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Top ten celebrity crushes

Everyone might associate celebrity crushes with obsessive pre-teens, but that is not true. Everyone has them, and I mean everyone. If someone says they don’t have one, they are lying and they just don’t want to admit it. Whether they are 5, 17, 45, or even 80 years old, they have a celebrity crush. I believe that even when I am an 80-year-old woman I will still have a long list of celebrity crushes and I don’t want to imagine how many more people I will add on in the future.

My first celebrity crush ever was probably Bruno Mars. No one ever talks about him, but I will forever love Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars would get a 9/10 from me because his music is so good. He only gets a point deducted because he has a girlfriend. Bruno Mars just has a special place in my heart and could never be replaced. I even almost went to one of his concerts. I say almost because the night before the concert my mom didn’t let me go, and I cried the whole next week. I was so mad because I was even going to skip school for the concert and I ended up having to go to school that day, and I cried while I was taking a test because I should have been on my way to the concert. I was so upset because I was literally going to be able to breathe the same air as him and then my dreams were crushed. Also, people always talk about his height, but I do not care because he is taller than me so that is all that matters so he gets bonus points for that too.

One of my top celebrity crushes is Harry Styles. Everytime I tell someone that, they always say I’m “basic”. But I don’t care because I will forever love that man. I have been in love with him since I was probably in 4th grade and I even saw him in concert when he was in One Direction, which was the peak of my entire life. If I had to rate him he would get a 12/10, hands down. His music is also a bonus because I love all of his music. I also went to one of his concerts a couple months ago and it was the best thing ever. I was crying before he even came on stage; it was so embarrassing. I even went to hide in the restroom at work just to watch his new music video. I just love everything about him and everything he does.

Someone who is also at the top of the list is Zayn from One Direction. He is someone that I would give a 10/10 without a doubt. Like have you ever seen Zayn? I think a lot of people could agree on why I would give him a 10/10. And don’t even get me started on his voice. He sings so beautifully that I could cry. Him being able to sing is like a cherry on top. He can also pull off any hair color, and my personal favorite was when he had this light blue short hair. Another hairstyle I liked was the one he had in the One Direction music video “Night Changes.” He just looked so handsome in that video, and I will never forgive that man for dumping spaghetti on his head, messing up his hair, his outfit, and ruining his date. I could go on a whole rant about that video, mostly because of Zayn’s part of the video and how they did him so wrong. But in the end he still looked good and I would still give him a 10/10.

This next one isn’t one of my top celebrity crushes anymore, but I think he should be mentioned because he was one of my first celebrity crushes: Nick Jonas. His rating now would be a 5/10. He gets a lower rating now because I was more in love with him when I was younger, like during his Jonas Brothers days or even when he was in Camp Rock. I even had a poster of the brothers when I was younger and I crossed out Kevin and Joe because Nick was my favorite, but as I got older he just wasn’t one of my favorites anymore and I feel bad about it. He also gets points deducted for breaking up The Jonas Brothers.

While I’m talking about my crushes when I was younger, another one I had was Austin Mahone. He is at the top of my crushes I had when I was younger, maybe even higher than Nick Jonas. I used to think he was so cute and honestly, he still is. I would give him a 8/10 just because I was obsessed with him when I was in fifth grade and his music was so good at the time. And he has these green/blue eyes that just look so pretty. Fifth grade me was falling on her face because of that. His eyes are a bonus to his look. I would watch his music videos because I thought he looked so good, but for a while I kind of forgot he existed until one day I saw a video about him on TikTok and my crush for him rekindled. 

Someone who I love so much is Dylan O’Brien. The first time I saw him was when my cousin made me watch Teen Wolf with her and I was in love. I would give him 8/10 because he is perfect to me but he gets two points deducted because he played Jake Gyllenhaal in Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” music video. He is also such a good actor and I love everything that he is in. He played the part a little too well for my liking. I would literally watch any movie if he was in it. It could be so bad, but I would not care at all. 

Another crush I have is Paul Rudd. I would rate Paul Rudd a 8/10. If you would have asked me a couple months ago, I would have given him a 10/10 but my answer has now changed. It changed because I had this weird dream where he shot me! But in my dream he wasn’t actor Paul Rudd, he was actually a police officer and he was there because there was a guy holding people hostage. I do not know what possessed him to think it would be okay to shoot me to distract the man, but I mean it did work, so I guess yay for Paul Rudd for saving all those people. To make it all worse, before he even got to take me to the hospital, I woke up. I was so mad because I was having a conversation with him and now that is the closest interaction I will ever have with him. Since he shot me in my dream, he gets a lower rating, sorry Paul Rudd.

Next is Sebastian Stan who gets a 8.5/10 from me. I think he is such a good actor and he did really well in the movies that I have seen. Like his new movie “Fresh”; I thought he was going to be a good and sweet guy but he was actually a crazy cannibal. He just looked so good in the movie that I was so mad because I just kept thinking of how cute he was instead of the fact that he was a cannibal. Yeah, so I deducted some points for that, but he has blue eyes that just look so pretty so that gives him a higher rating. 

Kid Cudi is also someone I really like. I would give him a 7.5/10 because I do think he is so cute, but I’m not so crazy about him. There is this one picture of him on his Instagram, and it’s my favorite picture of him ever. He is also someone who colors his hair a lot and I really like it. My favorite color he has done is probably the bright red/orange color. My favorite thing about him is probably his smile. His smile is so pretty and his teeth look so nice so he gets bonus points for that. I would give him a higher rating but I do not know much about him so I will just stick to a 7.5.

And last but not least: Evan Mock. He is someone who I do not know much about but I put him on this list because he is cute. I would give him a 6/10. When I first saw him, I thought he was so cute because he had this light pink hair, and I loved it so much. I was so upset when he didn’t have it anymore, but now he has it again and I love it. He also skateboards so that has earned him some points. He was also on the new Gossip Girl and I debated on watching it just because he was in it.

I have many more celebrity crushes that I could talk about and how much I love them. Honestly, it was so hard rating them because I would just give them a 10/10 instead of an actual rating because I think they are all cute and I also feel bad about rating them. I hope that I never become famous and this list is something that they would bring up to embarrass me.

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