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Whataburger’s menu variety makes it clear winner of fast-food restaurants

Whataburger is overall the best fast food restaurant in the world. I don’t necessarily think they have the best burgers, breakfast, or service, but they are all-around the best place and they are certainly better than Cane’s.

Whataburger is famous for its burgers and its orange and white striped roof. The Whataburger logo and colors are among the most recognizable of any fast food chain with merchandise such as shirts, hats, and mugs that can be seen across Texas.

Whataburger’s greatest strength is its variety. Their menu consists of single, double, and triple quarter pound burgers. They also have a jr burger for those with smaller appetites. They even have burgers with bacon, jalapenos, or avocados. Whataburger’s all-time favorites include the mushroom swiss burger, the sweet and spicy bacon burger, the patty melt, and the honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich. 

They also include many chicken items on their menu including five different kinds of chicken sandwiches, a chicken fajita taco, chicken strips, and a six and a nine count order of Whatachick’n bites. 

They even have shakes, including the famous Dr Pepper shake. Whataburger also has four different kinds of salads for people who are trying to eat healthy.

On the other hand, Cane’s menu has a lot less variety.. Their menu only has five items on it. Their main item is the box combo which consists of four tenders, fries, bread, sauce, and coleslaw. Then they have a three finger combo, a six finger combo, and a kids two finger combo, each with nearly the same sides as the box combo. 

The fifth item on their menu is a chicken sandwich combo, which is nothing more than a bun with three tenders on it. 

Whataburger’s menu has everything on it that Cane’s has, and so much more, and I haven’t even talked about Whataburger’s breakfast. Whataburger has one of the biggest breakfast menus of all the non breakfast fast food restaurants in the United States. I won’t begin listing all of the sixteen items on Whataburger’s breakfast menu, but my favorites include the ever iconic honey butter chicken biscuit, breakfast burger, pancake platter, taquitos, and hash browns. 

The two restaurant’s hours work differently as well. Whataburger is open 24 hours a day, making it one of the only fast food restaurants to do this. Cane’s hours work differently depending on the location, but all Cane’s open at 9:00 am, and they close somewhere between midnight and 2:00 am. While Cane’s has fairly long hours, Whataburger is open all day, everyday. 

Whataburger is also more financially successful than Cane’s as Whataburger has hundreds more locations and profits millions of dollars more than Cane’s every year. Whataburger was founded in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1950, and Cane’s was founded in 1996 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Whataburger has been in existence for 46 more years than Cane’s, and it has made more profit than Cane’s every year since 1950, making Whataburger more financially successful.

I love Cane’s and I love Whataburger; both of them are very good and have quality food. I will say that Cane’s has better chicken than Whataburger, their bread is very good, and the Cane’s sauce is hard to beat. But their superiority is limited to a single category and fails to elevate them to the best over-all fast food. 

Cane’s is very one dimensional and Whataburger is multi-dimensional. 

Whataburger has a better menu offering burgers, breakfast, salads, and shakes. Cane’s serves none of these. Whataburger makes more profit, has more locations, they are open 24 hours, they have been around much longer, and they were founded in Texas. 

Whataburger is a bigger and better brand than Cane’s, and even though it was bought by a man in Illinois, it is still the fast food restaurant of Texas.

So if you are unsure about which one you like more, answer this one question: If you had to choose between Whataburger and Cane’s to eat everyday for the rest of your life, which would you pick? The answer would easily be Whataburger, simply because they have variety while Cane’s has no variety.

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