Students find group where second isn’t always last

The new chapter of I Am Second meets weekly on Monday afternoons at 4:00 in the choir room.
The new chapter of I Am Second meets weekly on Monday afternoons at 4:00 in the choir room.
Following a long Monday of school, students gather in the choir room to pray together and to vent about the positives and negatives of their day.

After praying and discussing their day, they watch videos that discuss how God has changed them and the effect he has had on their lives. People from all backgrounds are in the videos, as they have each found a way out of their problems through I Am Second.

Nationally organized, a local chapter of I Am Second was introduced by senior Madison Hoover and is sponsored by choir teacher Alex Medlock.

“It is an organization with a positive message,” Medlock said. “It encourages our kids to put others before themselves and creates an environment where they can get to know each other on a deeper level.”

Hoover serves as the president of I am Second and is working to spread the club’s influence on campus.

“God’s calling, He laid it on my heart to be a light to this school,” Hoover said. “The goal is to encourage young believers in Christ to be second, and live their life for Christ.”

I Am Second is not just for high school students as colleges and business offer I Am Second for adults, as some actors and business people are notable members of the organization. Colt McCoy, Mike Huckabee and Jason Witten are some of the people who have been affected by I Am Second.

Sophomore Eva Araujo attends I Am Second meetings on a regular basis.

“I hope that it keeps me connected to God and have God more in my school life,” Araujo said “and also helps me to be a example for others and it helps me make christian friends.”

I Am Second meets every Monday in the choir room at 4:00 p.m. Everyone is invited to join.