also participates in a fundraiser selling Charlie Brown themed plushies and t-shirts of Snoopy and Woodstock that go to support Canine Companions, a nonprofit organization that provides service dogs to children, adults, and veterans with disabilities.

So next time you’re debating between Cane’s and Whataburger just think about whether you’d rather have quality or quantity and you’ll find your answer. Whichever restaurant you choose, there’s certainly positives to both. So follow your heart and most importantly, your stomach.

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